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  1. Quote: Originally written by Delicious Vlish: Terror Vlish were never a piece of junk... Until G3. They no longer cast Terror. They do a lot of poison damage, but no Terror. Well, in GF2 at least, they cost 3x as much as Vlish and, for the short while I bothered to use them, were not more effective. There's a definition for piece of junk...
  2. Added to which, Magic shaping can ultimately provide (along with some containers) you with the near-invincible Eyebeasts. Assuming GF3 is the same as GF2 in this respect, attacking all creatures within sight with a respectable amount of damage as well as - more importantly! - double stun is the single most powerful attack of any creation in the game. I prefer drayks to glaahks, but the drakons are simply too weak. Which is a great pity in the RP sense, unless their ability to shape was supposed to be their only value.
  3. Yes, after being cursed, the number of monsters summoned by Call Beast by a druid of mine dropped to 1 - which is below what it was in the very start... INT 6 helped that, but still... However, It doesn't look as if I could fix it without registering, and there was someone who suggested I'd not do that yet since there was an update coming. Could anyone tell me any more on this?
  4. Quote: Originally written by Shadow47: Fine, what i can know about spiderweb because im not from there?? Think before you type, TBYT... I believe Thuryl said Jeff publicly stated he did not wish to be stereotypical and include elves. Now for anyone familiar with LotR, that would mean orcs as well, by extension... So that's how you can know. Quote: Originally written by Shadow47: Allright heres few ideas... Race:Orc Orcs are good with strength and endurance.... Mages and priests are more defensive than offensive... dislike orcs because there was once battles orcs. Sword:Angelic sword ... It has holiness on its blade and gets 10+ damage against demons and undead. Shield:Tower shield... Character class:Necromancer Necromancer has powers to call undead from graves and can cast undead like magic like an bone shield that protects from ranged... Make this kinds of ideas,single one or multiple... The Necromancer I think unlikely since in Avernum the PCs apparently tend to only have one path, and that valorous and noble. It would take a lot of work to accommodate a Necromancer PC in an Avernum game... Anyway, to me, this sort of thing reeks of Diablo II and all its hapless descendants; cutting-edge graphics, dazzling SFX, dynamic camera control and astounding zoom, and a non-existent story. The reason for playing Spiderweb games is that this has not yet happened to them, and fortunately cannot until their method of sale. They wouldn't have the sorry excuse of good looks to conceal the utter pointlessness of games built on that basis, so... Hope that puts it in perspective, pal. Be seeing you.
  5. Well, you said that just barely on time... thanks.
  6. I have been cursed by three ugly old women. This is supposed to make everyone feel rather uncomfortable around me. When I try to talk to an NPC who actually has something to say, such as Cormac the Druid - who should be the least likely to be ruffled by it - the NPC can't keep from being distracted from the ominous curse marks on my arms... If, however, I address one of the common townsfolk, they will happily make small talk with me for a while, even though I'll learn nothing of note. There... you always knew the poor were also the kind, and apparently braver than anyone else in the village except for Carridwen and the chief. That's how you live with it! Goodnight.
  7. Equip Armour: Failed. Young Celtic warriors didn't wear body armour. I'm assuming I remain young throughout the game? And that being the case, is there any point at all to keeping the best chain mail I find? Can I recruit Romans in Vanarium? Are they any good? I haven't been to Vanarium yet, you see - I have not yet been able to bring myself to dare the long darkness of the path of the Ritual of... Nethergate was there before OS X, and it remains the most expensive Spiderweb game. The different atmosphere is probably worth it, though. (This is a reference to part 3 of Jeff's The View From Below or whatever the name was.) Cormac the Druid, the "ancient" wise woman in the creepy corner of Nethergate, the three crones and their dungeon, Pearlblossom. Even the hermits, ffs... There is nothing more valorous than challenging the mainstream! Reassurances, -SoW
  8. Why, thank you! P.S. Why is Group Heal getting so little votes? It is the best healing craft spell without a shadow of doubt.
  9. Quote: Originally written by Archmagi Micael: Quote: Originally written by ShadeOfWar: Alas, you are right. Well, I never liked Barzahl, even when we both became Gods among Gods among Gods among the blasted lands and the piled dead. Simple. Don't become a God, and don't go near him. You don't have to do that until quite late into the game. - Archmagi Micael P.S. Anyone who is not a Loyalist needs to be "Cleansed" *hehehehe* I don't get it. I didn't say I wanted to know how to avoid becoming ze Curse God. Alas, there was a little typo: "I never like Barzahl" was supposed to be "I never liked Barzahl". Otherwise, it wasn't a question
  10. Now this is a very experimental poll. It might also be astoundingly stupid. Please let me know if that is the case. In all seriousness. (Haha, ha) There might also be one or two flaws with the spell list. Yaaaawwwwwnnnnn I am flat tired...
  11. Alas, you are right. Well, I never like Barzahl, even when we both became Gods among Gods among Gods among the blasted lands and the piled dead.
  12. Quote: Originally written by Waylander: Quote: It leads to a set of rooms full of pretty decent gear, plus a set of six canisters that sit in pairs behind a series of thorn barriers. Correction: It's SEVEN canisters. You also get a canister of 'Create Drayk', which is in Barzhal's room. Alas, you can simply murder Barzahl, take his key and claim the canister as your own! - I think.
  13. How about adding some possibility of doing the creation experimenting yourself? I mean, you get to "bombard some creations with energy" and then you might get all sorts of retarded creatures but could also get something new and powerful. So there would also be certain abilities that certain types of energy would give. So you could get Pyroroamers that daze nearby enemies, maybe a creation that casts some kind of spells, and all sorts of stuff, for example all the twisted creations you meet from time to time. Static Thahds and Unstable Drakons are cool And then you should record the way you did the experiment in case of a success, so you could be able to make more of them later.
  14. Oh yes, sorry, I didn't think of those canisters at the moment. Yup, they are indeed quite powerful. The point of joining the Awakened or Loyalists: LOYALISTS Led by a weak Shaper overcome by his conscience. But they are the Purest of the factions: the Awakened's research leader is a crazy and glowing Tuldaric. That's all the good, in terms of morality, there seems to be to them, unless all you desperately crave is an old man to be forgiven. I joined them at the start, but fortunately the Barzites were still eager to accept me. I think the point here is that you can more easierly shift between alleged factions: the 2 Shaper factions (B, L) or the two Servile (T,A) AWAKENED They are righteous, of course. Their claims are the most morally satisfying, and they aren't violent, power-crazed or mad. The downside here is Tuldaric the Madman... The creations they can offer are really rather pathetic, but you can actually get tier 3 creations from numerous other places even if you have already joined the Awakened. If you have enough leadership, you could learn from Fenen at the Radiant College, and you could also go to the Loyalist Encampment. Prices would be high though. And alas, you could shift from Awakened to Takers to satisfy your ever-growing hunger for power... (that is one of the things I like the game for. you really start to feel like, "Ahhhhh! UNLIMITEEED POWWEEEERRRR.....!" like the Emperor in Star Wars 3
  15. Quote: Originally written by Student of Trinity: The Barzites have most to offer, because just like the Takers they offer all spells and creations, but in addition they give six excellent canisters that cannot be obtained in any way without joining Barzahl. Alas, these canisters can be obtained w/o joining the Barzites... you can either: a) Give canister materials to the canister maker, for 20 mined crystals and a puresteel ring you can get 1 canister or use 11 or 12 living tools per locked door
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