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  1. Try Sharamik in City Hall. I don't think that quest giving NPCs die although they will move around.
  2. Randomizer


    Zang moves around between two houses in town and out in the countryside on some days where you can't find him.
  3. Randomizer

    Torment Singleton Ideas

    1) I concentrated on Mage spells since they cost lest spell energy, so I never used high level Priest spells. Even in a 4 character party they weren't used that much. 2) Spellcraft is more useful for increased damage over the chance to avoid damage taken. 3) Level 3 Cloak of the Arcane tends to be more useful since it provides a percentage bonus, but get both since Spellcraft helps get Resistance. 4) Nature Lore is most useful for getting herb ingredients for potions rather than the caches.
  4. Randomizer

    Torment Singleton Ideas

    You're right about that part as a singleton.
  5. Randomizer

    Torment Singleton Ideas

    You can't enter Shamarik, Lorelei, or Gale until you've done at least plague quest. The Distant Hut teleporter leaves you outside the city gate. You pretty much level up Dexterity enough to keep ahead of almost all the monsters after you can do the Around Krizsan area. I tried going north past the unicorn in the pass and it can be iffy on killing them at below level 3. Sometimes you can dodge the slimes, but it isn't easy.
  6. Randomizer

    Torment Singleton Ideas

    You need Dexterity to 5 in order to go ahead of outdoor slimes. I'm not sure about Quick Action instead of Dexterity since I never tested it. You need it because the AI has wandering slimes converge on your position trying to go between Fort Emergence and Krizsan.
  7. Randomizer

    Testing a Discord server for SW peeps

    Welcome back. People are still here waiting on the next game, next remake, or looking for their sanity.
  8. Randomizer

    Geneforge complete missile build?

    Some thorn bushes grow new thorns, but the time makes it unlikely that you will go back and I'm not sure that happens in all the games.
  9. Randomizer

    Geneforge complete missile build?

    It mainly depends upon difficulty level with the harder the difficulty, the less you may complete. But you should be able to complete all of them if you remember to purchase the better missiles and other items before changing factions so you can no longer buy from those merchants. The hardest part and you should have multiple saves at different points is when to upgrade to the next weapon so you can minimize damage taken because you kill them in one or two shots. I used batons mostly and crystals for extra damage against swarms. GF2, I forgot to get missiles to finish off one minor area. GF3 is unfinished on the last island so I don't know for sure, but should be possible. GF4, I don't remember. GF5, is possible and as Delicious Vlish once said, "Reapers." What was meant as a zone where you followed a narrow path to avoid Reaper bushes is actually a really nice source of them.
  10. Randomizer

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    GF3 is worse because you have that inventory interface and the islands where you can spend lots of time just shifting the stored extras from island to island and across each island to get to the next boat.
  11. Randomizer

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    Shapers depend upon what creations they use and which game since Jeff kept tweaking them. Also when you upgrade to the next tier.
  12. Randomizer

    giant entry

    You need to fight giants at wall either north or east of the area to enter dungeons. Concealed Tunnel entrance doesn't appear until you find map in hidden treasure room of giant area. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It will only weight you down.
  13. Randomizer

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    Guardians start out with more essence, but fall behind Warriors according to Slarty.
  14. Randomizer

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    Warriors are weaker because Jeff set the default resistances lower for them compared to Guardians. That's the only real difference.
  15. Randomizer

    Geneforge Guardians "weak"?

    Guardians are not weak! At least not if they are built correctly as you pointed out. Agents are easier and can do most everything a Guardian can, but that doesn't make them weak. I've played missile weapon build Guardians and they are easier in the early games where you run out of action points closing with your enemies and can't attack. The chief problem I found in GF2 was running out of the best missile weapons and choosing when to upgrade to make it easier to kill on Torment difficulty. But being able to attack from a distance especially when faced with creations using mostly range attacks is great.