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    The main gripe I have for it is its structure. It tries to emulate FNV with the freedom of how to do your version of the MQ. It either results in funky dialogue or straight up breaking your game. Combat is more fluid and fun than PoE(probably because I hate Vancian magic). The story is tighter, more engaging. PoE felt indifferent of you and the writing feels cold most of the time. It's well-done but it doesn't really draw you in.
  2. If you CTRL + click on item, it sends it to the junk bag. Consider it your bag of holding.
  3. Are you saying Hands are basically 2/3 Fo4 Super Mutants?
  4. Nathalie, uncontested. Khalida was best girl in Avadon 2 but she's, I dunno, too written out in Avadon 3? Plus, initial dialogue describing her having plate armor and a sword always tilt me hard. Classes? Sorcs. Can go ham on INT. Insane damage type coverage. One of the best defensive skills in the game, which costs peanuts to cast and actually has a chance for you to do another action! Though I'm currently leaning on a Shadowalker playthrough when I get the full game. Less hassle on deciding where class specific equipment goes to.
  5. I placed a point in Hot Coals just to see what it can do. It's a great spell! It may not do direct damage as soon as you place it but the DoT is well worth it. It's highly abusable too. I killed the Khemerian Shaman that made the spy wolves without even triggering dialogue or getting an attack from him. I believe this is not the way it's supposed to be. Edit: And Tilla. Edit: And Daum next.
  6. Mostly it's been the DC Comics ones sans Gotham. Sad how Constantine is in limbo right now, Matt Ryan plays the titular character spot on. Arrow is trying its best to not be Nolanverse Batman-lite but nonetheless great. Flash is "lighter" somewhat. Maybe because its about metahumans. Lots of reveal in the latter's latest episodes, really psyched for whatever is coming up next for it! iZombie is a fun watch. People say it's like Veronica Mars but I haven't watched any of it(V. Mars). On the other side, Agents of Shield didn't really hook me in with the first few episodes, but they say it gets better(they always say that though). I think it being in-universe with the MCU is what is keeping it down, but that's just me.
  7. Well, you talk to King Micah to talk about Garzahd's weakness with Solberg who tells you to ask King Micah about Demonslayer who points you towards Rone who gives you the location in Patrick's Tower.
  8. Doomies were highly resistant to Magic damage. Fireblast/bolt takes care of 'em though.
  9. I have poor taste in humor and have no understanding of when and where it is appropriate.
  10. There's another key in the Raksashi+Infernal chamber in a secret room. I think you'll need Move Mountains lv3 for it.
  11. Don't be afraid to either PM or post corrections. It would be appreciated to see the exact amount of when you can't give wine or sack of food anymore.
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