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  1. Go to the Buy Building menu in Fort Haven and you have the option to repair the portal home if you have the resources.
  2. Click on the place building icon at the bottom left to see current total upkeep cost and current resources received.
  3. Some medals require higher than normal difficulty level. There are 4 pairs of medals where you only can get one of each pair because they require picking a side in the vassal states for the treaties or in the prisoner judgement. So it can require more than one play through to get them all.
  4. One is finishing and taking Redbeard's offer to be an Eye, another is as a Heart, and the last is retiring from being a hand, I think. Most of these also require playing the game on Hard or Torment difficulty.
  5. The scripts folder is inside the game folder. You might need to open contents of the game and shift down through the folders to find it.
  6. Pretty much any area where you can rest up like a fort or camp should have one. Minor items like that are listed anywhere since they can't be sold. Some of the other gifts are harder to obtain, but there is always a container or merchant later on in the game that has them.
  7. King Borgen should have a dialogue response sending you to the library to talk to the advisor in it to get the key. That's the easiest one to get.
  8. They aren't always obvious:
  9. Drowning Gaol has the possibility that you'll kill everyone so there will be no problem with taking Not Yours items. I never got up to the money cap, but maybe you should consider spending some of it.
  10. At the south end of the trees is a very narrow path to the west. It can be hard to see that you can go there until you are right next to it.
  11. It's possible, but you may have missed somethings. You will definitely have less iron produced than you need for upkeep if you build all the shops and portal home. You should be okay on stone unless you are not getting enough from theft due to unrest in the Vol. However there are merchants that will sell resources and especially iron that you can use. Also the second Utak fort has a quartermaster that will convert the other three resources into iron. Try going through this list of resources to see if you missed locating a cache or merchant and then just after the resource report you can go around and buy more. The Smoky Peaks has a chest with enough iron if you haven't already got it.
  12. Redbeard's hair is in Fort Zhethron in his quarters to the east of where he sits.after you find the trigger to enter it.
  13. Casual difficulty makes a big difference in monster health while it doesn't reduce your damage. Position is very important in some fights and some like Ashen Foundry are easier just because monsters can't reach you to overwhelm you with numbers. Nagafen rescuing soldiers is hard because there is a narrow range where they return to normal and can die from poison or bleeding the next round. Congratulations on playing a singleton.
  14. Bonus to hit and penalties apply to both weapon and spell attacks. Magic spells also won't work if the penalty is too high, but you can reduce it with some items that give to hit bonuses and Natural Mage trait. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. You won't need it as long as you follow the conflicting advice here.
  15. Behind a locked door on the east side.
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