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  1. Carlos in Ft. Draco says that he knows useful things, but he will only share his secrets after he has 'heard tales of your exploits.' I thought this meant that he had something to teach, but he never does. Edit: Oops. I now realize that he does eventually tell you about the Scimitar, but the dialogue option only appears once, and then he never mentions it again.
  2. Do the three puzzles in the underground do anything for you (besides the 10 points each, which at that point in the game are meaningless)? I completed them, because they were there and because I found them kind of enjoyable, but is there any larger benefit?
  3. Like Grimm, I disagree that #3 makes the game unplayable. None of Spiderweb's earlier Avernum games had this feature, and they were popular and lots of fun. You are entitled to your opinion, but I think asking for a refund because you would prefer different gameplay mechanics is a bit much.
  4. For the latest, correct information about damage bonuses, see this post: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/25289-skill-tree-damage-bonuses-setting-the-record-straight/
  5. Since I am one of the people who (quite unintentionally) contributed to the confusion, I want to thank you for making the correct information available to everyone on the forums.
  6. Curiouser and curiouser. My original party, which was started while I was running V1.0.1, shows the damage bonus as +4 in the training window (although the actual difference, as seen on the equipment screen, is +3, as you noted). My newer party, started after I had upgraded to V1.0.2, correctly shows it as +3. To add to the fun, the training window on page 9 of the instruction manual shows it as +2. Apparently, this is something that has been repeatedly tweaked between versions.
  7. Jeff informs me that after removing a barracks, the damage bonus from that building persists until the end of the current two-day resource gathering period. I have not had a chance to observe this myself. Sorry to burrow so deep into the minutiae; I know this is the exact opposite of how he wants this game to be experienced.
  8. A couple of other minor details regarding the damage bonuses: for my fully levelled-up party, the base damage bonuses were +4 for physical, and +3 for magical, damage. This was what I expected, based on the fact that I had built 7 barracks. However, when I removed a barracks building, the bonus remained. To explore this further, I checked with a lower level party. When I built my first barracks, all my party members gained 1 point physical damage. When I built the second barracks, nothing changed on the character screen. When I built the third barracks, my characters now had +2 physical and +1 magical damage bonuses. I'm not sure why the delay before the magical bonus appeared, but that's minor. Once again, the bonuses remained if I removed the buildings. I don't know if this is significant enough to be considered a bug, but I will report it.
  9. The symbols are the same as those used in the 'Buy' and 'Place Shop' windows. You quickly learn to recognize them. The one for the carpenter looks like an axe (as opposed to the symbol for the barracks, which looks like a poleaxe).
  10. I appreciate your explaining this. I didn't anticipate that the two damage bonuses would be handled differently, since the descriptive language is the same. I thought I had checked the physical damage bonus for comparison, but now that I go back and take another look, I was obviously mistaken. I notice that in the discussion of skills and damage over at Strategy Central, they still refer to it as a +2 bonus, so some of the details must have changed in the latest version of the game. I am always impressed by, and appreciative of, the Spiderweb forums, populated as they are by helpful, well-spoken people. Thanks for your assistance.
  11. As I was upgrading my gear in preparation for the endgame, I noticed that the stats for my spellcaster do not show the +4 bonus to magical damage that he should get from having level 4 Magic skills. His base level is 3 (the same as the other members of my party), and he gets an additional +12 from items and runes, so I think the total bonus should be +19, but the character screen only shows +15. The physical damage bonuses appear correct for all my party members, so I don't think I am misunderstanding the math. Is anyone else experiencing this? I thought I should check before I send it to Jeff.
  12. I understand that I have to do everything in one trip. Fortunately, I always save before entering a 'dungeon,' so I will come back and do the entire thing later. Again, thank you.
  13. Thank you. I will do some more adventuring and come back later.
  14. I am playing the game for a second time, to experience the results of making different choices, and I have tun into an odd situation. I have killed the Nagas in the first 3 buildings in Murkhala, but when I enter the final building, in the NW corner of the map I cannot trigger the encounter. I get a message that I don't have sufficient will power to see through the illusions, and if I leave the building and re-enter, the spacious hall has been replaced by a small shack and the good loot is gone. This didn't happen the first time through, and I'm not sure what it is that my party is lacking. Does anyone know what the game is looking for?
  15. Live and learn. If you bring up the text console (by typing the letter 'c'), text will appear describing what is happening in the game, including the date each time it changes.
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