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  1. I think I flubbed up this time by not taking the ring to What's-His-Name (Derenten Freehold) before talking to Litalia after going to Quessa. So, I've got the ring of puresteel in special items but can't get the drakon to take it (he says he needs it, but the dialog point about 'here, I've got one' won't come up. (I have, though, already delivered the other one to him.) What do I need to do to get that dialog point so I can clear the quest? Thanks!
  2. Well, I don't think it'd be *too* burdensome to have a little pop-up thing every time you touch a canister--not much different than every time you look into a container of whatever sort to see if there's anything good in there. So instead of the auto-touch=use, it'd be a little window with three choices: use, smash, change mind. Change mind would allow you to back out of touching it without either effect. Use would be just like it is now, while smash would result in the changed image (broken canister) and a little 'you gained experience' message. But yeah, I think if you wanted yo
  3. One interesting thing for me--if you could do something other than use canisters... for example, destroy them for xp (and maybe even something of a minor quest, like 'destroy # canisters for [insert item]').
  4. Hurrah! Now--for a plot that doesn't squeeze you along like toothpaste in a tube? I didn't mind the limits on where to go/what to do in Exile/Avernum 2's first chapters, but from the return to the ToM on, it was very open. The first game was completely open (except for the whole 'go here too soon, you get whomped' aspect), and there was a sense of wide-openness in game three, even if there were certain lines that had to be drawn straight. A4, OTOH, felt so constrained 'do not deviate from plot, straight lines only'. Being more free to wander around in squiggly lines w/o gettin
  5. Quote: Originally written by Croikle: Yeah, really. Maybe there should be some other title for those of us who were around on the IkonBoard. Olderbie? You know, I think I could have registered here a couple days earlier..it's too bad I didn't. A 2-digit member number would be pretty cool to have these days. Well, I'm almost as old as my member number ... Any chance that AV4 (Win) will be out in time for my birthday (March 3)?
  6. Grah-Hoth isn't in that shattered fort--he's in a bottle (until you let him go) beyond Skarragoth (in the Abyss, in the general vicinity of Erika's). As far as the things that Sulfras wants--one is in Spire, the other is in the Tower of Magi.
  7. I think that, speaking for myself, I enjoy those BoE scenarios that I do like because of the story, not the graphics. Plus I like the 6 person party (more places to carry stuff). In addition, I'm a semi-Luddite at heart.
  8. If you're really strapped for cash, the best thing to do is run over to eastern Valorim & keep running merchant runs over there (clothes and herbs).
  9. The subject was brought up before, and I still have to stand by my original opinion: The obvious casting choice for Erika Redmark would be Anjelica Huston.
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