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  1. I think we ask this question every time we do this. In the past, I interpreted it as "is modern agriculture causing crop diversity loss", but reading this it's talking about something slightly different.
  3. I realize Microsoft isn't just entertainment, but has there ever been an anti-trust case made after an entertainment acquisition? I just don't see an anti-trust case being made against, say, Disney (for more reasons than one).
  4. I've also been wrapping up my beta test today (after stopping halfway through and letting it fall by the wayside for far too long -- sorry Vox!). Regarding the error with SDF (50, 30): the second coordinate for SDFs has to be between 0 and 29. This might only be a problem on Windows, I dunno. Anyone else who wants to beta test will have to replace it with another set of coordinates (I picked (51, 0) and it seems to work) in `t10Upper roof.txt` and `t2Upper.txt`. Not quite finished yet (I'm in the crypts) but that and debug mode seem to be the only game-breaking bugs so far. Though
  5. I haven't tried it myself, but apparently you can get it to work on Windows tablets that have an x86 processor. https://www.reddit.com/r/MagicArena/comments/afa69f/mtg_arena_on_a_windows_tablet/ Otherwise it works for both Windows and Mac on desktop.
  6. What I meant was "I did some lazy Googling and assumed a Windows utility named ResEdit was an updated version of Mac's ResEdit". Windows version works for me (after commenting out debug mode); going through it now.
  7. Used to be on Niemand's site, but alas, that's been down for a while now. I went on a BoA backup binge a few years back, but I didn't think of backing up any Mac utilities. My Mac knowledge is limited, but I think you can still do resource fork stuff with ResEdit. It'll just be more complicated and less BoA-specific than Graphic Adjuster. Getting it to run will be a challenge, since ResEdit hasn't been officially maintained since (*checks*) 1994. But there seem to be newer, unofficial versions. Again, the Mac people would know more (and might have a copy of Graphic Adjuster lying a
  8. oh hey 2020 has been a real barrel of fun now hasn't it sounds like a great time for an evaluation of mental health But seriously, stay safe, stay sane, and *hugs* for anyone who needs them. (As always, read the rest of the thread for commentary on the validity of this test. Click here for my results this year, and here for the Perl/Gnuplot script used to generate my test history. Which could probably be made more accessible if others are interested in making their own history graphs.)
  9. I suppose the follow-up question is which fantasy author is JV most similar to?
  10. This game never ceases to amaze me. On the other hand, the last time we discovered a bug like this, it lead to Blades of Rogue being possible. So who knows how we could exploit this one.
  11. I'm a week too late for this topic, but I've finally gotten my site working again, so the BoA Design Tutorial is available again. It doesn't cover everything, but it walks you through creating a (very) simple scenario from start to finish.
  12. Granted. I wish I didn't have to cancel a games meet-up that I set up months ago.
  13. Granted, you are now a Hasbro employee creating uninspired novelty versions of The Game of Life. I wish I could have a sandwich right now.
  14. You're probably already familiar with the story, but it's simple enough if you're not. A cursed magical item that grants whatever wish you make with it, but never in the way you want, and always in a way you regret. The classic example is wishing for money, only to receive it as a settlement after the death of a loved one. If you had such an item, would you tempt fate? What wish would you make? As far as posting games go, this one's pretty straightforward. Look at the wish made by the person above you, and decide the twisted, ironic way their wish is fulfilled. Then make a wish of
  15. Mmm, I could go for some cabbage right now...
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