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  1. ahh true, whatever though the scenario won't be ready for quite a while and yeah
  2. yeah, i should really think about what im talking about and re-read what i said before i hit 'post' instead of making me look very retarded my bad
  3. I just played A4 for about fifteen minutes and yeah, i don't consider that actually playing it
  4. I might just go with Celtic Minstrel's suggestion for now, thank you good sir
  5. Well, I would have the Mighty Warrior trait along with a negative trait just to equal it out, but that's just me i guess
  6. I don't really see why he would update Avernum 1-3 to the A6 engine though, the main reason I never wanted to play Avernum 4-5 or any of the Geneforge game was because I was so used to Avernum original engine and it just wasn't the same, isn't there anyone else out there sort of like that?
  7. Well alright then, I have like OCD or something and it just makes me uncomfortable when I don't have everything ready before the beta stage and yeah
  8. i still could use one of those high quality graphics, just saying
  9. what if he upgraded both Exile & Avernum 1-3 into the Avernum 6 engine? EDIT: as soon as i hit 'post' i realized how retarded i just sounded
  10. But if you equip the Warrior's Bracelet and have the Mighty Warrior trait, the effect would double EDIT: by doubling i meant it would be +30% chance to hit and +4 damage
  11. yeah, cause i have vista but it doesnt convert the image unless i put the link into the address bar mcjagger
  12. yeah basically I need a Ak'chazar graphic and what that is is a thinner white-headed Rakshasa and yeah if you need any more idea of what i want just ask basically this is how i want it: A White headed Rakshasa with dark-red eyes A black or deep purple cloak that looks all forboding and what not sort of a dark energy aura around his hands and in the death sequence it is vital that he dies from a neck wound so it basically look like a sword chopping his head off...sort of like when you kill a senarti cheiftain off of 'where the rivers meet'
  13. ah-hah-hah....ah-hah-hah-hah-hah! (that's enough of that) I've figured it out! I was on a frustated rampage and I was going all over my BoA C drive folder trying to find anything that could help and after about an hour a found nothing and i was about to explode in rage but then i opened up the data folder and looked in this sub-tab thingy and i noticed a little thing titled compatability files and in there was my scenario folder! and i was all like zOMG!!!!111!!one!! but i knew i shouldnt get ahead of myself until i test it out and i moved my scenario folder into the data folder and made a small hut in a blank city, saved, and error 11 never popped up and then i got laid and thats the end of that hopefully, thanks again for all your help guys
  14. it even works on Vista, you don't even have to have the compatability setting set
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