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  1. I prefer the G1 spawner because the G3 one looks like a pile of slime rather than a spawner.
  2. Well you should reread the walkthrough and check if there is something you missed. I had the same problem once so i know what this feel's like.
  3. I tried the cookbook but all it show's is a thing saying the minimum stuff you should have there. The thing i want to know is how you put in extra's. Thank's for the advice. Later I might just look at other people's senario's just as you suggested. More advice is welcome.
  4. I really am stumped when it comes to making scripts dose any one have like a guide to making scripts i don't find the documentation that comes with the editor easy to understand.
  5. Bomber

    A4 Problem

    Quote: Originally written by Dintiradan: Solution: Buy a PC. They never have problems. PC's get more viruses than mac's so i don't think i'll be too keen to get one.
  6. Bomber

    A4 Problem

    Thanks for the advice.
  7. Bomber

    A4 Problem

    And if that dose not work?
  8. Bomber

    A4 Problem

    Yes I have tried that. And the monitor resolution is: 832x634 My other resolution options: 640x480 800x600 1024x768(Won't work)
  9. Bomber

    A4 Problem

    When I open A4 It makes the theme song and noises but it dosent show anything on the screen. I own a mac OSX 10.4. Help.
  10. [Removed explicit location.] P.S: Yes i did find it by myself. Though rather unexpectedly. EDIT: This is where i found it for avernum so i'm not sure if it's the same for exile.
  11. Demon's would be interesting to play. I've always wondered what things would be like from a demon's point of view rather than "Look human's DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" As for goblins they are mainly to weak to become adventures. They would probably be killed by another tribe mate anyway.
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