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  1. Nightsade Perimeter quest bug?

    Did you place the stone after killing the skeletons in the top level? After doing the second stone, you get told by Cerise that another Hand is doing the third stone placement in the southwest corner so that might be the problem. You need to go there and see what happened. Doing it out of order shouldn't make a difference and you shouldn't need to start over. The worst would be going back to the autosave file from before getting into the zone.
  2. Reactivate Taygen Questline?

    The game splits significantly over Taygen because the other factions want you to do things that are the opposite of what he wants. You'll find that out for more than Camp Dranir.
  3. For Gnee, look around Olgai in the southwest area and say the right things. But you can save time by looking in Avit for a hidden switch in the southeast building.
  4. Plus you can always gather herb ingredients to have more energy elixirs made so you don't need to worry about running out. No need to restrict high spell energy spells.
  5. A4 Difficulty borked on Mac?

    Difficulty is lower in the Demo part of the game. Mostly it's increased monster health where it takes a little longer to kill them.
  6. I thought it was capped at 95% because that was in other recent games, but I see that you are right that it is capped at 90%. The to hit caps are hard coded into the game.
  7. In the early part, fighters especially miss because they are wearing too much encumbering armor. Removing some armor will let you hit better. Soon you will get to the maximum of 95% to hit chance no matter how much armor you wear. Even at maximum to hit chance you can have streaks of missing. But remember this can happen to the monsters too. The earlier games didn't have the chance of missing or auto hit like Dungeons and Dragons.
  8. To Steam or Not To Steam....

    Also if you still have the compressed version of the game and the same type of computer, Windows or Apple, you might be able to copy the compressed version over and install it. Then copy over the preference file to the equivalent location on the new computer.
  9. Check your special item list to see if you already have it and forgot.
  10. For Ornotha Ziggurat, the Vahnatai Lore book also requires the Blessed Athame to read it. The Vahnatai Lore near Patrick's Castle is to the east on an island reached by the Orb of Thralni after a duel with an efreeti.
  11. The game needs to be approved by 3rd party vendors like Apple Store and Steam. Right now it's close to a version that can be submitted to them.
  12. What will happen after Avernum 3 Ruined World?

    The last time this was asked with links to where to look for Jeff's thoughts on the matter: Upcoming games Hopefully the new game idea will be great. At least for the Geneforge gamers they will see the remakes starting in a few years. I don't think he's posted in the usual places anything new.
  13. What have you been reading recently?

    Win Bigly by Scott Adams explained how to use persuasion techniques to get what you want. Adams used them to persuade the reader that Donald Trump isn't evil and that his statements were just starting points to negotiate for what he really wanted. However after Adams lost speaking engagements and death threats for supporting Trump he neglected to include a significant number of examples of Trump's actions especially inciting his followers to violence against his opponents. I'll stick to his free Dilbert comic strips in future and stop buying his books.
  14. I'm pretty sure the games are in the same format so you could transfer it. Be sure to look at the tech support page on the game for game location to make sure you move it to the right spot. You're welcome.