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  1. Randomizer

    A2 iOS empty chests

    It should be in a desk in the northwest office after you fight the dervish.
  2. Randomizer

    Geneforge 5 Modding[G5]

    Jeff always nerfs abilities when there is an advantage he missed in a game. Slarty has done some analysis for weapons and spells from the earlier Geneforge games looking at decreased damage. I didn't see the topic in the Strategy Central lists.
  3. Randomizer

    Geneforge 3 How to save the 2nd creator?

    There should be a dialogue option that lets you pick the 2nd creator's side and attack the Shaper's forces. Greta leaves if you do two island quests that are pro-Shaper. Alwan leaves if you do two that are pro-Rebel.
  4. Keep count of the turns because the number of them is different on the entrance and upper levels. Moving in combat mode and ducking out of the beam paths before they come back on works. At worst you need to keep healing up until they switch off. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Don't make us use the laser beams.
  5. Randomizer

    remake of blades ?

    Making Blades took longer than a regular game because all the features of a game editor need to work whereas a game can use flawed features as long as they work for that game. There are still flaws in Blades that are never going to get fixed because of the work needed to find them and fix the code. Just look at the discussions about fixing the open source Blades of Exile that used a simpler game engine.
  6. Randomizer

    A singleton journey

    Vahnatai Lore counts towards the arcane lore in most places. Sage Lore does too, but there are a few places where it doesn't count.
  7. They were put there to stop the problem and their destruction long before you get there is why the undead are free. Not your fault. You're welcome.
  8. Randomizer

    A singleton journey

    I think the unicorns was mention as being bugged with the check being a different skill. I looked and it was First Aid and was supposed to be fixed in version 1.02. See here for discussion.
  9. Randomizer

    (Avernum 5) Am I doing something wrong?

    Jeff keeps changing the games in response to player complaints and sometimes suggestions. Do you remember Avernum 4 where lights didn't exist?
  10. Randomizer

    A2 iOS empty chests

    The problem is that no one has ever found the trigger. If you spot it with a recent save you can repeat every step and not have it happen again for the remainder of the game.
  11. Randomizer

    A2 iOS empty chests

    The only solution is to start over from the last save where new containers were not empty. The bug only affects containers in new zones that you haven't explored. It doesn't affect dropped items. You could just go on knowing that you will not get that extra loot and might miss a few named items. I've seen the bug in different games and I haven't heard of a solution.
  12. Randomizer

    A singleton journey

    The junk bag has a limit to how many items it can hold.
  13. 1. The lever to open that portcullis is in the northeast corner. 2. There are stone circles: East of Fort Emergence Southeast of Vakhos Lair using the Orb of Thralni Isle of Bigail in southeast mountains Northwest of Malloc North of Spineridge using concealed passage 3. Talk to Walner 4. Should have worked the first time. 5. One Soldier's Possession is behind a dispel barrier level 1 while the others are in containers.
  14. Randomizer

    (Avernum 5) Am I doing something wrong?

    The fights at harder difficulties are really harder with monster capable of killing you in one round. So summoned monsters and taking advantage of choke points in the terrain are very important. Retreating to a better position and taking them down a few at a time is very important. Pretty much you have to skip and come back later for some areas. Even on normal some places are just a bit too hard if you try to do everything the first time that you can.
  15. Randomizer

    A singleton journey

    Go into the cast spell menu and move the cursor over the spell. It should tell you that you either don't know the spell, but you are high enough level or the minimum level to cast that spell. The required level changes a little between games.