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  1. This is a follow-up to Zkal's post about bonuses to trained skills. To maximize your skill points, you should first bring your preferred skills to the maximum possible 10 using the points gained from levelling up. Then you should purchase the 2 additional points available from the trainers listed at the top of this thread, and only then should you go for the bonuses available from the special locations and encounters. To help you manage this, here is my list of those bonus encounters, in no particular order. 1) In Golddale, when you complete Ivanova's quest for the stolen transporter book, you get a bonus of +1 to Hardiness. 2) In the Monastery of Madness, just NW of the entrance, there is a book which will give you +1 to Gymnastics. 3) In the Fading Tower, there is a basin which grants you +1 to Dual Wielding. Since this tower disappears after you complete it, you may have to accept this bonus earlier than is ideal. 4) In Poulsbo, when you complete Daltrey's quest, you get +1 to Lethal Blow. 5) Near Calloc, if you kill the vampire for the giants, you get +1 to Lethal Blow. If instead you kill the giants for the vampire, you get +1 to First Aid. 6) In the Lair of Khoth, there is a book which gives +1 to Arcane Lore. (This applies only to your first character; all the other bonuses listed here are applied to all members of your party.) 7) Vlosto, in his home north of the Abandoned Hut, will give +1 to Bows in exchange for 5,000c. 8) The Drake Lord will also charge you 5,000c for +1 to Blademaster and +1 to Spellcraft. (As Zkal stated, it appears you can get this one at any time without it counting against your limit of 2 trained points.) 9) In the Great Wall, there is a crystal that will grant you +1 to Spellmaster. If I have missed any, please let me know.
  2. There are actually 2 'blessing boxes' in the Upper Golem Factory, the northern one listed by Murreh and another one immediately southwest of the central beam area, behind a Level 3 barrier. Both of them are mentioned in Randomizer's description. Each of these boxes can be used twice. Edited to add: there is also one in Wyvern Pass, behind a hidden switch and a L3 barrier, which can be used twice. (Again, listed by Randomizer but not included in Murreh's list.) And there is a second one in Sharamik, belonging to the Sage Spragins. He will let you use it after you deal with the troglodytes.
  3. If you complete the Materials for Dharmon quest, by making 7 deliveries to Rippel of the fine crafting materials she asked for (1 fine steel, 1 fine leather, and 1 focusing crystal each time), she rewards you with the Runed Greaves (4% armor, +2% chance to evade, +10% Energy Resistance), plus coins and XP. It's unlikely anyone on these boards would actually do this, since there are many better uses for these materials, but the greaves should probably still be on the list.
  4. I just want to commend you for this sentence: "I recognize that that there was a conflict between a negligent, distant empire, that views the subjects outside of its core with utter condescension, and only pays them any attention when it comes to matters of vassal disobedience and national security, whereupon they use their superior knowledge and resources to terrorize them... versus Haven." I see what you did there.
  5. There is some important information missing from this discussion, although it is available elsewhere in these forums. First: mikeprichard, above, mentions several actions that will grant you additional resource income, but his list is not complete. There is a more complete list of such actions near the end of the Index found in Strategy Central. I am copying that section here, because it is relevant, but I want to emphasize that I did not compile this information. Credit for that goes to nlambert. Additional resource income: Accepting Brackdon Cawr's deal in Chinde, or giving him Lady Brokk's message, will get you 1 more iron per report.Completing Lady Munro's quest gets you 1 more iron per report. See the "Issues Miranda presents you with" section.Giving the messages from Vitasa and Mirba to Cody in the Vol Gates will get you 1 more stone per report.Setting extra tribute as a condition of supporting the Mascha will get you 1 more stone per report.Siding with King Borgen will get you 3 more iron per report, plus 1 more wood and 2 iron if the Ukat is Favored.Siding with the Mascha will get you 2 wood and 1 of all other resources per report, and another if the Vol is Favored.Siding with the Watchers and declaring the Ahriel as Favored will get you 1 more wood and quicksilver per report.Siding with the Brokk Clan and declaring the Ukat as Favored will get you 1 more iron per report. If you choose the correct actions, you can eventually earn enough income to cover the maintenance of every possible building and upgrade. Second: it is important to bear in mind that you are only charged maintenance on buildings that have been placed. You can purchase a building and hold it in reserve, not placing it in your fort until later. Furthermore, you can remove a structure at any time. Click on the 'Place Building' button, click on the building you want to remove, and click the 'Remove' button. You will not be charged maintenance while the building is not in place, thus allowing you to accumulate more of any resources that have been in short supply. (There are a couple of limitations to this. The portal and the guard towers are automatically placed as soon as you purchase them, and so cannot be held in reserve or removed. Also, higher level weapons must be supported. For example, if a sword requires 7 blacksmiths before it becomes available for purchase, it also requires 7 blacksmiths in order for you to use it.)
