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  1. Just a quick update. I have found the miner yes he is still there. Maybe I overlooked him last time. He is sitting a quiet corner so...I will see if any of the travel gate or dreams will come back later.
  2. For me it happened after 2 though. Yes only the message displayed but then I went to the refuge everyone is gone and hiding. I was able to convince the leaders to hand me the key and now I am in the underworld. I am pretty sure I did not find him but I will check the miner guy again later.
  3. Hello I was just doing quests peacefully, when suddenly the calamity strikes again! I read the guidebook which writes end game will happen after you make 3 vassals but I would made 2 so I wasn't prepared for it (I am trying to complete every quest so in terms of days I may have met the requirement). My concerns are that I am missing out a few of nisse dreams (only purchased 5 and never been to room 3) and also there is a quest ask you to find a miner who entered the refuge. The dreams I assume are probably no longer obtainable since I am already killing them. I did not except this to happen so soon which is why it seems to a mess at the moment. Anyway the dreams I can be more or less content missing out some of the dreams because I don't like the nisse anymore, what about the miner quest? Is it still doable after I complete the underground?
  4. I would like to report a minor bug, once I was entering the bridge in ukat (before meeting king borgen one), instead of entering the correct place, somehow I got wrapped to the first throne room (the first room when you start the game)! On second entering it is fixed so it wasn't a big deal also it may already be patched.
  5. Haha I see, Geneforge 5 is bit different from the previous series, looks you have to work and lie with multiple factions:D Who is Dikiyoba ???
  6. Originally Posted By: Master Ackrovan Simple. Speak to the Forts commanders. If you have Alwans permission, they'll let you through (Rockwall will make its turrets friendly, Vengence will unlock its doors etc) Yes it's simple if you get his permission, but what if I don't want to get his permission? There is no stealth way to get around it?
  7. I am up to the point where I am suppose to meet the rebels(I miss my old Servile companion). The problem is Mr Alwan has made 3 forts blocking all the entrances, they refuse to let me pass with Rawl's paper of passage(such useful passage that get you nowhere). I have found only 1 way to sneak through them which is in Fort Rockwell which is through a bunch of turrents. I tried and ran through the turrents but only found hungry Rebels going to kill me outside the entrance....... I know Alwan has a plan of wanting you to be a spy to the Rebels then he will let you pass, but since I love rebels, I don't want to work for him:D. Greta has give me the quest to seek the drakon leader but offered no method to help me pass. Is there a way to pass the defence's without working for Alwan?
  8. hey is out now! I should have a try soon anyway i am too used to Geneforge mouse type movements, hopefully the control is like that as well........
  9. I have been always keen to play spiderweb games, because i know i will enjoy it. But this time the windows testing is much longer than usual, before is roughly 1 month i think, now is more than 2 months i think( or i have been too impatient). So can you guys tell me how's the progress, roughly how longer the testing will be please?
  10. Hey, don't you have stolen stuff before? Also does this has multi endings like Geneforge?
  11. Hello everyone, I have made a stupid mistake. I was doing the mission of collecting 20 meat sacks. I went back to the farmland near Fort Draco. I was kind of bored so I stole 20 meat sacks under a farmer's eyes. I was more surprised that the farmer actually attacked me! So I killed him. What's more surprising is that when I trying to go back to the fort everyone becomes hotile and attacks me....... I think this punishment is too heavy. I killed a farmer outside the fort, so how did they know??? Is there anyway that I can make them forgive me? I don't want to kill everyone in the fort even I can do that. I tried the cheat but it doesn't work. And the saves are too late to change back so how can I undo my crime?? I don't know how the editor works sorry.
  12. by the way anyone knows what the wolf is doing outside the Fort M? It follows you and then go away so what's its purpose?
  13. ok I see, so it's not a bug then...... sad
  14. Hey I believe I have found a small bug (if not new) in the Windows version. In Northwest Normello. There is a locked door in the north. When I opened it with tool skills there is a red scavenging rat(Hp 55) inside. Nothing is special about this rat, but if you go to another place and come back the rat will be there again! And you gain experience as well except it is not a lot. Does anyone else has this problem? Also I would to ask some stupid questions. Is my computer has display problems or is Jeff has made a mistake, how come the cure buttion looks like spary acid in Geneforge? And minor heal looks like war blessing? This looks weird!
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