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  1. Yes because we definitely need to have an even harder time telling which version is the most up to date and actually has the most bugs fixed. (Not that my opion counts for much, since I hardly contribute anything to BoE, but I personally detest git, and have been repeatedly annoyed by open source projects which I use moving to github and then metastasizing.)
  2. Modifying Custom Abilities: I'm not aware of anyone using this trick, and while the documentation doesn't imply that it is impossible it also doesn't go out of its way to say that it is allowed: Calling init_special_abil more than once with the same ability index appears to redefine the ability in a perfectly sensible way. Also, init_special_abil can be used at any time (not just in the scenario script's LOAD_SCEN_STATE), so one can dynamically alter custom abilities. An obvious use for this would be a case in which a scenario wants to have more than four defined abilities (as long as no more
  3. All of the texts I can recall reading in highschool, including a few short stories: 9th grade: When the Legends Die, Night, Tom Sawyer, Romeo and Juliet 10th grade: Catcher in the Rye, Lord of the Flies, a collection of greek myths, Antigone, The Call of the Wild, Macbeth 11th grade: Oedipus Rex, One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Great Gatsby, The Scarlet Letter, The House of Bernarda Alba, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Death in Venice, The Fall of the House of Usher 12th grade: Hamlet, Midnight's Children, Heart of Darkness, Midaq Alley, Notes of a Native Son O
  4. That may mean that your screen can't support any higher resolution (like because it physically doesn't have any more pixels). The system requirements for Avernum 6 explicitly say that it requires "1024x768 screen resolution with 32 bit color", so you may just not be able to play it without getting a newer monitor. The good news is that the newer monitor you need can still be a pretty old one; there are a lot of CRTs at least that good that people don't want and frequently give away.
  5. Quote: I guess the easiest way would be to make a branch on the svn... except it's not at all based on the existing code, so it'd have to be an empty branch, which means it's not really a branch... but anyway, if anyone knows how to do such a thing, do let me know. You can put anything you want into a branch; it doesn't have to be intended to merge into trunk. Or you could just `svn mkdir` a totally new directory.
  6. I recently read the first two books (Dauntless and Fearless) of Jack Campbell's The Lost Fleet series and found them worthwhile. Here are some more book-reportish ramblings: Click to reveal.. The main character, Captain Geary is an officer of the Alliance who is effectively promoted to admiral of the main Alliance fleet in first few pages of the first book. This arises because virtual all of more senior personnel in the fleet are massacred in a trap disguised as negotiations by the other side, the Syndicate Worlds (the 'Syndics'). Geary ends up in charge because he has recen
  7. Originally Posted By: VCH You know, I don't think I've ever written a book report, in school or otherwise. hmmm Odd. When I was in elementary school I had to write them frequently, up to once a month in fourth and fifth grade. They were really just summaries to show that you had read a book and could describe it comprehensibly, so it was really pretty easy. When I was in fourth grade the rules governing book reports required that the book be at least one hundred pages in length, and, somewhat bizarrely, each additional hundred pages counted as another book and book report. This meant tha
  8. A couple of weeks ago I read Endless Blue by Wen Spencer. My feelings about the book were somewhat mixed, as there were some elements I didn't care for and others which I had the nagging feeling could have been explored further. I really felt like writing up a report on the book, which follows. Click to reveal.. (Book Report) The book is set in the context of an interstellar war between the human race and an alien race which seems to attack without any discernible purpose besides causing destruction. An important detail is that the humans have genetically engineered a subspe
  9. On the other hand it is really difficult for private citizens to get hold of modern, heavy weapons. For example, if I remember correctly it's flat-out illegal for any war plane made after something like 1970 to be privately owned[^1][^2], and while it's possible to do a lot of fighting with weapons like machine guns and rocket launchers it would be very hard to win against warplanes and warships. This is roughly what's been going on recently in Libya, where the rebels have many weapons, but are struggling against the government's heavy wepaons, even after the best of those have been removed.
  10. You're on Linux, I assume (since otherwise you wouldn't be using Wine)? I think that OProfile might be what you're looking for, or perhaps CodeAnalyst. If the problem also exists on Windows, though, it might be easier to solve it there (for someone who has Windows).
  11. Quote: I guess to me it seems like better practice to separate all your functions into files containing similar functions and constants and such. Have one source file for your sounds, one for handling the party data, and so on. This is basically what is already done, it's just that how one defines the categories is often subjective, and there may just be a lot of code for a given subunit of the program. Quote: Is there a practical consideration? Does the compiler get bogged down with too many files? Will the resulting executable be giganticker than need be? Am I just completely missing s
  12. Quote: Okay, but would it be possible to have it be able to decode mp3's or ogg's or something for longer sounds (like background music)? It's easy to handle a good variety of sounds by just hooking into the media library provided with the OS, assuming one is on Mac OS or Windows. Quote: Yeah...I think it's just my relative inexperience with C++, as well as the fact that it's quite poorly commented and uses pointers and [censored]. Like, what is the freaking point of a pointer. You know, the vast majority of the BoE code (pretty much anything not written by Celtic Minstrel) is very pl
  13. Considering the complaints that it's too hard to write scripts for BoA, telling people designers that they have all the power and complexity of C/C++ with which to shoot themselves in the feet is an excellent idea. (Bonus points for having arbitrary numbers of different versions of the game running around, whose subtle differences may not be well documented at all, and which may not have been properly neutered to prevent them from loading scenarios intended for other versions!)
  14. But Goethe's version of Faust is two books!
  15. Quote: From what I've gathered, confused/charmed party members are treated as "friendly" to enemies by the call char_attitude_to_char() Yes, this seems to be the case in my experience; these statuses effectively change a creature's attitude. Quote: What this means is that anything written after do_attack() is ignored. This makes it difficult to do things like check whether or not a party member was hit by an attack. This is not true, as far as I know. The way (I think) it works is this: The game decides that it is creature X's turn. So, creature X's script will be run repeatedly, each
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