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  1. Willpower

    Found them, good to know. Thanks!
  2. Willpower

    Hi all, I'm working on a check to determine which character has the highest willpower in the party. The manual calls this skill a 'secondary' skill derived from the primary skills. From memory, this skill becomes available when certain other skills are at a high tough level, which brings me to my question: (1) what primary skill does willpower depend on, and (2) at what level can I expect this skill to be in a level 35-40 party? I don't want the check to be impossible to pass, but I also don't want every single party to make it through. Thanks, Thralni
  3. Willpower

    Hey all, Thanks for the useful information! Once again I'm in your debt. Ishad: I'm guessing that's the BoA manual, not the Editor manual? Kel: Thanks for the calculations, those are very useful, and a good guideline! Ess: Thanks for the second opinion and validation! Seems like it agrees well with Kel's comments. It seems a willpower of 20 should be good for my purposes.
  4. I hadn't even gotten to check out Illustrator and Photoshop yet, but the fact that APFS breaks them too is disastrous... I'm going to revert back to 10.12 for now. Can't quite wrpa my head around my stupidity - after all, APFS was THE main improvement touted by Apple in this release, and I forgot all about it. Fortunately I have my Time machine backups or I'd be royally screwed at this point.
  5. I just updated to Mac OS High Sierra, and now every time I try to save my .bas files in the 3D editor (I think I have the newest version of it), I instead get an "error 73" and the program unloads my scenario. It doesn't crash entirely, and I can reload the scenario, but of course without any changes actually saved. So, it might has well just have crashed entirely... Anybody seen this? Anybody any idea what to do? Effectively I can't work on my scenarios anymore now... I'd rather not have to revert back to Mac OS Sierra, the hassle of wiping the disk and putting back a backup is something I'd rather not go through again Edit: Tested all of the versions back to 1.1.1, they all give this error... edit2: it just occurred to me that perhaps what broke the editor is the new file system Apple introduced in this version of the OS, since the error the editor it giving is one of saving the scenario. Anyway, for now I found a workaround in using the windows editor.
  6. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Thanks for quoting that readme Nikki! I'd been wondering for a while what my role was in EP, as I could hardly remember having pitched in anything, and having seen the episodes, it struck me how " Nikki-esque" EP is. But the readme clarifies it all Though really, it's probably more appropriate to call this a 1.25 developer thing...
  7. I reckon this is another easy question to which I once again failed to find the answer in the Docs, but I've been beating my head against the wall for probably two hours now. I went with the assumption that maximum number that can be stored in a SDF would be around 32000, same as the max number that can be used in any script. Yet, I find myself wanting to the store the maximum HP of a creature (1021) in a SDF, and for whatever reason it keeps returning 253 instead. And when I fiddle around with it, it keeps giving different numbers from the actual HP of the creature. So confused. What's going on here? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. One of your 'crazier moments'? You do all this wizardry with scripted combat, and using two SDFs to store a number was something you did in one of your 'crazier moments'?
  9. Hi kelandon and Ess-Eschas, thanks once again for your help. This definitely makes sense, as 253 would be 1021 - (3 * 256). Thanks Ess for putting this in context, it helps me understand why things are the way they are. Though it doesn't make me any less annoyed This will be a huge pain, as I'll have to recode some bits scattered all over the scenario... Splitting the number up might work. I have one particular example where that would probably be a viable alternative. Sort of. I would take the number and divide by 100, then store in SDF, and won't allow numbers over 25500 to begin with. Cumbersome, but whatever, I'll spin some story... Though for my specific purpose outlined here (character max health) I was wondering if I could do it as follows, as it might requires less SDFs: health = 1021 // in the actual script I'd just use get_health(ME), but just to stick with he example started in my OP. set_flag(x1,y1,health/256) // stores the number of full 256 blocks required to restore the number. I'm assuming BoA rounds down, based on prior experience. set_flag(x2,y2,health%256) // stores the remainder Recapitulating the number I could then do as follows: health = 256 * get-flag(x1,y1) + get_flag(x2,y2) That said, I haven't tested it yet. Just thinking out loud now... Really though, the best way to go about this is probably to just avoid using large numbers like these...
  10. Groups

