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  1. My fyosras are called "Fyoras", my drayks "Drayks", and so on... Also my shaper character is called Aidan, and the Infiltrator Ariadne. I'm so creative!!
  2. Sucia island seems to be quite larger than what I imagined...I think that it's obvious that G5 will be about western terrestia, but, that may change. After all I always thoght that A4 would be about the new surface Avernum, but instead we got what all of us know...
  3. Ow I assure you that you are the only one here that prefer the old 2d engine... Almost all of us think the same that you...fortunately that will change in A5, but we still don't know what to expect of this game...I think it will be great anyway...
  4. Yeah charged creations suck!!! I want terror vlish's back!!
  5. This thread is becoming boring after 11 pages maybe... let's just say that drakons are technically superior but their personality will lead them to doom.
  6. It's supossed that they can, otherwise they would not talk in Geneforge about their mates, they syrely need a mate for reproduction don't they?
  7. Why so many debate? After all only our god Jeff can know what is right for the geneforge world. Praise JEFF!!! The shapers are wrong, they want all the power, why then the rebels are "wrong" but avernum people is nice and just?
  8. Quote: Originally written by Sarasaphilia: Totally Shapers. They have it all. Money, power.... Yes, and they will fall soon...rebels gain more power everyday, (well it depends of which ending jeff choses to consider the right one for continuing the plot for g5)
  9. 1: Yhh nice I can't wait. 2: Yay it's really here!!!! I think i'll love it!! REally where did Jeff got that idea, it seems awesome, from Diablo maybe?? hehe. 3: Nice, I expect some arrows spells like in Avernum, and some area spells like in exile(and A4 ). 4: What? Ow a cool plot is always nice, But I don't want a two sided Avenum please!! 5: Nice, I still suggest to adopt completely the old Avernum system... 6: Ow nice, no more sea monster cheap excuses!! Also a great complement to the game. 7:Tne anama are back?? Oh well...More temples to raid!! Solberg is co
  10. Cryodrayk, it's not in there but I liove them. Personally I would really love chilling the blood in the veins of shapers, Drakons are just too stupid, and mad...Maybe I just wanna be a spiny crawler...
  11. I don't like using wingbolts that much, I prefer Fire creations instead, because wingbolts and most magic creations tend to run out of mana too soon...
  12. Ow I hadn't seen this fixed poll. I obviously choose the rebels, though the peace that can provide the shapers is quite good too I don't like people being so opressed. After all the shapers just started like a little sect, and now they think they rule everything in the world... But I must admit that I prefer the human side of the rebellion, even considering its low resources. I don' like drakons, but drayks could be great allies for humans...
  13. Hi I haven't posted in some days, I think in the rebels as the Barbarian invading the ancient rome, they were quite brutal, but isn't the world better now??
  14. Considering the single being they are obviously supperior to anything, except maybe to eyebeast in power. But they can be powerful but their race will never klast so long as the humasn, because their madness for power will consume them all some day... Also there is a lot of more humans out there. Considering that even the drayk race could be supperior.
  15. For the way that I imagine her: Litalia. Greta is missing but I don't know if she is that cute, the agent picture in G3 was quite ugly, same goes for miranda.
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