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  1. Not really since it doesn't change the game much and there is a quest to kill the king from a mayor in a nearby town. I usually postpone it since you use up lots of things clearing the lower level and it's easier later on after you finish the giant caves at a higher party level. The treasury in the northeast corner is an example.
  2. Each button causes a tile to move south until it reaches the bottom and then start again at the north edge of the lava pit. The idea is to make a continuous path across the pit. Push a button and then move away to see what happens and figure out which buttons to press next.
  3. You can edit files, but depending upon the text editor it may insert characters that corrupt the file. There should be a really old topic that mentions this problem. Windows save games for Geneforge 2 are different from the Mac version. Only some recent games use the same format to make them interchangeable. You really need advice from a player that has edited the save game files.
  4. Randomizer

    Avernum 7

    Jeff has no plans for a sequel, however he did mention once that he had an idea for a prequel which set off lots of speculation how far back in Avernum's history he would go. However the next scheduled games are the new series, Queen's Wish, and the Geneforge remakes.
  5. Randomizer

    Carrie's lab notes?

    The northeast corner of the middle Wolf Pit level has a hidden switch room with stairs up to the room in the center of the Bandit level. There is a container next to the chest that you can see. The first time I was there I missed seeing it.
  6. Hawke's Mansion has a second button nearby to finish opening the area for the first button. From Lorelei go south and then east along the mountains until you reach a wall blocking a gap and go south through the gate. You may need to click south of the gate to pass into it and the fight. No need for a fiery pit.
  7. You can get Dispel Barrier level 1 for doing the Mayor's quest in Sharamik. You can buy levels in Dellston or Calloc. The level 3 Dispel Barrier book is in Khoth's Library. Move Mountains spell book is in Fort Emergence after doing a plague quest you ask Mazumdar.
  8. To get to the Giant caves you need to fight a battle with them at the wall blocking the way to the cave entrances.
  9. Randomizer

    A3 change day

    Wait because it doesn't come for a long time, like day 160. You can run around and get money to buy items and train.
  10. Randomizer

    A3:RW Sulfras lair gates

    There is an area in Khoth's Lair that can't be accessed while he is alive. I never found a way into Sulfras south treasure room.
  11. Randomizer

    Beraza Pit entrance

    That's the place, Eudor's Lair, with a trapdoor to the lower level. Then you have to move in a circle through the place heading south to fight an infernal. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. You've been warned and having it will only slow you down.
  12. No, you are in for a long slog through lots of things starting with going through the Giant caves southeast of Lorelei to locate a map in the treasure chamber. You need the map to reveal the entrance to a hidden tunnel and lots of puzzles.
  13. Randomizer

    Beraza Pit entrance

    The entrance to the lower level is inside a building in the southwest.
  14. Randomizer

    A3 glitch?

    I don't think anyone did that in testing, so you are probably stuck with it, but whenever you are in Shayder you can stop in and see if you get the dialogue option that will clear that quest. It doesn't make any real difference except having it stuck in the quest list. That's the problem with Jeff adding those little quests to direct the player to the next place. They now have to be done in his order. You have the same problem in that you can get inside Blackcrag Keep and not being able to see the Queen until you have a certain quest.
  15. Squiggus is along the east coast and is easiest to get to by heading north through the undead from the southeast corner of Valorim. Make a few different saves because there are a few ways to mess up in that area.