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  1. Just a quick update. I have found the miner yes he is still there. Maybe I overlooked him last time. He is sitting a quiet corner so...I will see if any of the travel gate or dreams will come back later.
  2. For me it happened after 2 though. Yes only the message displayed but then I went to the refuge everyone is gone and hiding. I was able to convince the leaders to hand me the key and now I am in the underworld. I am pretty sure I did not find him but I will check the miner guy again later.
  3. Hello I was just doing quests peacefully, when suddenly the calamity strikes again! I read the guidebook which writes end game will happen after you make 3 vassals but I would made 2 so I wasn't prepared for it (I am trying to complete every quest so in terms of days I may have met the requirement). My concerns are that I am missing out a few of nisse dreams (only purchased 5 and never been to room 3) and also there is a quest ask you to find a miner who entered the refuge. The dreams I assume are probably no longer obtainable since I am already killing them. I did not except this
  4. I would like to report a minor bug, once I was entering the bridge in ukat (before meeting king borgen one), instead of entering the correct place, somehow I got wrapped to the first throne room (the first room when you start the game)! On second entering it is fixed so it wasn't a big deal also it may already be patched.
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