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  1. Zaar

    E2-Storage areas.

    What are the 3 places where you can store your items without them dissapearing the next time you return?I have found the one in OLGAI.
  2. Zaar


    Ok two questions here-1,What IS his treasure?,and 2,Can you capture his soul in a crystal soul and if you can,what level does your spell caster have to be?Myne's level 10...
  3. Zaar

    Evil Altar

    Exile 2
  4. Zaar

    Waldby's Bazaar

    I bought around 200-300 Weak Skill Potions the first time.prit-e good eh?
  5. Zaar

    highest damage you've done?

    Melee:24 Magic:36 I know I suck...
  6. I have gone to the Supply cache and entered the password but everything I got turns to dust.But how come Waldby get's ecstatic when you tell him "skulls" and he becomes greedy.
  7. Zaar

    Waldby's Bazaar

    I have found two different sets of items to buy from Waldbys' and I wondered if you can get more sets and how you get the different sets.
  8. Zaar

    Evil Altar

    Uhh I think I know how to destroy the altar.Is it Ritual of Sanctification?Well I made it into the library but I don't know how to get past the barrier in the last part of the library:( Please tell me.