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  1. Randomizer

    near Fury Crossbow

    Look for hidden switches with the "u" command. It takes a few steps with switches and a wheel to open everything to get to the next puzzle.
  2. I don't know about Geneforge, but some have tried Avernum games using a stick as a weapon. It probably depends upon whether you use spells like Daze to control fights.
  3. Slarty -- I will say even on torment difficulty you can run as closer to a glass cannon party with no additional endurance than any recent game. However you reach a point after the Isle of Bigail where you start running out of places to go where you can find experience to significantly level up besides buying it from Zang. That becomes the major way to get those few extra levels instead of increasing endurance. I went through lots of trying to do areas before and after getting two extra levels to see that just a few points to endurance lets you clear them out without need invulnerability potions (fixed number in the game) or raising dead members in combat.
  4. Enemies hitting you twice as hard means only about double penetration damage since your armor/resistances are percentage and not a fixed amount. So that extra endurance means you have the extra health to survive it over normal difficulty. The to hit chance and initiative aren't significantly different from normal difficulty in practice. The unique abilities on harder difficulties are more significant, but are very recent addition to Spiderweb games. The extra scripted attacks per round are a real difference especially since they occur even for stunned and slowed monsters. Take the fight with Elhoic beneath Castle Troglo, the fight goes to sometimes a second round of Soul Jars on higher difficulties, but how you fight and what happens to your party still stays the same. The extra damage you take in the fight comes from more rounds of fighting and not that the monster's attacks have a greater chance of hitting. There are more attacking summoned monsters from the fight taking longer and not from their abilities being increased. Only in the demo section when you have a low to hit chance do you notice monster's having higher evasion chance. By the time you reach the Slime Pit, you should have a maximum to hit chance for your entire party. The enemy hits you because you aren't killing monsters in the first round before they hit you.
  5. The stat multiplier just means that fights take longer and you can rarely kill monsters with just one shot. The AoE thing means a change in tactics because you can no longer just rain damage down on a swarm surrounding your front fighters with immunity. After the first round, it usually means that you can hit fewer targets with a spell unless you can keep them back from the party.
  6. Randomizer

    Where to Start?

    It's best to start with the first game because the game engine changes slightly and a new character class happens in the second game. The first game is easier to play because it's easier to avoid getting hit. Plus it gives you a good feel for the story line. Make sure you take your time and talk to everyone that you can to get side quests and explore to get items. The game starts out easy, but if you just rush through the main quests you will be weaker as you go along. Also be sure to distribute items to the other Hands in Avadon because they will join you for their own quests and need them.Everyone goes up at the same rate, but equipment makes a big difference. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. You don't really need it and it will slow you down. Just ask anyone here.
  7. Maybe, because it's not the party, but what order you explore in and your tactics in a fight. Still if you've played before you have a better chance. The major difference between normal and torment difficulties is that your area effect spells usually also hit your party. You'll understand the first time a misplaced daze works on some of your characters.
  8. Randomizer

    E3: Dealing with evidence

    Erika got her revenge in the first two games against her major enemies with Hawthorne and Garzhad. The Dragons seem to be waiting for their time since they have longer lifespans. Of course both are good at misdirection and wouldn't admit to anything before their plans were complete.
  9. Thrown weapons can be sold for money and that makes more sense since there so many good bows with bonuses available.
  10. Randomizer

    Does Critical hit chance have a cap?

    I'm not sure because unless you use the editor it's hard to get that high a critical hit chance.
  11. Randomizer

    concealed tunnel gates

    There is a room in the northwest that opens when a mirror deflected beam hits the control near it. That has a lever to open the gate,
  12. Vahkohs is a really good case of invulnerability potion and the difficulty of area effect spells unless you are careful with party placement. Troglo Temple facing the Haakai is more party placement to keep away from the Haakai and take out the major demons quickly before they swarm the party. I found if I could keep most of the party away from the Haakai, I needed less health.
  13. Randomizer

    Deleting Saved Games

    For Saved games: Avadon 3 Avernum 3 It also depends upon the Mac OS version and where you bought it.
  14. I held off on tool use until level 2 and nature lore until later just to have the extra fighting abilities. Sure you get better items and some experience from getting past doors, but you can wait. Spells are better for attacking at the start. Endurance can wait until level 5 before starting to increase it just because you want to hit, but later you start needing just a few extra health to avoid dying in one round by just those few points. 2 to 1 is too high a ratio between primary stat and endurance. 4 to 1 will do for torment. I don't put any weapon skill points in my primary mage and priest until after the trainer. Between the trainer and some items like Discipline Blade you can get enough skills to wait while building up damage and higher summoning levels at the start where they make a difference. I ran a torment singleton and found the difference just a level could make in some key encounters like the Orb of Thralni recovery quest, so deciding where to go becomes the most important decision part of your build to avoid going to hard areas the first time you can. What you don't notice because of your exploration choices is the importance of dexterity on going first in combat against monsters like slimes on the surface. Dual wielding versus pole weapons is about equal just because a melee fighter is worse than any spell casting attacker with area effect. Archer is better in most of the game due to damage avoidance against most monsters when also using parry to protect the spell casters.
  15. Randomizer

    Deleting Saved Games

    All of the Saved Games for a Spiderweb game are inside a folder with game's name. But as Edgwyn said depending on the game and operating system (Win or Mac and version) these folders are stored in different places. Some are in Documents and some in hidden areas. But you can consult the Support page of the Spiderweb Games site for each game for help locating them.