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  1. Sure, they're already hostile. After learning that they are sentient I just wish I had a way to sneak around them all to reach the queen. (I've finished the area now, talked to the queen, and gave her what she wanted. Now I can help the happy spiders)
  2. so, I'm wandering around in the thorny maze thinking that I might be able to find the old spider widow to help the spiders back east... killing arianas right and left. then I find the runes with the story of the arianas and the spell and now feel like my characters are committing genocide. I just thought they were mindless beasts before. blah. I'm not even sure this is the place where the spider widow lives. (haven't finished it yet) but if it isn't I'd be happier taking my party out of there to let the creatures live in peace.
  3. furvyn

    The Chosen Ending - Geneforge 5

    If Trakovites ever gain power, a more extreme faction would end up hunting down and repressing any magic or shaping. Intrinsically magical beings might have lower class status or worse. I wonder if for a while there would be magic suppressing artifact creation for Trakovites attempting to defeat magic users. Otherwise, I'm not sure how they'd be able to gain the upper hand against a concentrated force of magic users. I would think they would suspect any use of magic or magic artifacts and might not want to resort to it. Perhaps some mental based discipline would emerge, though those cults never seem to turn out well in the game.
  4. furvyn

    Tiger doc crash

    I have not tried BoA on 10.3, but I did have the same problem with G3 on 10.3. So, the problem is probably caused by some sort of interaction with my system and the game. I've got unsanity haxies, DragThing, Quicksilver, Path Finder, and so on installed on my system. Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. furvyn

    Tiger doc crash

    I have the latest patchlevel. The dock still crashes. I was mistaken about G3. I reran it to make sure it didn't crash the dock, but it still does. This bug does not prevent me from playing the game or using other apps, but it certainly isn't cosmetic.
  6. furvyn

    Tiger doc crash

    I just started playing Blades of Avernum. I had a problem with G3 with the doc crashing in OS X Tiger, and after I upgraded to the latest patch the problem went away. Blades of Avernum seems to have the same problem, so I wonder if the same fix will be going into it and when? Thanks!
  7. When I start the game, I get a message that the dock has crashed. Is this a known problem? The game is still playable, but when I exist I have to logout and back in if the dock didn't get relaunched.