    Hey all, Another question. I recently rediscovered the idea of groups. I'd never used them before, because I'd never really need them, I guess, but now I find myself looking for shortcuts, and certain function that may only be reliable if using groups. My question is whether groups can only be created from a script, or whether I can assign creatures to a group also within the editor? It doesn't seem to be the case, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks!
  11. Groups

    my_number(), hm! Good to know. I might follow your example there. Thanks!
  12. Groups

    That's good news, and thank you for the suggestion you mentioned. It definitely sounds more simple than what i'm trying to do, but since it's already there I'll just leave it unless I find it doesn't work as well as I hoped. With regards to creatures only being 'dead' after the scripts stops running, the code that checks the group size is in the town's start state, so I'm assuming that when combat ends, or at a new turn, the code will be executed. Right...? By your words, I presume you can, in fact, use erase_char(ME) inside a script (also outside the DEAD_STATE). But perhaps you have to follow it with end(); in order to stop running the script?
  13. Groups

    A related question to an older topic. I have been fiddling around with groups, hoping to devise a way to quickly check for certain creatures having died so as to display a message upon the death of a group of enemies. And so I used the number of creatures in a group, and when this reaches 0, the message is triggered. And then it struck me that, when creature dies, I'm not even sure that this "deletes" a creature from a group at all... Anybody have any idea? Is it required that i specifically delete them upon death? And can I do this from within the DEAD state in the creature script (is it even possible to use erase_char(ME)?)? Many questions. I hope somebody can help me figure this out. Thanks in advance!
  14. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Man, I never played Canopy to the end, and now I'm kind of glad I didn't. Honestly, this doesn't seem like it would have been the planned ending. It seems as though TM got tired of it and just wrapped it up then and there...
  15. Hello all, I come to you with another rather simple question, but to which I can't seem to find the answer. Is there a limit to the amount of dialog nodes you can have in a dialog script? And if so, what is that limit? Thanks, Thralni
  16. Hm, I hadn't considered that. I'll see if I can use it to my advantage somewhere, somehow. Though I think it should be fine. I realized I left open a bunch of nodes along the script, just in case I need to go back to another character and add something. I could always use those (though having to renumber all the nodes will be a tremendous pain)
  17. Man I read over that chapter at least ten time and I still missed it. Thanks for pointing it out! I have this one town where I'm at dialog node 186, so I'm starting to push it. There also a traveling companion that reserves nodes 190-199... Oh well. I'll make it work. Thanks for reminders too, Dinti!
  18. Groups

    Thanks for the prompt response, Kel!
  19. Hey all, I've been a little confused about the passage of time in BoA. Ina thread in the forum, Ephesos posted the following schedule for the passage of time: 0 - Dawn 250 - Full Light 3750 - Dusk 4000 - Night 4250 - Twilight 4750 - Daybreak But, then the manual says: There are 5000 ticks in a day. The first eighth and last eighth of every 5000 tick period are nighttime. ...which suggested that ticks 625 through 4375 are day, the rest is night, which is different form what Ephesos posted And further: short get_current_tick() - Gets the number of ticks (i.e. turns/combat rounds) that have elapsed since the scenario began. This will be a number from 0 to 29999, and wraps around to 0 when past 29999. So here's my question: how does all this really work, and how can I reliably check for whether it's day or night? I'm attempting for a mission to only start if it's night, but if the amount of ticks can go beyond 5000, and it's unclear when the night starts and ends, I'm a little stuck. Any suggestion would be much appreciated!
  20. About checking the current tick

