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  1. rivka

    Who still plays this game?

    Me! I do!
  2. rivka

    Screwed up -help me!

    Whups! thanks.
  3. So I thought I had talked to the Chitrach hunter in Anama when I stole the scrolls. I hadn't. Now I can't open the tunnel to the mindwarp chitrach. Any ideas on how to get around this? Even a cheat?
  4. It looks like there's a secret area to the west - but i can't figure out how to get in. Any ideas?
  5. rivka

    cathedral of winds

    Sorry, i figures it out - wrong machine!
  6. rivka

    cathedral of winds

    Yup, shades of gray. But no, there's no error message. Just 'the machinery is unresponsive' in the dialog box at the bottom.
  7. rivka

    cathedral of winds

    so, I swapped out the control crystal and nothing happened. Now what?
  8. rivka

    Exodus sequel?

    Awww. I really don't get why Exodus would be panned. My second fave (right after bahssikava!) Oh,well. If Kelandon's still about, maybe he could post spoilers for what the sequel would have been?
  9. rivka

    Exodus sequel?

    I don't want to seem greedy, but is there a sequel for the Bahs/exodus duology? I REALLY wanna find out about those vahanatai pillars!
  10. I got taught inferno and filth, but I can't figure out how to cast them. Are they mage spells? Priest spells? What letter?
  11. rivka

    End Sequence

    Thanks. I guess I assumed he did. This is gonna be boring....
  12. rivka

    End Sequence

    As I walked to the north wall, I got told it rolled off to the east. I went to the wall, and walked east, and when that didn't work, I walked along the east edge of the platform. Still nothing. Edit: I have now walked over every frickin' square of that platform. What gives?
  13. If you're strong enough in the circle, 'sever seal' works for the celts.