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  1. lordofdc

    Blades of Geneforge - How it could be done

    Mmm, Blades of Geneforge would be nice, but due to the issues Blades of Avernum caused spiderweb...yah. Though I guess what would be nice, would be if BoA someday got put on steam, and all the scenarios could be found on the Steam Workshop. Well, could probably be updated like how Nethergate was?
  2. Well, I am REALLY loving Avernum 2: Crystal Souls. It has all the good aspects that the original Avernum 2 has, plus the added bonus of improved gameplay and vastly improved graphics. I also enjoy how things like quickfire, salamanders making fire around them, etc. has made a return. And how some spells like the one to collapse walls and the one to sanctify altars also made a return. Two things bummed me though, though they are really minor things. Firstly, Hydra's being replaced by Hellhounds. Secondly, Chitrachs(I can never spell their name), now looking like scuttlers, even though in Avernum 5 and 6(unsure of 4, played it so long ago), they looked basically like they looked in the original 3 avernum games. But besides that, I am loving this game, and it is an excellent game!
  3. lordofdc

    Geneforge 4 editor?

    Anyone got a link to a working G4 editor download? Please and thankyou.
  4. lordofdc

    A-EftP - Where did the races go?

    ...Avernum 4-6 kinda does use this engine...though I do admit that some icons in avernum 4 could use spicing up.
  5. I am stuck on this quest. I have already found 5 of the triangles. The sixth is supposed to be at the undead past the hidden door in the Bahssikava tunnels area in a body, but I can't find it at alll. Any chance someone can help me?
  6. Well, even a few extra rounds might have been enough for the guards to swarm the throne room and kill you
  7. Superba, you mean similar to how you die in baldurs gate? Not just suddenly, but by being overwhelmed by Flaming Fists.
  8. Pylons in A1 doesnt make much sense...I feel like the pylons which was new things in A4 has suddenly been transported into the past.
  9. lordofdc

    Northern isles

    Probably a stupid question, but is there any way to get to the northern isles in avernum 6?
  10. lordofdc

    blight question

    So...isnt it possible that the Slitherikai can eat blighted mushrooms and thats why the horde isn't weakened like Avernum is? Interesting idea. Wizards making the anatomy is humans closer to lizards so they can digest the blighted mushrooms
  11. lordofdc

    blight question

    So lets say they get enough fruit trees to begin to grow to support sucha large population, I guess it would take about 10 to 20 years for them to actually begin to properly support the population? In a minor way that is.
  12. lordofdc

    Best future for Avernum

    So then what would be the best future for Avernum?
  13. I am currently replaying Avernum 6, but I want to know this time. What would be the best possible future or Avernum. Power shared by that Dragon, Avernum and Gladwell?
  14. lordofdc

    blight question

    I have a question. Would the wizards not have been able to produce another food source besides mushrooms, which was obvious to be unable to have been cured. For example those fruit trees. Perhaps have those trees be easier to grow? Or perhaps have them deliver more fruit and have those fruit be more sustainable? What about trying to adjust some other types of crops to grow in Avernum? Albeit in a worse state than on the surface of course, since it is caves. How about make a new breed of lizards which is far more docile, delivers more meat and is able to breed faster and survive on less food. Or somehow make the fish able to breed faster somehow. How about a type of moss or slime that is edible?