    Hey all, thanks for the replies! So, "%" is what I needed... I knew from the start there was a simple, one-symbol way of doing this, but I've forgotten so much of my BoA scripting days (and some of the maths involved) that I couldn't for the life of me remember. Nikki, that code looks awesome! I'll repurpose it a little bit for use in my scenario, but otherwise it's perfect. Kelandon, I might just re-test this, as you suggest, to make sure, though it looks like if Nik's code works fine we should have the answer Thanks again all! One more question. I've implemented the code, but was wondering about something. the call "tick_difference" allows to find the difference between two time points, and the manual specifies that there is an order in which you have to supply the call the two time points, namely the earliest first, and then the later one. Does that mean that, if you give, say, tick_difference(3000,1000), it will return 4000? In other words, is it going to wrap around the day? I can test this myself of course, but given my lack of time currently, if anybody has an off-hand answer, that'd be much appreciated!
  21. I feel your pain I felt much the same when going through WtRM, after seeing Chessrook's vids. Some parts are not just silly, they are outright dumb. I guess this should make you feel good, no? Means you matured That's, at least, how I chose to deal with the swamp that is WtRM... But then I also decided to give it a huge overhaul which is in full swing now. I'll release some more info when doing so becomes relevant. And, perhaps, you wish to do the same to yours?
  22. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    All you would really need is time, to be fair. Don't worry, I do not plan to ask you coding questions or the like. Rather, I'd approach you with questions about how you felt about the design of such and such, what was the highlight here, what was your main frustration there... So it'd be really geared towards your experience as a player, rather than the role of a beta tester. And I'll download the version in the database and give it a spin. It appears it has errors in it that the Mac version doesn't have so I need to figure out why that's happening. Kelandon: your comment on the unhandled exceptions is extremely useful, thanks! At least I can have a starting point to figure out why Chessrook bumped into that in WtRM. ALso, sent you a PM.
  23. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Wow, none of those bugs were ever reported to me. I have not tested the Windows version personally, since when I made this scenario I didn't have access to a Windows computer, so all I can say is that they do not appear in the Mac version, to my knowledge. All in all, for a while I've had a feeling that you are somehow playing an outdated version... Would you be willing to zip up the version you have and send it over? I'd like to compare it with the Mac version I have. Anyhway, the vids form a nice log for me to go in and fix things, so thanks for that. I have embarked on an overhaul of the scenario that will see things fixed, plot points expanded, and hopefully it will be less 'railroady' afterwards. So far I have completely redesigned Voughton (It didn't really look like a capital city, now it does. Much more so) and have tinkered with dialog in several places. I will further change the ending, enhance the visual design, add more direction in key places and at key times, and enhance the exposition of the history of the province. Some new characters and missions will also be included to deepen the narrative and give more perspective. I'm not sure when you will be returning to finish it up, but I might be able to bring out the updated version before then. In that event, it might be worthwhile playing it from the start, given the modifications I'm putting in (sadly you won't be able to use your old save games with the new version). Two things: 1) Would you be interested in participating in the overhaul in an advisory role, or no? If yes, I might call upon you here and there to check something out, or for brief consultation regarding dialog or text. 2) More generally, in the future, as you come across bugs, it may be worth noting them ASAP to the designer. Meaning, not when you post the video, but in real time, so to speak. As Kelandon mentioned sometime earlier, we can't help if you don't tell us in time, especially if you work of a backlog of vids. It's not just in your interest, but also in that of the designer, I believe, whose work you are broadcasting. I'm not sure how many designers are still active for comment and help, but it may be worth a shot
  24. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Yeah... I indeed didn't imagine somebody would throw out something that would be needed for a special ability. I guess it's a lesson for me: place mortar and pestle in multiple locations. Also, it was interesting to see that normally you look immediately at everything that is given to you, except for the moment that you needed it the most, i.e. the note in the third power source. I assume you used the character editor or something like that to give yourself the mortar and pestle...?
  25. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    I have to put one comment out there, because you seem to be repeatedly stung by this in multiple scenarios: if there is a carpet, or stone path or something like that, that stands out from the rest of the floor (purple carpet vs. white marble floor, or stone path vs. drab red/brown floor etc) 99% change that the tiles that stand out will lead you to a door. It's a pretty common design, not just in BoA scenarios, but games in general, that provide a visual cue for the player on where they can or cannot go. Of course it doesn't always work like that, but most of the time it does. I realize this comment is to late for your trek through those power plants, but maybe it'll be useful at some other point in the future.