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  1. ah own spells damaging party members, good old exile times.
  2. For example there are certain dates when more or less big things happen and player needs to attend those and other things which are spoily stuff if hasn't played Exile/Avernum 3 before remake. Basically if spends too much time doing sidequests bad things happen.
  3. Only enemies resurface, heroes stay forgotten.
  4. Earth Empires

    A2: Crystal Souls - Questions

    You can't get to Gremlin women (and I'm sure it wouldn't be smart thing to go there even if it was possible due Gremlins can be nasty fellows) w/o cheating and unlikely that there is something valuable.
  5. Earth Empires

    Board Software Upgrade

    Bit too fancy for my taste but each on their own. I liked prev. board more but can withstand this during that time I use this. *ninja vanishes again*
  6. Earth Empires

    Map Completionist, yea or nay?

    nope especially in Avadons where some places inside areas get unlocked at certain time and in Avernums bit same except there required spells restrict access.
  7. Earth Empires

    I just realized I passed my 10 year mark here

    well 11 years on this forum (including forum which predated this since accounts got transferred). of course i took a break between Avadon 2 and Avernum Crystal Soul but still.
  8. Earth Empires

    Avadon 3 - general discussion

    nope, either you do his personal quest and get help or don't do and he won't be helping you in last fight (which is optional).
  9. Earth Empires

    Avadon 3: Which Options Matter

    there won't be Avadon 4 in foreseeable future. also your post is somewhat unclear.
  10. Earth Empires

    Corrupted files, cannot launch, cannot delete. (A:EFTP)

    start command prompt with administrator privileges and type chkdsk/r and then answer y and reboot computer and let chkdsk run its course (depending size of hdd it can take several hours).
  11. Earth Empires

    I just realized something about my RPG habits

    mordor 1 & 2 are quite close of what op wants.
  12. those require very high lvl of magic stuff.
  13. Earth Empires

    Spiderweb Games able to run on Win 10 64 Bit

    I know BOA and BOE are different games and I was saying that no idea if BOA works and BOE works cause its been upgraded. Some players have reported problems with some Geneforges in modern systems (http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/23612-windows-10-geneforge-1/, http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/22440-is-there-any-way-to-play-geneforge-1-without-all-the-stuttering/ and others) so try with demos (play 30 mins-1 hour) to see if they fully work.
  14. Earth Empires

    Spiderweb Games able to run on Win 10 64 Bit

    All Avernums should work and of course all Avadons and Avernum remakes work, Exiles won't and Geneforges vary (5 works and others might have more or less problems). Blades of Avernum no idea (since BoE is opensource nowadays it could work). Testing is easy, just download demos and try to install and start game.
  15. Earth Empires

    playing exile on windows 10

    yes I know.