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  1. We have a Wii U now. Will exchange friend info.

  2. rats. I was gonna do a 999 topic. Now I have to wait til 1001.

  3. I broke my mixer board, so there's not going to be a Christmas Special this year :(

  4. End of the Prologue finally up. Yay!

  5. This is the Prologue. It tells of what came before. 4 Decadent robes hiked up to his waist, a wrinkled man wearing more jewelry than clothing ascends the stairs at as fast a clip as he can muster. Those among the living he passes salute or bow to him, but he pays them no mind: he is too focused on blocking out the nauseating squish that accompanies his every step. Every few meters, he is forced to move around the form of a fallen soldier, and in most cases, there is no way to avoid the blood and... other fluids that have since caked into the plush carpet once the unfortunates
  6. What Carrie Underwood rarely tells people is that as she stormed home, he happened to pull up next to her in his pretty little completely unscathed four-wheel-drive, and asked why she was so upset.

  7. Next post in Crystal Souls is finally out.

  8. This is the Prologue. It tells of what came before. 3 From his viewpoint high atop the Spire, Captain Vlish is able to see the first glimmering star emerge, if only through his periphery. His eyes, like the eyes of the eighteen soldiers under him, are fixed upon the gold-trimmed double doors that are the only entrance to the Imperial Throne Room. From beyond the doors pours the terrible sound of combat: steel against steel, bodies falling to the floor, suits of armor rolling down the stairs, all punctuated by the thud of the occasional spell missing its target. It has been
  9. Due to developments in this music thread, I find myself hunting for badass pictures of someone marching tuba. What tragedy that my own band years occurred before facebook.

  10. This is the Prologue. It tells of what came before. 2 The Spire in Solaria is hailed as one of the great wonders of the modern world. Its porcelain walls rise a majestic ten stories above the rest of the Empire's capital, and can be seen from afar throughout much of he surrounding region. It is a fitting reminder to the citizens of Solaria and the Empire beyond of the supreme power and might of the Empire, and the purity that it represents. Even those in the Far Continents know of the Spire's existence, and many of the Empire's more loyal and affluent citizens make a point of
  11. To quote the Missus: "OMG! PONIES!"

    1. keira


      The missus clearly has excellent taste.

  12. Thanking God for Pandora. And good speakers.

  13. There is nothing new under the sun.

  14. Hmm... somewhere in my years of absence, animated avvies were banned. Oh well. Here's a quick something off while I try and figure out what to use next.

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