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    TV shows you've seen

    Sometimes I forget how awesome you are . There's no way I could list all the shows I've watched, but we share a lot of the same. I'll nod Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The Wire, Game of Thrones, The Genius, and Attack on Titan. Excellent Television. I also really love It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Shameless, but it's not for everyone. However, I get the feeling that you like more lighter shows, so I'd recommend Avatar, Scrubs, The b*tch in Apt. 23B, Seasons 1-4 of How I met your mother, and Pushing Daisies.
  2. Marlenny

    Return of the Abominable Photo Thread

    Yeah I noticed . On the plus side, free shipping! And I'm doing pretty well, thanks. Just really tired and busy.
  3. Marlenny

    Return of the Abominable Photo Thread

    You look too adorable with glasses. Also Lillith, you look absolutely gorgeous and I must know where you bought the pants on the last picture of the OP. And because... why not? I wanted to post a photo of me with my "red" hair that only looks red under the sunlight, but I'm too lazy to upload it.
  4. Marlenny

    Because it has been far too long...

    Thanks, Diki. I've missed you too =)
  5. Marlenny

    Split off: Respecting and learning

    Now I shall forever imagine Kelandon as keeping an organised computer file of everything he ever posts/says so that he's able to quote himself later on . Also, I sincerely and deeply hate the ability to "like" other people's posts.
  6. Marlenny

    Because it has been far too long...

    Pointless surveys galore! To celebrate the return of GoT... which Game of Thrones Character are you? http://www.zimbio.com/quiz/hpbWxCCmzMR/Game+Thrones+Character I got.... And because everyone with a sense of taste should be watching this show.... Which Shameless character are you? http://www.buddytv.c...?quiz=500000099 I got...
  7. Marlenny

    How about a book club?

    Count me in.
  8. Marlenny

    What Are You Watching Recently?

    I currently watch: The Big Bang Theory Boardwalk Empire Breaking Bad Community Dexter Game of Thrones How I Met Your Mother Misfits Once upon a time South Park The Walking Dead Plus re-runs of The Wire and The West Wing whenever I'm in the mood. I'm seriously considering dropping The Big Bang Theory, Dexter, and The Walking Dead though. All three just refuse to go anywhere story-wise within a decent time frame. Well to be fair, things do go somewhere with Dexter, but it just resets at the end of each season which is even worse. You should give Breaking Bad a try, Thad. It's seriously awesome.
  9. Marlenny

    Computer recommendations?

    What about the bit where HP computers completely blow? The only good thing I got out of owning an HP laptop for a year was that it made me hate PCs so much that I bought my Macbook.
  10. Marlenny

    Didn't get notified about Avadon release

    Originally Posted By: VCH I didn't get it either. And Spidweb is on my safe email list. This.
  11. I've made my pledge! And I promise to donate more money if you get real close in exchange for the $1,000 pledge prize Also, I know most of us are poor but please don't be cheap.
  12. Marlenny

    Hot Dogs

    Nathan's Hot Dogs. Hands down. The ones they sell in the supermarket are nothing compared to the ones in Coney Island, but for supermarket hot dogs they aren't too bad.
  13. Marlenny


    .... wow. Just wow.
  14. Marlenny


    I believe it has to do with the browsers. For me, it works fine when using Firefox, but it has the weird yellow grid when with Safari. Regardless, me likes my new avatar
  15. Marlenny


    Originally Posted By: Thaluikhain Also, the "technical" name for caviar is "sea kitten babies". Meh, this is so utterly unoriginal. South Park's "little tortured baby cow" is much much better.