  6. Carlos in Ft. Draco says that he knows useful things, but he will only share his secrets after he has 'heard tales of your exploits.' I thought this meant that he had something to teach, but he never does. Edit: Oops. I now realize that he does eventually tell you about the Scimitar, but the dialogue option only appears once, and then he never mentions it again.
  7. Do the three puzzles in the underground do anything for you (besides the 10 points each, which at that point in the game are meaningless)? I completed them, because they were there and because I found them kind of enjoyable, but is there any larger benefit?
  8. Like Grimm, I disagree that #3 makes the game unplayable. None of Spiderweb's earlier Avernum games had this feature, and they were popular and lots of fun. You are entitled to your opinion, but I think asking for a refund because you would prefer different gameplay mechanics is a bit much.
  9. For the latest, correct information about damage bonuses, see this post: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/25289-skill-tree-damage-bonuses-setting-the-record-straight/
  10. Since I am one of the people who (quite unintentionally) contributed to the confusion, I want to thank you for making the correct information available to everyone on the forums.
  11. Curiouser and curiouser. My original party, which was started while I was running V1.0.1, shows the damage bonus as +4 in the training window (although the actual difference, as seen on the equipment screen, is +3, as you noted). My newer party, started after I had upgraded to V1.0.2, correctly shows it as +3. To add to the fun, the training window on page 9 of the instruction manual shows it as +2. Apparently, this is something that has been repeatedly tweaked between versions.
  12. Jeff informs me that after removing a barracks, the damage bonus from that building persists until the end of the current two-day resource gathering period. I have not had a chance to observe this myself. Sorry to burrow so deep into the minutiae; I know this is the exact opposite of how he wants this game to be experienced.
  13. A couple of other minor details regarding the damage bonuses: for my fully levelled-up party, the base damage bonuses were +4 for physical, and +3 for magical, damage. This was what I expected, based on the fact that I had built 7 barracks. However, when I removed a barracks building, the bonus remained. To explore this further, I checked with a lower level party. When I built my first barracks, all my party members gained 1 point physical damage. When I built the second barracks, nothing changed on the character screen. When I built the third barracks, my characters now had +2 physical and +1 magical damage bonuses. I'm not sure why the delay before the magical bonus appeared, but that's minor. Once again, the bonuses remained if I removed the buildings. I don't know if this is significant enough to be considered a bug, but I will report it.
  14. The symbols are the same as those used in the 'Buy' and 'Place Shop' windows. You quickly learn to recognize them. The one for the carpenter looks like an axe (as opposed to the symbol for the barracks, which looks like a poleaxe).
  15. I appreciate your explaining this. I didn't anticipate that the two damage bonuses would be handled differently, since the descriptive language is the same. I thought I had checked the physical damage bonus for comparison, but now that I go back and take another look, I was obviously mistaken. I notice that in the discussion of skills and damage over at Strategy Central, they still refer to it as a +2 bonus, so some of the details must have changed in the latest version of the game. I am always impressed by, and appreciative of, the Spiderweb forums, populated as they are by helpful, well-spoken people. Thanks for your assistance.
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