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  1. One tantalizing room with a box in A3 Bandit Lair- no way in??? Help, please.
  2. Thank you. Can open the box and/or pull the lever, but going to one of my action people covers the area and can't get to the box. The ground shows up, but placing something on the ground doesn't help, either, and the box doesn't show up as a place to put something, open or closed, lever pulled or not. I'm puzzled.
  3. Kelnar says pull with and put Item in open box to enchant it. OK, but how to place the item in the box?
  4. Thank you- my warrior was carrying a bar of uranium- just sold it- we'll see. Thanks all.
  5. My main character is getting a sudden acid "illness" when in town and I don't know how to stop or cure it.
  6. Almost to the end

    Thank you- in maps I, J, and L look alike to me and I was asleep at the switch. Found it.
  7. Almost to the end

    No wheels in final gauntlet Escape from the Pit; I'm on iPod version.What do I need to do?
  8. Hagfen

    I had no trouble as Romans and getting to the pelts (the only way to get key #5), but it's not working as Celts. Any suggestions?