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  1. Annwn has a Roman only area and when you play that side you find out why. That's true of several zones that have plot content for only one side or the other. Usually it is quest specific for that zone. Too much loot and nowhere to sell it is a constant problem with one time only zones. If you play through several times or at least save before leaving your hoard, then you take advantage of taking only the best items to use or sell. It's a constant problem in the older games where you could spend hours rearranging loot within the party to fill every slot and reach the maximum weight carried.
  2. It's been a while, but I think this room is opened from the inside and requires a portal to jump there. This may be only for one side.
  3. It's an effective cap at level 23 because there is no more experience available to make it to level 24. Skill points are capped at level 20 so you can only shuffle them around after that point to pick different skill set.
  4. I tried a level 12 party at the same place and the monsters are now level 11. So scaling only occurs when you have a significant party level change.
  5. I just checked and looked at the same encounter (Tinker's Tower) with a level 2 and level 5 party and the monsters were all level 6 both times. While I know there have been some players that claimed the encounters scale with the party level, I never found that to be true. My experience was that you needed to pick encounters that were close to your level because one to three levels more made the difference between a difficult fight and going through without burning too many consumable items.
  6. I remember the problem was too much loot to carry out and having to load up and transfer it from place to place before going back for more. Then leaving a pile by the entrance since you can't return later to go deeper. I remember the same thing about that 3 body room.
  7. No, the function got changed between the two versions. Also there is a limit of how many times it will work, I think 3.
  8. You're cute! *in a high pitched voice*
  9. Luck affects several things so you want it in all your characters. It's been too many years since I played so I don't remember which ones stack in the party. First Aid is useful if you want more than one character to provide healing instead of using spells.
  10. It depends upon difficulty level with the harder levels requiring more help.
  11. Jeff has a history of having unused items listed in his games, so having graphics and not getting to them is possible.
  12. Not doing a Hand's quest the way they want means that in the final fight that they won't accompany you. Not that you have to do the final fight to finish the game, but you won't get the best ending. No choices in Avadon games carry over to the next games.
  13. That's a separate irreproducible bug where a game doesn't work, but a reloaded save from before the "bug" will work fine. No idea why it happened there because I've never seen anything wrong in that zone.
  14. There are several pentagrams that you need to step on and each one opens a path and summons more monsters. They are usually the farthest from the last one in a different direction so at worst just walk around along an edge until you reach the next one. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. The game makes sense to the designer or at least that's his story and he's sticking to it.
  15. It's 1:15 AM local time and some idiot started fireworks for so far 10 minutes. So much for a good year. At least the rest can be an improvement.
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