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  1. I'm just starting but the I get the spinning icon a lot. The game will hang for 10 or so seconds, or longer. It seems to be related to when a new area is loaded but not always. I'm running 10.14.6 on an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) 4.2 GHz Intel Core i7 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro 580 8 GB Thanks for any info.
  2. Never mind I found the switch that led to the lever thanks!
  3. I’ve been there and I don’t see any lever or a switch of any type are u talking about the latest release of Avernum 3 ? I don’t recall having seen any levers in this version could there b a problem with the iPad version?
  4. I’ve been there and I don’t see any lever or a switch of any type are u talking about the latest release of Avernum 3 ? I don’t recall having seen any levers in this version could there b a problem with the iPad version?
  5. I've looked all over the Pit of the Wyrm in Avernum 3 HD and I can't figure out how to get into Sairios's tomb. It must be obvious since no one has asked about it. None of the secret buttons/switches I've found open the tomb. I tried move mountain in various places and that didn't do anything either. Thanks for any help.
  6. I've finished part of the corruption core region and so far I've seen 3 different explinations for the cause of the corruption: 1) infernals summoned to do work flood their way out of a portal 2) Woman trying to set up wormholes to speed travel 3) 3 priests summoning some invincilble force that gets mad at them What's odd is that in each case it says now you know why the corruption started. That text is wrong if the 3 things are supposed to have happened simultaneously. I tried to tell the news to the Base C commander but she wasn't interested. Is this resolved somewhere? Thanks!
  7. I bought the farm--and lived to tell of it-- and explored it. There was a cold wind in the basement but nothing happened. I can buy furniture for it. Does it provide any value? I hate to spend 2000c on essentially nothing. thanks!
  8. Since you can only put scarabs on in Avadon and since you don't have control over non-player characters inventory in Avadon how do you give non-player characters scarabs? I'm sure there's an obvious answer but I haven't figured it out. Thanks!
  9. Well I've been playing Jeff's games since the first exile and I'm a programmer. I'd say that a "feature" that regularly makes the user angry is worth a bit of time to fix. When I'm outside of a city and I click on another point outside of the city I shouldn't end up in the city. It shouldn't be the users job to outwit the route planning algorithm. This has happened to me many times and it's irritating.
  10. But I'm not using the game on a touch screen. it's not even out for the iPad is it?
  11. Generally speaking the algorithm for getting to where you click the mouse works very well. But I don't like its behavior when leaving or entering an area is involved. I have many times ended up in a city when I'm trying to go from one non-city point to another. If I wanted to go to a city I'd click on the city. I'd suggest that if the end point, mouse click location, is >some small distance from a city, cave, etc, that the algorithm treat cities caves etc as inaccessible terrain. Since the player has to exit the city and replot his path anyway there's no advantage to including cities, except perhaps for computational efficiency. Also I was fighting Lord Chuckles near the entrance to the gremlin area. I clicked on him to get one of my fighters to attack him. The route planning algorithm took my fighter to the exit area and my whole party was suddenly outside. Since I was winning that wasn't nice. When I went back in no Lord Chuckles. I didn't bother to search for him in that maze and I fortunately had a recent save. Must be a good game that I can be bothered by little things.
  12. Thanks! I missed smite because I lured the drake out of his lair to fight him and I only searched the lair.
  13. 1) There's a hidden switch in sulfras lair but it seems to be inaccessible due to a statue am I missing something? 2) What is the gap drake? I killed a chasm drake but didn't find the weapon named smite there. According to the women in Blosk I'm supposed to find smite when I kill the gap drake. 3)It would be nice if quests were organized or labled by location. Even better when you enter an area or town where you have a quest the list of quests would appear in a pop up window. Avernum has so many quests it's a pain to remember what you're supposed to be doing where. Thanks for any help!
  14. thanks! By the way how do you attack the dragon? I've tried and I can't figure out how to fight it. It shows as a friend and I can't figure out how to get it into combat.
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