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  1. Originally Posted By: Kelandon I've had to consult the walkthrough in a couple of instances to get what the heck is going on in an area or two, and I gather that one can repair Moseh but kill the other two and play a little bit of both sides. This sounds highly tempting, since I'm going to need as much power as I can get with this particular build. To be clear: you can help Moseh, Shaftoe, and Eliza for Shaper rewards and experience. Then report to the Rebel Safehouse that you could not prevent Moseh's restoration. The Rebels will tell you to kill Eliza and Shaftoe anyway. Kill them, get more rewards and experience, and take their stuff.
  2. 1) You'll need a lot of healing, and potions alone won't cover it. First Aid is inefficient. 2) You will be very vulnerable to mental spells and spellcasters in general. Training in Intelligence will help with this problem, but too much will hurt. 3) Bows will help you take out spellcasters before they can blow you up. Give everyone skills in bows. 4) Boost AP through traits and items. Also, hoard the potions which provide huge bonuses to AP (I think it's "Divine Warrior", it provides about 8 extra AP).
  3. I stopped paying attention while I was clearing out a dungeon, and then a few seconds later I suddenly found that I had been saving every step. I put a stop to that. Now I save when I do something significant or suspect I'll have to reload.
  4. Originally Posted By: Kelandon I may as well just boost the shaping skills as high as they need to be to make top-tier creations I made it through on Torment as a Shaper (although using canisters and taking rewards from both sides) to the middle of the second map before I trained in Shaping skills. You may find that you don't need to train at all as a Guardian.
  5. Originally Posted By: Iffy I want to avoid all combat possible. That is the point to this challenge. How to I keep from fighting Monarch? Hmm. That's a good question. I finished about a month ago, but if I remember correctly you have to face him in combat. However, you don't have to actually deal any damage. Steal one of Monarch's magic sticks. As his creations approach you, they will be converted to your side. Then let his own creations attack him.
  6. Originally Posted By: Nioca No, they do not. Well, they're textually described as glowing, but they aren't graphically putting off a glow. Either that, or your PC is expecting. I've seen the same thing (or seen that there is nothing to be seen?). The PC never glows due to canister use. Nalyd, you might be thinking of the PC glowing in Geneforge 4 in dimly lit areas.
  7. The Ritual of Sanctification is in the city's northwest corner. However, it's only accessible from outside the city gates. Enter onto the west side, then head north. Search for a secret passage where the city wall meets the cave wall.
  8. WildTangent is probably allowed to sell Spiderweb Software games, but as you said, they aren't a trustworthy company anyway. Better to go straight to the source.
  9. Leave the level with the smashed crystal. Pop back into the dungeon with the moving walls. Then re-enter the crystal chamber. There should only be one doomguard. Haste and move into the castle.
  10. Strength determines all attack damage for all characters except the player's main character.
  11. Few people will draw a bespoke graphic for you without an indication that there's a good chance that the scenario will actually be released. They expect most scenarios to end up unreleased, and so don't want to waste their time without a good chance that their work will not be wasted. You might get a better response if you provide a beta version of your scenario, or guarantee that you will finish the scenario within a day or two.
  12. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel Originally Posted By: Ishad Nha Pity Jeff is busy with Geneforge 5, BoA really needs a rewrite. It doesn't need a rewrite. A few tweaks here and there, but not a rewrite. Releasing it as open source would be ideal. Didn't he say he might do that eventually? That's what people said about BoE. The game's tweakable re-release hasn't exactly brought up a storm. Why would BoA do better?
  13. Originally Posted By: Cetovan If that fails, then it's likely a corruption in the .bas file of the scenario, not an error on the editor's part. Have you added more towns recently, or have you changed the outdoor size? To add on to this, I think this problem may also happen when a graphics file is wonky. Maybe you've set a monster to use a nonexistent graphic, or a monster's graphic is undefined?
  14. If you really want to find out, get one of those golden goblets. But you probably won't like the surprise anyway.
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