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  1. Android ports are hard to do because there are so many different screen sizes. In order to make the game viewable it requires creating different sized sprites for almost every screen size. It created disappointment for Android users who found out that the game wouldn't be playable on their device or that they would be the first one that would have to find out if it would work after they bought it. Just haul a laptop around with you as you walk balancing it with one hand and using the other for the keys and touchpad.
  2. You might want to keep your old computer for when you want to play older games that don't run with the new operating system without using a Windows version that runs 32 bit games or some other work around with virtual machines. I have the same problem with web sites not running on older operating system browsers. Then I upgraded my newest computer and it randomly overheats requiring hours of leaving it off to make the fan shut off.
  3. Eudor is in the southwest corner of the Beraza Pits.
  4. You can recruit after rebuilding the Ahriel fort a character with a cultural ability to do Charm.
  5. It has been years since I played this version so I've forgotten what the answers were to the other questions. The Cotra bodies you can sort of figure out what happened, but you don't change things. The cave near Erika's Tower is revisited in Avernum 2. It was foreshadowing before finding out there would be a second game. The cats are just there for fun. Enjoy the games. Some things are there for fun and others are there to teach you not to poke at everything.
  6. It may not open until you move. She only opens it if you threaten to go to Thabhlen to complain.
  7. The sequence should be: Speak to Owens in Mandraka about deal and you don't need to apologize Blow up Thabhlen Pass Go back to Mandraka and report the blow up Go to Vol Gates to give General Aquila his orders The signed statements is from the Vol and Ahriel as one of the four possible Borgen tokens.
  8. Try going through her library in the west room. There are books that give useful information and there should be one that gives a password.
  9. Check your version number compared to the one on the Avernum Support page. The latest version is supposed to be for 64 bit. You may be able to download from here and run the demo with your current preference file. Edit - Did you mean Original Avernum or Remake Avernum (which work on Catalina)? This is why I still keep older computers on old operating systems. Some times I want to play old games that can't run on new operating systems. I still have a Pentium 1 computer from the 1990s. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your remaining sanity at the door. You may want it back someday. :)
  10. You also need resources to build shops and other upgrades. Compare the numbers needed with your available resources on the bottom line of the build screen. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. There are no silly questions, but I have confidence someone will find one.
  11. I hurt my ribs when I woke up falling out of bed and hit the edge of my mattress, so I've been working my way through my DVD collection and replaying Queen's Wish. I hope someday to have figured out more of the endgame code by having tried enough different ending choices. I went out yesterday shopping for food and walked by all the closed shops and ones that will only provide limited access. Retail is going online to avoid human contact with its customers.
  12. I think you only get it if you take the Drake's bribe to let it live. It has been too long since I played. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave you sanity at the door. Sanity is highly overrated.
  13. It depends when you switched difficulty levels. If you switched after the zone combat was generated, then the creations might have still been at the higher level.
  14. Wingbolts are seriously nasty creations from having higher health and nasty range attacks. I don't remember them being that hard to hit, but it has been a long time since I played that game. From what I remember, you want to have a few high tier magic creations that are relatively immune to their attacks to draw attacks away from you. Basically your magic creations and the wingbolts just trade shots until you can kill them with other damage types. Looking back at the discussions about creations, wingbolts were considered tough because they do more damage per attack and have high resistances. Using a kyshakk for defense is a good bet even though it doesn't do as much damage per round. Just spine shield it and heal it as a way to deal with other hostile creations. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Although it may be too late.
  15. I looked at the Atlas to see where that Quest was given and where you go. You find Kyass in the dungeon of the Tower of Elderan. After dealing with Kyass, you get to report his fate was capture and experimenting on by the Empire. You turn it in after finding him there,
  16. There are two possible ways that the Freehold gets taken down: Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Don't believe anything you read on Google while sane.
  17. Granted, but now you have the runs and you're going through it faster than ever. I wishTerror's Martyr would come back to post his wisdom in these troubling times.
  18. There are two locations on the Sixus quest. The first is a tower hidden to the north and on the south shore of the Great Lake. This one requires going through the east side to find the right levers to open the west side. The second tower in the swamp needs you to flip the right levers to open a gate and the clue was a scroll found in the first tower on the west side. I hope this helps with the confusion. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. You might want it back someday.
  19. Over $84,200 with 10 hours to go. I guess we reached the limit of stretch goals. Still we are getting new areas to explore so it won't be just updating the game engine. With the junk bag, we at least have one nice thing to look forward to in GF3 remake when hauling items around and not getting encumbered every time we change islands.
  20. There are some YouTube videos for developing monsters for Queen's Wish. For example; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PLEpQQsoOc
  21. Geneforge 3 had two recruitable companions, Greta and Alwan, that had some stories and would occasionally ask questions about your attitude. There wasn't as much as in Avadon. Some of the other Geneforge games had recruitable creations that would travel with you for a few zones. Then there were mission escort NPCs like in Nethergate that you had to get to the zone's entrance. Original Avernum trilogy, not the remakes, had recruitable characters, but they didn't have dialogue. You could use them to replace existing characters in the party.
  22. I'm happy with new area so replaying the game will have something different from the older version besides Exploding Boils.
  23. I can confirm the current Mac download ver 1.2 doesn't work on Mac OS10.15.2. I don't have 10.13 on a computer to test it. You might try getting a Windows partition and install the Windows version instead.
  24. Have you checked the item descriptions for speed penalties? The middle group of shields have a penalty of -10%. Same with better armors. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It will all make sense according to the high pitched spider voices that say you're cute.
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