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  1. Hi, I see you are online.  I was in a Crypt in Escape from the Pit.  Now my characters have "lost their way in the dark".  Even in other areas my characters can only see a few spaces.  The area is dark.  is this a glitch?  I am trying to fix it. Thank you!

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    2. Randomizer


      That's meant to be a puzzle. I dropped low value items like food or other things from my junk bag to mark which one of the identical looking rooms i was in. There are 4 of them and exits jump to the same room and the others depending on which way you go. There are also sometimes hidden switches.


      The hard part is you get attacked.

    3. Wendy


      I am in the Crypt of Drath.  I can't use a light, and there are no maps that come up so that I can see where I am.  What should I do?

    4. Wendy


      Thanks.  I was going to use the location function to map it out, but I found an easier way.  Thank you.