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  1. thank you so much for all your help the older version worked wonders! (wont tell you just how many times i had to uninstall and reinstall as one forgot to just move unmodified file not delete it)
  2. yep saved files to desktop then draged and dropped. uninstalled game and reinstalled it. still freezes on the loading screen. very frustrating. may just have to (shock horror) play without editor - will be first spid web game ive played without it unless i can get the rotten thing to work. have also saved to programs so i can delete and add files. didnt help
  3. thanks Dikiyoba. that worked. But still having major issues. loaded both files for the full editor and avadon opens and you can choose a character (saved game doesnt work full stop - obvious reason there i guess) and game stars to load but gets to setting up game and then the pop up avadon is not working comes up. can delete files and reload original ones - works fine just not with editor. any help will be much appreciated. thanks
  4. Hello, am running windows 7 and for some reason cant save the editor into files. can save all 3 files into avadon files folder but when i go to move them into scripts they are not there. so i copied and pasted into the files already in scripts but i cant save. keeps saying access denied. sorry not hugely technical so am not sure what i have done wrong. any help would be much appreciated. cheers
  5. wireless i have the same issue. im on windows xp. will load no worries as you say. then crashes. if you find out how to fix please let me know
  6. hello all, downloaded the windows version of the new nethergate and when you click on the icon this error pops up " the nethergate.exe file is linked to missing export SHELL32.DLL:SHGetFolderPathW. then another one pops up after you hit ok on the one above ' C:\Program Files\Spiderweb Software\Nethergate\Nethergate Res\Nethergate.exe' a device attached to the system is not functioning. what has gone wrong and does anyone know how to fix? cheers Dreamqueen
  7. Can you ever shut down the machine that is causing all of the creations?? Everytime I try to collect all of the items in the caves i get killed by the never ending creations
  8. How do i cure the general (major, whatever)? I can't seem to cure him, none of my spells work.
  9. The rotten little (@$^$) my sis did that to me once (and only once ) The worst part is you don't realise for ages
  10. at lucivius's castle almost at the end when i have to find grimly to be able to help end his immortality ok now i feel really really stupid, i still cant find the pillar with the ruby on it, have looked everywhere in magestica (i think) where am i not looking?????? I can only find pedistals with books on them nothing with a ruby
  11. ok now i feel like a dumbe blonde but where do you find grimly?
  12. ohhh pleaseeee we always need more scenerios
  13. at lucivius's castle where do i go to find Grimly? i went back to his castle and could not find him Also - the scavenger hunt "high in the sky, surrounded by lightning bolts. Rubies sometimes found in caves, and fingers are on display here on a pedistal." where the hell is this???????? thanks in advance
  14. thanks heaps, now i can continue my game
  15. Really???? does anyone know where i can get ac3 part 2 then?
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