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  1. Nathalie, uncontested. Khalida was best girl in Avadon 2 but she's, I dunno, too written out in Avadon 3? Plus, initial dialogue describing her having plate armor and a sword always tilt me hard. Classes? Sorcs. Can go ham on INT. Insane damage type coverage. One of the best defensive skills in the game, which costs peanuts to cast and actually has a chance for you to do another action! Though I'm currently leaning on a Shadowalker playthrough when I get the full game. Less hassle on deciding where class specific equipment goes to.
  2. I think you need to get Magi Clearance for Townsend to make the other stuffs.
  3. Looks like the special encounter with the soldiers in the Castle walls have a random factor. I failed the first time but the next try was a success. Edit: Had 17 Strength, 8 Dexterity, and 4 Luck on my singleton.
  4. Huh. So the Quicksilver Bulwark isn't in this game? It's there in the scripts but not in your list.
  5. Oh come on. Grah-Hoth and the Final Gauntlet wasn't THAT hard. I mean, I did it solo, on Hard, with no reloads. It's not that difficult really. For my Crystal Souls wishlist? Probably just have hirelings available again, probably a companion quest for some. And the ability to close doors again.
  6. Wishful thinking here. Is it possible to change Gymnastics' evasion bonus to an absolute chance to evade?
  7. Hurrah! This calls for a grand celebration. Almarian wine all night 'round!
  8. Nothing says nightmare fuel but buttons for eyes. Just finished reading all 6 Scott Pilgrim books. It's an epic of epicness.
  9. I bet Chuck Norris would land a lethal blow with anything.
  10. You guys should really just make a separate thread for these..
  11. For the Special Skills part..Sharpshooter does not take 6 Dexterity..only 2 bought Dexterity..and 8 Bows/Thrown..or is it only for Nephils?
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