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  1. You can buy the fake Anama rings to get upstairs just for that spell.
  2. You leave the Anama and relearn the spell. Some places have walls that can be removed with Move Mountains. But for the most part you just can't get into them.
  3. It's still helpful for any party to rapidly gain levels to make game play easier. If you kill him for Starcap's quest, then you gain access to a level 3 mage spell.
  4. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Isaac Asimov started off as a short story writer. Some stories like the Foundation Series were originally published in magazines as novellas that were collected in novels as reprints. I don't think the intent was to originally write a novel, but to get published to make money and only later reprint it as a novel when he became more successful. Later on Asimov decided to fill in gaps between his earlier works and merge series into a large coherent universe that led to really bad novels.
  5. The 4 giant clans are different areas in the middle cavern.
  6. +1 level to Blademaster and Spellcraft.
  7. Blue treasure chests with nearby switches are to bless items to improve armor and/or damage. You can use them two times except for the one in the Portal Fortress that is only one time. To check group totals for arcane lore and others you need to look at the individual ability pages for each party member (the magic page) and add them up. If you do it when you aren't leveling up it will also show the bonuses from items as a plus number outside the circle.
  8. You don't learn level 3 unless you have used a trainer. What you get is a level in the spell and if it's the first time, then you get only level 1 use. It become level 3 when you use the trainer for 2 levels. Some places have spell books that give only level 1 and you need to go elsewhere for level 3.
  9. Trainer costs depend upon the game. The new ones cost the same for level 1 and 2, but older games had higher costs for level 2.
  10. Version 1.0.2 is now supposed to have some place where you can sell Aranea Fangs.
  11. 1. a. Call up the spell menu and move your cursor over the specific spells to read their descriptions. Most attack spells get bonus damage. Call Beast has summoned monster getting bonus effects like War Blessing for a few rounds. 1. b. Depending on the game you can do it in any order and some spells aren't worth getting the extra levels. Older versions of the First Avernum Trilogy required you to train in the first level before you could get extra levels from the spell book. Early Geneforge games required you to get the first two levels from a trainer, otherwise when you got the level from a book or canister then you couldn't go back to a trainer. 2. Battle Skills like Parry and some other skills like Arcane Lore have trainers, but if you use them before the cap at 10, then you can't use skill points to reach the maximum of 12. Some like Arcane Lore it's better to use the trainers since you don't need the maximum. 5. The Strategy Central topics have links to topics that list the maximum values of Arcane Lore, Cave (Nature) Lore, and Tool Use. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. You don't want to get attacked by the fluffy turtles trying to get at it.
  12. Job Board delivery items aren't always seen in every game and sometimes more than one person wants them.
  13. It teaches you an important life lesson. Don't push a button just because it's there.
  14. Yes. It's in the east side where the mages work. Ask around the nearby mage.