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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSnNJPZaDE4
  2. A while back I read Identity: the Demand for Dignity and the Politics of Resentment by Francis Fukuyama (I was trying to read The End of History and the Last Man, but my library didn't have a copy). I went in expecting to not agree with Fukuyama, and that's pretty much what I got. More recently, I finished Mark Fisher's Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?, which I also was not a big fan of. On the fiction side of things, I picked up two more trades of Astro City, which continues to be Very Good. Only missing two trades from the Vertigo run now.
  3. Accessing the assets isn't that hard, even for AAA games. If you wanted to prevent that (or at least make it more difficult), you'd have to use DRM, which Jeff is against. The best way to deal with another company copying your digital assets is a lawyer.
  4. Oh, it pays fine, especially for temp work. It's a decent gig, not complaining. And good luck with things over there. It's nutty all over these days.
  5. Alas, it isn't a holiday. And even if it was, I wouldn't have the day off -- I'm an election officer again.
  6. You'll also avoid doing tests for a decade by doing exceptionally poorly! (But seriously, best of luck on whatever it is you need luck for!)
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1%_rule_(Internet_culture) It's not just a Spiderweb thing (and has its parallels in meatspace too), but communities need a critical mass in order to keep turning the 90% into the 9% and the 9% into the 1%, and once they drop below that critical mass, there's no incentive to become part of the 90%, let alone the 9% or 1%. EDIT: Back when I was planning on releasing an actual BoA scenario, I was going to have a dialog box pop up at the end and ask players to just send me a quick e-mail saying they played it, just to get a sense of what BoA's 90% actually was (because it really felt like the only people who still played BoA scenarios were BoA scenario creators).
  8. Parliament has dissolved, writs have been drawn, and Canada is now gearing up for its 43rd general election.To celebrate this new election season, which I'm sure will be delightful and not acrimonious in the slightest, I've decided to revisit a time-honed Spiderweb tradition: taking the Political Compass test! If you've taken it before, see how much you've changed since 2015, or 2012, or 2011, or 2010, or 2007, or--- you get the picture. And once you've posted your results, discuss them! Discuss the test! Complain about the test! Complain about the placement of Canada's political parties! Complain about the vastly inferior and deeply flawed Vote Compass made by Vox Pop Labs! Complain about Canadian politics in general! (on the off chance that you're not canadian and are, in fact, from some different country, i suppose you can talk and/or complain about politics there and maybe even link some country-specific tests that we can all take? that would be super cool of you) Alternatively, you could take the 5 Dimensional Politial Compass that Slarty posted in 2017.
  9. It's never too early to think about Christmas ideas for the niblings, so I've been skimming over a library copy of Ryan North's To Be or Not To Be. It's... pretty much what you'd expect a choose-your-own-adventure adaptation of Hamlet written by Ryan North to be? The style of humour would be great for my older niblings, but on the other hand, I've already seen a couple scenes where Hamlet and Ophelia TOTALLY MAKE OUT (and then MAYBE EVEN MORE THAN THAT), and also birds get referred to as "avian dinosaurs" on one page, so the parents would probably veto it. Ah well, this is why I start looking early.
  10. Newer forms of social media have their uses, but I feel like a lot of communities have a forum-shaped hole in them. I noticed a lot of communities had a fundamental shift when Discord came around and forums started to get depopulated. Discord's good for extemporaneous discussions, but bad for periodic, ongoing ones. And if you've created something you want to share with the community, you need a friendly mod to pin it for you, otherwise it gets lost immediately in the noise. On the other hand, if mods do this too often, Discord just becomes a worse forum. (Twitch chat is this x100.) It's hard to form a cohesive community over microblogging services like Twitter or Tumblr, though in their defense they were never designed for that sort of thing. In an odd sort of way, they remind me of the way the web was two decades ago, where if you didn't link share with the right people, or be part of the right webring, you languished in obscurity. There's also my general sense of unease over communities moving from "let's create a website, host a message board, and congregate there" to "let's use this company's services to run our community", but that's just my FOSS paranoia talking.
  11. Ah, hmm. I was referencing the running joke where Kuzco meets all the Disney Princess requirements set in Ralph Breaks the Internet (better than Vanellope does, which is one of the reasons why she's off the list), but yeah, I can see how there's more than one way to take it. Consider him rescinded, and my apologies.
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