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  1. Redstart

    Left Behind.

    Hello, just posting to see that everything's where it used to be on my profile. It's sort of weird to see the same discussion topics going on here as six years ago, and even weirder that some of the participants haven't changed either. Is this what you call nostalgia? Also, hi, don't expect anyone would remember me, but *waves*
  2. Redstart

    USB Keypad

    I tried reproducing this with a basic USB keypad (lenovo) on a desktop computer running Vista, and on my laptop running XP. Attempted to move in all eight directions in BoA with numlock on. Had no problems.
  3. Redstart

    starting new game

    Could you give us a little more details on the error report? What does it say?
  4. The cattle merchant will buy your stuff after you finish a quest for him. He's in the town south-east on the map - I forget its name. I believe there's someone else as well.
  5. Redstart

    Ninth Contest Final Results

    A man suggests having sent nude pictures of himself to a group of people comprising mostly of heterosexual males in order to swing their opinions in his favor. Sorry, but I just don't understand how that could be a joke. Nope.
  6. Redstart

    E-mail to Dionicio

    I hope he replies. I so hate it when people ignore your mails and phone calls over imagined slights. Like leaving them to die.
  7. Redstart

    Favourite Avernum?

    1st: Avernum - improves the most on the original, so even though it's not the best in the series, I have to rate it at no.1 2nd: Avernum 3 - Exile 3 being my favorite, this one seems somehow connected to it 3rd: Avernum 2 - The most epic of the tales, I'd say 4th: Avernum 5 - I'm not a fan of the new engine, so this is the highest I can place A5. It's basically a pipe-run, which is also bad. Still, from what I've read/heard of A4, it's a huge leap in the right direction. Did not place: A4 - Never played it beyond a very short stint with the demo.
  8. Redstart

    Beta call for HIM

    I gonna use Vista x64 Email no longer here - hey, I'm paranoid. Nethergate: Resurrection, Avernum 5 Redstart would do just fine
  9. Redstart

    Windowed Mode

    I'm afraid no game using the Geneforge engine can be run in a window. And as far as I've heard, there's no decent workaround.
  10. Redstart

    a scenario

    Oh wow. This scenario must be good, since I didn't understand the plot at all. A bit short, but that seems to be the trend these days.
  11. Redstart

    gladwell's curse

    Oh darn.
  12. Redstart

    gladwell's curse

    Quote: Originally written by Khoth: If you go to the Howling Depths without doing Gladwell's morally ambiguous bidding, then some fraction (10%? 25%?) of your attacks will automatically miss. Just out of curiosity: Will killing Gladwell remove this curse, or have I essentially ruined my Anama joining game by accepting the wizard's geas?
  13. Redstart

    Shafrir's Tower

    I believe Shafrir's geas will prevent you from killing him; other than that, it's harmless. I haven't found a way to get to the man without receiving said geas - haven't really tried though.
  14. Redstart

    BOA Default Scenarios Not Showing

    This is the first time that I personally have heard of anything like this happening, so my proposal is this: Backup the "BladesofAvernumData.dat" file found in the Data folder uninstall the game download it again and reinstall I gather you have a registered copy, so if the game claims to be unregistered after the re-installation, replace the new "BladesofAvernumData.dat" with the backup you made earlier.
  15. Redstart

    Cant get supplies

    Yes, the tutorial explains basic game mechanics such as (g)etting items. Also, about nature lore: it does not affect looting, but only works for calming many wild animals in the caves as well as being able to get stuff from hidden stashes (the brownish yellow mounds found everywhere).