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  1. The one east of Motrax's cave was the one I was talking about in northern avernum. And if we're gonna start speculating on geology and hydrology my guess is: a) a mile is considerably smaller in avernum (you'll find sign posts saying something like "castle 30 miles east" and the castle is a short walk away, we could probably get a decent estimate of a mile from A3 since it actually tracks time), and b) the water is brought back up through geysers and the like, creating a water cycle.
  2. The lack of a direct land route is kinda confusing for me, since there were at least 3 land routes back to the surface that I remember. One the PCs find in A1, one in the honeycomb, and one is northern avernum, the latter two of which the empire collapsed. You'd think at some point in the intervening years one of those would have been dug out and turned into a trade route. In A6 the plan was to use portal magic to teleport the sun's light directly into the caves. No need for fusion.
  3. Any advice in playing the A1 remake while running a duo party? I figure one melee and one magic character would be best, but beyond that I'm not sure how to approach it.
  4. I don't think my approaches were unclassic in the past, just poorly optimized. I usually do melee, ranged, priest, mage, and focus on that throughout the game, but I never really put any effort into planning out a build properly so I always hit endgame with very few of the specialty skills unlocked. This mostly effects my warrior characters since they end up with low parry, riposte, lethal strike, etc, so they end up squishy and struggle to keep up with the enemy NPCs. By other SW games I mostly mean Geneforge and Avernum. I always found those games to have fairly challenging end games in the past, and often challenging midgames as well. The character traits and race traits do seem to be what was doing it for me: getting free skills in pole weapons, blademaster, sharpshooter, tool use, first aid, etc meant that my characters essentially leveled themselves up: it was pretty much impossible to build a bad character unless I decided to use my slith as a bow wielding mage all of a sudden. But I didn't find A6 nearly as challenging as A5, for example. I definitely could not have gotten as far into A5 as I did by ignoring 20 levels.
  5. I finally finished A6 as a way to tide me over until the new game comes out. Did anyone else find it weirdly easy compared to the rest of the SWS games? I always play the games on normal, but despite that I've never actually finished an Avernum game before now: the end game always turns into a grind where my laissez-fair approach to character building comes back to bite me. But with A6 I almost didn't have to put any effort into character building. They were all custom characters to start: I ran a pole focused sith with elite warrior, a bow focused nephilim with dead eye and nimble fingers, a human priest with pure spirit and a human mage with natural mage. I ran up a skill point surplus in early game and just kept putting off allocating them until I took the time to figure out exactly how I wanted to build my characters until I accidentally finished the game around level 40 with ~100 unused skillpoints in each character. I would throw in some skill points when I needed to access new spells or find new nature caches or unlock new locks every now and then, I pumped strength on my slith just so he could open all the heavy gates, but besides that I pretty much ignored about 25 of my levels. I haven't finished everything: Malanchion still has some quests for me (I'm sure killing him will be a major pain), and my journal atm is still pretty steep. But I stumbled into the final fight by accident, not really sure if it was the final fight 'cause I was still waiting for the game to get hard like the others did.
  6. In recent developments, Astoria might turn out to be a little more awful than I thought. I kinda regret betraying Alwan now. But: we're back to no clear good guys. Just where I like it.
  7. Almost every time I play through a Geneforge game, unless I'm playing for a certain faction from the outset, I'll do what feels right in a given moment. Usually that sort of thing skews rebel; nuance like "biological weapons should be carefully controlled but you need to treat creatures in your care well" isn't something that exists in this world, at least not among the most powerful, so any talk of treating creations well, or letting apparently harmless creations be free, get shoved under "rebel." Thing is I virtually always hate the rebels, at least as a political power. Shapers aren't better by much, but they don't terrorize civilians quite as often. So because of my peculiar (in this world at least) moral bent, I end up rejected, or at least severely mistrusted, by the side whose practices I most prefer because they believe I'm too ideologically close to the side whose practices I most detest. This is utterly frustrating but it feels very real to me. It's a quality of these games I really like. I actually don't like that in G1 and G5 you're given decent faction options: what's the fun in evaluating the political climate if there are some obvious good guys? Admittedly I haven't yet finished G5 (tried a few times, usually got stuck as I was entering Dera reaches) so maybe Astoria is secretly much worse than I think.
  8. I mean yeah, they were pretty worrying too. They never felt as alien though, probably because they're very reminiscent of beholders from D&D. I got a fair amount of exposure to them through various Baldur's Gate games. Vlish also show up much earlier when I'd feel much weaker.
  9. That's why I like them. They're one of the really alien looking creations. They're one of the only creations I'd ever actually feared. Those, along with other things like servant minds, turrets, living tools, the strange flora, etc, make the world especially interesting for me.
  10. (man it's been a while) I love vlish. They're honestly one of my favorites. I've tried a few times to level one or two through to the end game, but I could never get it to work.
  11. Ah, ok, never mind then. I remember leveling faster in G5, but I don't remember any experience hikes.
  12. No. It's a fresh install and the latest version. I'll do a bit of playtesting and see if I can repro the bug reliably.
  13. So I decide to get back into G5, and maybe finally beat it. I beat the first 4, but never actually got through the 5th. I start up a new game, blaze through "The Presence", and go meet Astoria. The thing is, I'm already level 17. I'm literally just passed the demo section. I thought it was odd. Looking back, I realized a lot of the stuff I killed gave me 40xp, even the worms and rats. So I decide to test it out. At level 17, I go gank some serviles and civilians in Minallah. 40xp, every one. They were all one hit kills. As near as I can tell, my minimum experience gain is 40. On the one hand, I'd reach level 40 in no time. On the other, playing like this is just boring.
  14. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES G1 is probably too old, although with Geneforge alterations who knows. G2 seems unlikely. G3 is quite plausible, particularly in conjunction with the Monarch hypothesis. Monarch fits the G5 PC about as well as the G4 PC does, and while it isn't certain, the comments that Alwan, Greta, and Litalia make about Monarch in G4 make it sound quite possible that Monarch is the G3 PC gone mad. If you let Monarch live, he says he'll flee into the western continent by heading through the southern pass. Which means that several months after the PC arrives at the southern citadel, which happens 3 years before the events of G5, there's a crazy shaper wandering around the Drypeak region. According to the timeline, Monarch seems to be the most coherent candidate.
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