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  1. Have you tried crossing through Beraza Woods to the other side? It has been a while since I played, but a few zones don't open up with just getting a quest there, but also require passing through a zone that you've previously explored.
  2. Then there are all the new secrets that Jeff has added to the remake. Did the Shapers create the GIFTS?
  3. My first play through, I hauled the loot to a new island and before I could empty out my inventory, I'm attacked and can't do anything until I've emptied it out. I hated sorting through the loot pile to find what I wanted each time I was moving to craft at an anvil or just what I might want while exploring.
  4. There really isn't a good side in Geneforge. Every faction is despicable.
  5. I think the one in Ybsal's chest is there regardless of what you do with Obro. Since you can't steal it, it's just there to annoy you.
  6. You can get it made with 4 of the 5 stones from the Vol. You can get a stone in the Smoky Peaks when you pick a side either when fighting there or visiting if you picked the other side. I don't know why you can't buy from Obro since I remember being able to buy more than one Glitterstone from him.
  7. This is why you have lots of different game saves. Sometimes if you move around you can get the wolf to move. I'm not sure if there was a cheat code for that game. If there was then use Shift-d to bring up the code box and enter backtostart <Return key>. This can cause other problems. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Too late!
  8. The quest requires you to travel to three different places where you fight lesser foes in the first two before you reach the final fight. The entrance doesn't open unless you did the other ones to the southwest in order. Look for areas with blackened scorch marks.
  9. Vampiric touch was considered flawed. It was supposed to give you some health when you damaged foes.
  10. 1. There isn't a point of no return. You get different quests and some things can only happen if you go there. Do go to Fort Remote first since that can change once you do another quest that you might not think was significant. 2. There are different types of caps. After level 30 the assignable stats and skill points are only given every 5 levels. You will likely end the game in the middle 30s unless you want to grind gather ingredients for wisdom crystals or fight monsters for a few points. 3. This game allows you to pick the order to do the 3 main quests a
  11. Congratulations on finishing. You do have 3 to 4 months until Geneforge 1 - Mutagen.
  12. Yes, hit chance bonuses and negatives apply, however spells start with a higher base chance than physical weapons. The main problem for casting magic spells is that too many negative to hit chances from armor mean that you can't cast spells. I'm trying to find a game mechanics analysis for the remakes.
  13. It has been so long that I can't remember the answer either. I know as a Roman that you can't unlock the highest spells, but I can't remember the cutoff for Healing and War Circles. I didn't see a mention in the Strategy Central topics either.
  14. I did state were shown and not how they worked, because of Jeff's comments when he clarified them for Avernum 4.
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