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  1. Regardless of pronunciation, this is a pretty good talk. If you are interested in either plumbing the depths of Jeff's psyche, or starting your own business (his talk applies to ALL start-ups), you should listen to this. It's less than 1 hour. You can afford it. ps, get an accountant.
  2. You neglected to rank the fifth item in this list.
  3. Ninjas Pirates Robots Bartenders This list
  4. Alternatively, 1st quarter 2018 for Mac and Windows.
  5. If you wanted to limit the use of magic or items or whatever. Constricted gameplay, basically.
  6. Is it possible for a scenario to come bundled with an interface skin? This would give the designer some additional tools in governing play, assuming that keystrokes could be disabled.
  7. I was going to put up a long post with multi quotes and different responses and be all organized and stuff, but then I remembered it was the internet, and nobody really reads anyway. So I'll put in my two cents. 1- Gender labels and questions. We really don't need them if we're trying to be honest. It only really matters to the person with whom you wish to co-habitat, and maybe not even then. The only question I can think of which would be most inclusive would be "Are you comfortable and aware of your gender?" Maybe if you wanted to get crazy, make it two questions. All the other stuff is micro-managey. 2- Slarty works his ass off to make these polls. No idea why, unless he likes the practice (or the mild abuse). If you have criticisms or suggestions, despite the time-honored tradition of ignoring one's own advice, send him a private message. So, thanks Slarty for sticking with the community even though it doesn't always give you the praises which you deserve. 4- We do need more spontaneous user content. I miss the line art.
  8. Consider this my response. Now, if Drakefire and TM show up I'll be impressed.
  9. This could even be something as mundane as leaky memory. Ie, a hardware issue.
  10. I was speaking more from the role playing stance. I'm a hunter, not a gatherer. I'm walking around finding enemies and killing them, using whatever is available. Does it really seem in-character to pause after the fight to gather up everything so I can bring it back to various traders for an exchange into gold, or to save those extra potions that'll never be used in battle because I put them in some save-location? Hell no. Make potions have an expiration date. Make wands have a breakage chance for every step you take. This idea that you need to save up a bunch of crap throughout a game instance is crazy. Cleaning? Nope, you are depriving every other resident of the underworld a chance to get some battlefield loot after the real warriors have moved on to the next fight. Let them worry about setting up house.
  11. Jeff should not be encouraging hoarding.
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