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  1. Quote: Originally written by Arancaytar: I can make it either way (1900 or 2100). Eph and Thralni, it seems that you're currently making the boundary for the window - Eph said this coming Saturday is tricky (I assume that's why you want it late on Saturday), while Thralni is asleep by 2100. EST is GMT-5, right? than 9pm is 3 am in Holland, which means I'm asleep. I'll only be able to participate if it were between 2 and 4 pm (for starting time). But please, don't start changing times because the time isn't right for me. As I said, i've got a lot of work, an orchestra rehearsal on saturday and a concert on sundayevening - I won't be able to participate, whatever the time is... EDIT: 2 and 4pm EST.
  2. 9pm... I will be asleep then, but never mind that. I probably wouldn't have been participating anyway, since this weekend is far too busy for me and I have heap and heaps of work, staring it me from the bookshelves.
  3. It has been mentioned aleady, but the Blades Forge was exactly the place where a new rating site could be established. He once upon a time even had a "reviews" button and I remember a long discussion, here at SW, about how to implement the rating system. So yes, Aran most defintely wants it to exist, but I think he said there were some problems...
  4. Thanks for mentioning it. I thought I had entered it for WtRM, but apparently not... Which reminds me that whenever I try to download Muffins n' Hell, I get a "Page not found" error.
  5. *cough* I declare that The Nephil Search: Escape will have a 5% chance of being ready to enter the contest. That is all.
  6. Quote: Originally written by The Almighty Doer of Stuff: The problem was it wouldn't accept any file types. Now it accepts .zip and .tar.gz for Windows and Mac, as well as .sit, .sitx, .tgz, and .dmg for Mac. Good. Thanks Aran!
  7. Quote: Originally written by Celtic Minstrel: No, it does not need to be a SIT file for Macs. Stuffit can open ZIP files too, and MacOSX 10.4 and up (at the very least) comes with an application that can handle ZIP, GZ, and TAR. I'm not sure if that's all it handles. (Earlier versions probably have the command line utitlities to handle these?) Arancaytar: Why don't you just put all the files at a path that doesn't include your name? Either I didn't understand exactly what you meant, or you didn't understand what I meant. What I meant, was that The Blades Forge requires you to have a sit file for Macs and a zip file for Windows. I didn't mean that Macs can't handle zip files. I'm oly guessing about the Blades Forge requiering a sit file, though. I don't know if Aran changed that yet.
  8. Finally, I hope that means he can get on with other games now.
  9. Iffy, did you say you did both the versions, mac and Windows as a zip? Correct me if I'm wrong, Aran, but didn't the Mac version have to be a sit-file?
  10. I sent it to you some time ago, didn't you receive it yet?
  11. From what I understand from your post, you tried to download the Mac version to your Windows PC, you tiedt to extract the scenario there, but now no computer can read the cmg file? You do know you can't convert graphics to cmg format on a Windows PC, do you? That's only possible on a Mac. Also, when you extract the cmg file to a Windows PC and then copy it over to your Mac, the Mac won't be able to reda it because the Windows PC corrupted the file. But you'll have to explain to me: why can't you download scenarios and extract them after you downgraded Stuffit? It's all in .sit format, and even the oldest version of Stuffit can handle that. And I'll send you the file, but I need your email adres. EDIT: never mind, found your adres. Sending it now.
  12. I remember having to change something in the .bas file and having to meddle with one or two scripts. That was SV's version, by the way.
  13. Quote: Originally written by Niemand: Thralni, the preview function deliberately shows the adjustment for the entire sheet, this is for previewing things like creatures, for which it would use way to much memory to generate all of the adjusts but it's often important to see the effect on all of the icons at once. Besides; it's pretty pointless to just copy a simply adjusted graphic into your cmg permanently when the game can do the adjust for you. Believe me, I'm working on sounds. The trouble is that the ancient style sounds Jeff uses are very hard to work with; indeed I haven't been able to find a way to load or save them in a modern program. True, true. Thanks for reminding me that BoA can do it for me. I had already forgotten about that... I'm glad to hear you are working on the sounds. The way I got them working in BoA is by using three programs to do a very specific task in a chain of several steps. You might find it worthwhile to contact the maker of the program "SndSampler", since that program's all about making snd formatted sounds and putting them in resource files.
