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  1. Randomizer

    Geneforge - Diablo 3 Makeover

    The thought of Jeff learning to code for another platform. *snicker* ROFL Thanks, I needed that.
  2. Randomizer

    Cant find resources folder

    You can try right clicking on the game icon to see if you can open the package to see folders within the game.
  3. Randomizer

    Avadon 1: Should I equip people I don't plan on using?

    Characters are capped at level 30, but the game goes on a bit more past that point. You are about half way through the game.
  4. Randomizer

    Avadon 1: Should I equip people I don't plan on using?

    At different points in the game, there are Hand missions where a Hand will request your assistance on their own personal quest. If you don't do the mission or do it, but don't do it the way they wanted it, then they won't help you in the final mission at the end. There may be times when you want to use the others because they will be more effective against monsters in an area. However I got through the game with rarely using the Shaman since I never was good at building the character. Just keep moving equipment to the Hands while in Avadon whether you use them or not. You can always sell it later if you change your mind.
  5. Randomizer

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    A lot of writing is formalistic where plots follow a certain format. Good writing makes you enjoy it even if you know what is coming or adds new elements that makes it different in memorable ways. You can trace elements back to earlier source material if you want to take the time and are knowledgable about them. Lord of the Rings took elements from Norse and Christian mythology and sagas. But the elements were put together in interesting ways. Star Wars was even more derivative of the hero hidden away so he could come of age and gain power to eventually defeat the evil that could have easily killed him as a child.
  6. Randomizer

    G2: Creation Questions

    Playing with more creations rather than a few really powerful ones makes a difference in keeping your Shaper alive. My first time I went with two and near the end no matter how far away I moved the Shaper and hid him, he was always getting attacked and killed. Depending upon the game, certain creation types are more useful since Jeff adjust them between games to reduce exploits.
  7. Randomizer

    Stuck in Remote Cave puzzle

    There appears an opening stone in the inventory that you got from the crate when it's on the rune that you needed to open the portcullis.
  8. Kickstarter updates: October update September update The game is taking shape in the formless void of Jeff's computer.
  9. Randomizer

    Key 3 (Goblin Pits)

    At the game's end there is a cutscene ending so you can't go back. Also some parts are only available to the Romans. You really need to play both sides to see all locations and some places are one way dungeons.
  10. Randomizer

    Key 3 (Goblin Pits)

    There are Quests later in the game depending upon which side you are playing. Not all areas are accessible by Romans or Celts. I came back later because I couldn't get to places for the same reasons you have.
  11. Randomizer

    Key 3 (Goblin Pits)

    The body on the ledge is reached by going through secret doors.
  12. Follow the corridor from the entrance around the bend and take the incline at the far end of the zone.
  13. You need to go into the middle lair where Sulfras lives and talk to him first to get access to the other two dragons.
  14. I think you hit a rare and probably irreproducible graphics bug. I've seen a few where in combat a foe will do weird movement things, but not that. It occurs when the game doesn't have the character go where it's supposed to move. So you have moving in place instead of moving to where you clicked.
  15. Randomizer

    A5: Sort of lost

    This game goes off into new areas of Avernum. Most of it after the Demo area involves traveling down two main rivers to reach these previously unexplored areas and you luckily follow an expedition that was placing portal pylons that allow you to return passed the rapids. This isn't completely explained other that how to use the pylons at the Portal Fortress. There are several things that aren't properly explained in this game. The option to join the Darkside faction requires you to help them almost all the time and most players don't do that until it's too late to join them. Then there are all the fake hidden switches that don't open any secret passages or hidden rooms that have no access.