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  1. With all of my party members having levels in the late 40s and early 50s, I'm having trouble finding reasons to continue playing, aside from finishing the story itself. Fights are trivially easy even on torment difficulty, and my characters gain virtually no experience, leaving me with little motivation to keep pushing forward. I imagine nothing will be done about it at this point, I just felt compelled to share this disappointment.
  2. When is the magical efficiency bug getting fixed? That's pretty huge.
  3. I was able to modify my Spellcraft using Cheat Engine, but I didn't have any luck with the other skill values I tried changing. Odd.
  4. Surprised I never noticed that. I tested the patch and it doesn't fix magical efficiency.
  5. The game is great, but the tedious manner in which buffs are handled needs to change. Having to save constantly and reload every time I get into a battle so I can buff gets old VERY fast. I understand that the mana costs are part of the game's balance, but couldn't you at the very least allow us to set up a set of buffs that automatically get cast when a battle ensues?
  6. Is this supposed to be a high level quest or is it just unintentionally impossible on Torment difficulty? I've completed just about everything in the demo and I still get completely obliterated by these constructs.
  7. I've got Empire Dervish, Power Crystal, Haakai, and of course, Dark Wyrm as my simulacrum summons. I did not cheat to get any of them, unless you consider reloading a few times while fighting them cheating, which I'm sure some people might. Dark Wyrms are godly. Try them some time. You can get them early on in the giant cave, if I recall correctly.
  8. Just curious about this, because most of the games seem to use the exact same engine and simply convey a different story. I want a multiplayer game, dammit!
  9. Is it just me or is Simulacrum a flat out game-breaking spell? I mean, all you have to do to win ANY fight in the game with little to no effort is to sit back with your mage and summon Dark Wyrms, Power Crystals, or whatever other godlike creatures you happen to soul capture. Dark Wyrms are just crazy...they have HUNDREDS of hp, brutal multi-hitting melee attacks, and an insanely damaging ranged attack. Why make it possible to capture such ridiculously strong creatures? I'm only on day 50, yet I can completely descimate entire cities with my party of three and my incredible simulacrum summons, not to mention how easily I can win any other battles I come across. I feel that this spell needs some tweaking.
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