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  1. This thread has spiraled into something amazing - only someone who has been away for twelve years could have sparkled a discussion about games even older than that, which is probably the reason we like Jeff's games so much and we stick around despite the ravages of time. So, cheers!
  2. Oh hey! I still remember your infamous quote, "we should make MagmaDragoon's mother an honorary member of the forums". Good times! 🤣 Twelve years actually - Slarty's right. Can't believe you are still here, either - I hope you have achieved at some point the coveted Postaroni, Pizzabella! status quo. Back on topic: Some points here make such interesting arguments for discussion, such as "you can't make interesting romance where dialogue lines are scripted" - my experience with romance and RPGs is literally this! Someone mentioned BioWare, which is a good example in fact. Is there an alternative dialogue mechanic out there I am not aware of? I also do not see having this option as "mandatory" or to fulfill an expectation, but more like a nice touch to our character personality. Surely in all our travels there has to be some people we can at least charm with our good looks, money, or suave voice? Even without going so far out as love, a more persuasive version of charisma would be nice to have, at least for me.
  3. Hello everyone! Feel free to use this thread for salutations as well, I am somewhat also passing by just to say hi to some of the oldies community member here - you know who you are. Feel free to message me privately if you wanna catch up! Moving to the actual content: I have tried to catch Jeff's attention on Kickstarter by proposing a romancing option for the upcoming game, Queen's Wish. I always liked how "personal" you can get with NPCs in RPG game nowadays, if done well it really a nice touch to the game's flavour in my opinion. This is what I wrote: What are your views on this? Would you like to have the option to seduce the local innkeeper?
  4. Guess who finished his homework! Just kidding. Glad to see you and Aran still here! Kudos from Italy mate.

  5. Quote: Originally written by Dikiyoba: You lucky Mac users think the wait is unbearable? At least you're not on Windows! Dikiyoba. All people should have a Mac.
  6. I waited three months, I can wait another week if necessary.
  7. Sadly, the "Save-and-Reload" spoil some realism of the game... But I like it: it's nicee to see the consequence of every choice, and try again many time as you wish.
  8. Three questions for me: - About the loot, will be like in GF3 visibile the items value? When playing GF2 it was terrible don't know what to loot and what to don't. - We will can be still able to steal items like in GF3? - Will creations have an inventory?
  9. Ah, about the loot, will be like in GF3 visibile the items value? When playing GF2 it was terrible don't know what to loot and what to don't. EDIT: I'm sorry, I should stop asking questions about GF4 in this thread. I already put this in the right one.
  10. This sound like a "Justi(fi)cation". Is this related to your moniker? EDIT: Actually no, you posted this after the change. >_<
  11. Yeah, this bring me another question. Are the prices lowered a bit? In GF2, I was very strict at money. Well, GF3 was a bit better, but when I started to meet guys and Drakons who asks for 5000... Brr.
  12. Ok, and what about the item limit? EDIT: Reference
  13. Quote: Originally written by SNM: Quote: Originally written by Guardian Magma: Just be aware that there is an item limit for each area. Hey, this will be also in GF4? Are you sure there's an area limit? I think there's actually just a limit to the number of things you can put in each block. Well, in GF2 I usually putting all scattered on ground, but at some point I see a message like: "I cannot doing this" or such.
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