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  1. Avernum 5, home of the fake buttons that do nothing.
  2. You need to walk around to the south to enter the zone and then see the guard captain in the southwest building to open the gates to rest of the area. Depending upon your reputation with the Owens you may need to do a quest to get him to open the gates.
  3. East battalion general is on the border with the Ahriel lands in the zone Ahriel Thicket. He's inside the building in the southeast.
  4. Jeff, when remaking his games, is doing more plot hammering of quests to deal with that problem. Having an NPC to suggest the order might help even though players just like to do their own things. Good luck with it.
  5. The best reason for multiple saves so you can go back when you forget something or find that the place wasn't still there.
  6. Did you find Erika's rune in the Slime Pit? Then turned in the evidence and reported the results to Aximander? Then have him tell you to see Erika. This game requires doing things in a certain order to advance the game. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Trust us it will keep the fluffy turtles away.
  7. Since Melanchion is a specially scripted NPC, there are separate scripts for each location. Killing one doesn't affect the other.
  8. The first Geneforge was split between lore heavy in what a Shaper was and did and lore light in finding out what happened specifically on Sucia Island. This made sense as the PC was a young Shaper getting training and information was gathered piecemeal as you explored a Barred area. Information was gotten as you talked and read fragments with only a few places where you could get extensive knowledge. That didn't include language problems with the Sholai or destruction of books when the island was closed.
  9. Only for the same character. The game uses the highest total on a character. So if you have a PC that doesn't get a lock picking ability you might want to swap the charm for solo missions.
  10. May update is out with the game map being 8 of 80 zones completed. Mention of a new monster and showing some artwork in this update.
  11. It depends upon game difficulty level and your playing style. I tend to play on torment and later in the game where your damage won't kill monsters in a round, I prefer defense to avoid damage.
  12. Jeff tweaked the resources since I wrote it down. I see there were other changes in a fort. *sigh*
  13. I don't remember too much trouble getting around there except some parts needed levers or the plant pot in different places far from where they opened doors. Just wander around the whole level killing them all and explore at your leisure.
  14. The version information and support link are here. Steam has a problem with updating versions for smaller companies like Spiderweb Software. But they should have done it after this many years.
  15. Did you update your operating system between playing the games? Are you using the latest version of Geneforge 3? Please list your operating system and if you bought the games from another site than Spiderweb Software. Some third party vendors add their own software as a wrapper between you and the game. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It may be too late since you've been playing the games.
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