  14. Quote: Originally written by Celtic Minstrel: Quote: Originally written by Niemand: It'll take me some time to reproduce the features the older version has, particularly since I want to seriously rethink the user interface. This is probably not a bad thing. The current interface is... rather odd, at best. In fact I quite like it. The only problem I usually had, was that I didn't really understand how the actual graphic adjusting worked. You click one icon instead of the whole sheet, while the actual adjustment appears to be for the whole sheet. Then you have to copy-paste it into your sheet again, and this struck me as odd: wouldn't it have been easier to simply add a "paste into cmg file" button? One thing I do want GA to have: a way to paste custom sounds into it. You have no idea how that would ease the addition of custom sounds in scenarios. It's true windows users can't have the custom sounds, but I don't think that should stop us (you?) from implementing it. At least the Mac users can have them then.
  15. Quote: Originally written by Tyranicus: While we're bugging Niemand for stuff, I think I'll ask for a Leopard-compatible Graphic Adjuster again. Weren't you on the way of understanding the problems GA had in 10.5, Niemand? I remember you speaking to Jeff about some differences in how 10.5 handles graphics...
  16. Quote: Originally written by Enraged Slith: Quote: You asked that the poor man already at least five times, you know that? I honestly don't remember, but I think it's creepy that you've kept a record of this. I didn't. It was a random number generated on the basis of my recollection of you guys asking about this every single time Niemand brings out a new version. Yes, I understand you all that you want the port (As a Mac user I'm confronted with that question almost every single time I see a Windows program on the shelf of computer store), but the guy just doesn't seem to have the time. If you want it that badly, why not help Niemand and make a Windows port?
  17. Quote: Originally written by Enraged Slith: Any chance for a port to Windows? You asked that the poor man already at least five times, you know that?
  18. Sorry all, I was busy with stuff and didn't have time left for BoA, but here goes: Dahak: For as far as I know, it happens randomly, but I'll check. Minstrel: I don't think that'll work, but I can try. Salmon: Nope.
  19. The only way to prevent the player from using magic, is by taking all his priest and mage skills from him, which, I think, can be done very easily. If I'm not mistaken there are calls for exactly this: you just set both skills to 0. An alternative would be to deliver a prefab party with the scenario.
  20. Thralni


    Quote: Originally written by Azuma: Clearly..there must be some scenario that beats Valley of Dying Things as a beginner's scenario..it's so hard to find it at some of the BoA Scenario archives..since the list doesn't show the recommended level..@_@ Oh please, just go to Jewels' site. That's in my opinion the best archives for BoA and BoE scenarios, and I wish it'd get more credit... http://www.geocities.com/tracihedlund/index.html
  21. Quote: Originally written by Excalibur: I have to refrain, as I let Thralni down the last time I tested something. Oh, cheer up. Past experiences should not be the basis for future beta testings. If you really want to, just apply. The designer will pick you if he thinks you are trustworthy. And for as far as I remember it, you did manage to help me quite well, but you got problems with internet and such... things that were hardly your fault.
