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  1. I have not gotten my medal. I play on normal on a Mac. At the time I turned in my first & 2nd crystals (still need to do the one in Angierach), I had all the Cave Lore (11 points) the the little cheat info at the start of the All You Need To Know about Avernum Items etc. list. Some was created with the character, some was purchased, and some was from the normal usage of earned points. None was from items. So, Slartibus, I would conjecture that it's probably not a Cave Lore quirk. Both sets of characters I used tried Pyrog first. Once to the council first and once to the place the crystals were to be enshrined first. No medal. Perhaps we should count noses and see if it's a Mac versioin Quirk. Small, feathered & tired of an unlit medal square,
  2. Sigh. I've gotten to the Tigers Den. I strike the proper thing...the door opens, but no matter how I trot up to it, that door to the main bad guy closes before I can get in there. What am I missing? Frustratedly yours, Fuss and Feathers
  3. Slartibus, How many Arcane Lore points do I need if less than 17? Keet
  4. Sigh. I assume that this length of non response means noone knows the answers. Keet
  5. Ok. I have the use of the Blessing Pool as a reward. The cheat sheet says it makes weapons blessed. My characters have blessed weapons or a specialty weapon (Whacks Romans extra for example). The reward language specified it is for the weapon only, so I assume I can't dip my cloak in it & get something I would find more useful now. Does dipping the blessed weapon improve it? Does dipping a Specialty weapon improve it? If no to the two I think I'll get a non blessed weapon, dip & get some cash for other character improvements. Keet (When I remember the password for the other account, I'll use it.)
  6. Lilith? How much strength is enough, approximately? I am giving fighters strength & some endurance in the interest of survival, 1 dex & at least 1 IQ in the vain hope of improving their resistance to certain magic before I can buy them resistance. Keet
  7. I was wondering...given the higher level armor's tendency to have -5 & worse to hit. Did anyone who got all the Radiant and all the First Expedition Armors & Weaons ever figure out how far in the hole negative a player who wore all Radiant or All first expedition armor would be? It seems almost anything interesting or interestingly protective has a more negatives that prevent usefulness. Sigh. Curiously Keet
  8. Ok. I'm looking at Mages, Armor, and To Hit matters. One: Mages can bear one -5 piece of armor without problems for their spells. (No sword mage trait is assumed or is ignored for this purpose) Some weapons have a +5 to hit trait---longbows, broadswords (yes, I know about the broadsword 2nd hit bug which with a mage is not an issue to me for this purpose), possibly some other items I haven't taken notes on yet. If I have a +5 weapon in each of my weapon slots, I should be able to use a -10 piece of armor, theoretically. Is this more than theory? Also since there is spill over between Mage spells & -armor & + weapons, Is mage to hit as in to hit with the spells the mage casts also affected by the weapons or spells. As in a total to hit on mage spell based items (IQ + Mage Spell on the tree) increased by +5 to hit with spells by the carrying of & selection of a +5 weapon at the time one is trying to fry that nasty poison shooting bug in combat. Or not? Confused? So is Keet & information is welcome. Back to the cold pills in search of clarity, Keet
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