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  1. Dintiradan

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    Pretty sure everyone who dismisses walking simulators would also dismiss most if not all interactive fiction.
  2. Dintiradan

    Queen's Wish - Romance

    Oh, hey, "are video games art". Haven't done one of these in a while. Are they art? Depends on how you define art -- I have nothing invested in my definition of the term, and most everyone else is unwilling to change theirs. If you think "experiences" count as art, then certainly video games qualify. On the other hand, once you start using terms like "sublime", then you've probably already decided for yourself. Then there's everyone who would say Rembrandt created art and Pollock did not, at which point you don't even bother bringing another medium into the discussion. One pitfall I see both sides of the debate fall into is comparing video games to film/television or novels. The usual examples cited as "artistic video games" tend to be highly cinematic or highly narrative or both, and the usual rebuttal is reductionist. Oh, the music might be artistic, the writing literary, the cutscenes as good as any film, but the game as a whole? Personally, I find the games that ape what makes film or novels successful to be the least indicative of what makes video games "artistic". The medium has a lot more in common with immersive theatre, or installation art. Or cuisine! And just as you can't judge a meal by looking at a picture without tasting it, you can't judge a video game without playing it (though many, most infamously Roger Ebert, have tried). Speaking of Ebert, one of his key criticisms of the medium, one that's overlooked by most rebuttals, is that art by definition requires authorial and directorial control: "... I did indeed consider video games inherently inferior to film and literature. There is a structural reason for that: Video games by their nature require player choices, which is the opposite of the strategy of serious film and literature, which requires authorial control." "I believe art is created by an artist. If you change it, you become the artist." "Art seeks to lead you to an inevitable conclusion, not a smorgasbord of choices." It's an odd place to draw the line, but there you go. In my mind, surrendering directorial control and even authorial control is what makes video games so powerful. With even the simplest "walking simulators", the player can pan the camera (and thus control the framing of a scene) and walk at their own speed (and thus control the pacing of a scene). The result is something far more immersive than most other mediums can aspire to. It's harder to truly surrender authorial control -- an RTS or FPS might have differing results based on mission performance, or a CRPG or visual novel might present the player with multiple choice questions periodically. But until we figure a way to put a miniature Game Master in every computer, it will have to do. Aaaand new post just as I'm about to submit this: As you might guess, I agree with the "movies shackled to crosswords" assessment. Papers, Please is a great example of video games doing something other mediums cannot. Other mediums might describe harsh circumstances forcing someone to be part of a totalitarian apparatus, but video games let you be that someone. And as for the rest: Sturgeon's Law. No lack of films being nothing more than crude melodramas with middling cinematography, and no lack of low effort, undiscerning reviewers.
  3. Dintiradan

    Every Spiderweb Character Ranked: Top 20 Worst Characters

    hey thanks for all that smoke btw
  4. Dintiradan

    Every Spiderweb Character Ranked: Top 20 Worst Characters

    There's no other explanation: you must be lacking in persistence. After all, I've certainly finished everything I've started.
  5. Dintiradan

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    It's been over two weeks, Slarty. As punishment, you must also rank Wuberg, the MtG puppet.
  6. Dintiradan

    MtG Arena beta keys [ALL GONE]

    I've been playing the beta for Arena (the new free to play implementation of Magic the Gathering) for over half a year now. While it's still very much a beta, it's improved a lot over the past few months, and they've been expanding the player base. I got a bunch of invite codes last weekend, and I still have three left, so if anyone's interested in the game, send me a PM. Window-only at the moment, unfortunately. EDIT: All keys have been claimed. If you're still looking for keys, https://www.reddit.com/r/MagicArena/comments/8zzqpl/beta_codes/ is a good start.
  7. Dintiradan

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    All that scenario contains are troubled words from a troubled mind.
  8. Dintiradan

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    I've received complaints about unruliness and anti-muffin activities. This brunch is over!
  9. Dintiradan

    Slarty Ranks Everything

  10. Dintiradan

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    While I am loathe to bump this topic, I find myself in the midst of a schism; only Slarty, the ultimate authority on all things everything, can mend it. Muffins with bits of fruit in them. Muffins with bits of nuts in them.
  11. Dintiradan

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    For the optimal experience, you need to play Waterweb while on shrooms yourself.
  12. Dintiradan

    Queen's Wish - SW Blog Post

    Ooh! Instead of wasting money on the ceremony and reception, we can pay Jeff to write our marriage in-game!
  13. Now I'm curious how many piano tuners play SW games.
  14. Dintiradan

    Queen's Wish - SW Blog Post

    Sadly, no word on why Queen's Wish will be a trilogy while the previous series, King's Quest, was much longer. I can only extrapolate that Jack's Desire will be a standalone game.
  15. Dintiradan

    What have you been eating recently?

    I've never gotten the appeal of avocados. It's just tasteless filler to me, certainly not bad, but nothing good about it either. Maybe it's a cilantro-esque thing where people get different flavours out of it? Today was "guess I have to do something about this half-finished can of diced tomatoes". Thaw a chicken breast, pat dry, rub with Italian seasoning, sear four minutes a side. Add chopped onion and crushed garlic, saute for a couple minutes. Then add the diced tomatoes plus some basil (fresh if at all possible, because fresh basil is Best Herb) and simmer for ten minutes. All told, takes twenty minutes, which means rice is a great side. Butterfly the chicken if you're in a hurry, I guess? It's a good base recipe that can be modified easily. Alas, family does not like the spicy variants.