  22. In WtRM, there is this place where the outdoor terrain altered. The actual altering of placing stones and changing floors is quite all right, but there also happens something that shouldn't be happening: for some reason, the terrain "shoots up", making these large towers of earth. the freakish thing is, is that there is no set_height call anywhere in the script. The script: Code: //Outdoor Script for x = 2 y = 1beginoutdoorscript;variables;int a,choice;body;beginstate INIT_STATE;break;beginstate START_STATE;if (get_flag(16,0) == 9) { set_terrain(14,25,138); // All terrain modifications set_terrain(15,25,137); set_terrain(17,25,137); set_terrain(18,25,138); set_terrain(43,26,137); set_terrain(15,26,138); set_terrain(16,26,137); set_terrain(17,26,137); set_terrain(18,26,138); set_terrain(14,20,138); set_terrain(15,20,138); set_terrain(19,19,137); set_terrain(19,16,138); set_terrain(19,15,138); set_terrain(18,15,137); set_terrain(13,16,137); set_terrain(13,17,138); set_terrain(14,17,137); set_terrain(15,16,137); set_terrain(10,29,137); set_terrain(13,29,138); set_terrain(18,28,138); set_terrain(21,28,138); set_terrain(19,29,138); set_terrain(20,30,138); set_terrain(23,30,137); set_terrain(19,31,137); set_terrain(18,32,138); set_terrain(17,33,137); set_terrain(19,33,137); set_terrain(23,32,138); set_terrain(23,34,138); set_terrain(16,33,137); set_terrain(13,33,138); set_terrain(15,36,138); set_terrain(18,37,137); set_terrain(19,37,137); set_terrain(7,29,137); set_terrain(5,29,137); set_terrain(4,24,138); set_terrain(4,23,138); set_terrain(4,21,137); set_terrain(4,17,138); set_terrain(4,25,138); set_terrain(6,29,137); set_floor(15,16,89); // All floor modifications set_floor(14,16,89); set_floor(16,18,44); set_floor(14,25,73); set_floor(15,25,89); set_floor(16,25,89); set_floor(17,25,89); set_floor(18,25,74); set_floor(14,26,72); set_floor(15,26,89); set_floor(16,26,72); set_floor(17,26,74); set_floor(18,26,72); set_floor(10,29,1); set_floor(13,29,3); set_floor(19,28,73); set_floor(21,29,73); set_floor(23,30,1); set_floor(20,30,3); set_floor(12,31,73); set_floor(17,31,73); set_floor(14,32,73); set_floor(19,33,1); set_floor(21,33,73); set_floor(16,35,73); set_floor(18,36,73); set_floor(19,37,1); set_floor(21,37,73); set_floor(23,37,73); set_floor(22,39,73); set_floor(7,29,1); set_floor(5,29,3); set_floor(4,24,3); set_floor(4,23,1); set_floor(4,22,1); set_floor(4,17,1); set_floor(4,25,3); set_floor(5,29,1); }break;beginstate 10;if (get_flag(121,0) == 1) { set_flag(18,0,0); }break;beginstate 11; reset_dialog(); add_dialog_str(0,"",0); add_dialog_str(1,"",0); add_dialog_choice(0,"Not yet."); add_dialog_choice(1,"I'd like to leave now."); choice = run_dialog(1); if (get_flag(5,12) == 0) { if (choice == 1) { message_dialog("That is good news for Riverrod. Many people will thank you for this stay.",""); block_entry(1); } if (choice == 2) { message_dialog("",""); end_scenario(0); } } if (get_flag(5,12) == 1) { if (choice == 1) { message_dialog("",""); block_entry(1); } if (choice == 2) { message_dialog("",""); message_dialog("",""); message_dialog("THE END",""); end_scenario(1); } }break;beginstate 12;if (get_flag(121,0) == 1) { set_flag(18,0,1); }break;beginstate 13;if (get_flag(26,1) == 0) { block_entry(1); end(); } if (get_flag(121,1) == 1) end(); message_dialog("",""); set_flag(121,1,1);break;beginstate 14; message_dialog("","");break; And a screenshot of how it looks like is here: http://thralni.ermarian.net/Afbeelding2.png
  23. Thralni


    Are you playing as a god party? Exodus ahs some errors and bugs that only seem to appear with god parties.
  24. If I understand it correctly, than 4pm EST is 9pm GMT? (GMT-5:00 = EST?) If that's the case, I'll be able to join. That means that it's 10:00 pm in Holland, and therefor I'll be able to join. I assume the chatroom is 'blades"? *is happy*
  25. Thralni

    Avernum 5 ?

    I never heard of a PC running Mac OS X, but I guess it should work fine in Mac OSX, doesn't matter what the OS is running on.
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