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  1. A perfect place to show this awesome coincidence, a screenie I took a couple weeks ago. It also goes perfectly with my postcount. Been waiting for years for this number. Lookie Here EDIT: Hey, I already posted that. Forgot. Whatever.
  2. It's still interesting though. I've been reading or rereading all the Iain M. Banks books. Great fun, so far especially Player of Games and Matter. If anyone here has read Against a Dark Background, did you find the ending disappointing?
  3. Originally Posted By: The Mystic [*]A pair of glasses that are made from one-way mirrors and give a bonus to Rune Reading OK, so what are those for exactly? ^^
  4. So he's our new guy with wierd powers.
  5. Eddings is great fun Though The Belgariad was his best work, closely followed by the Malloreon. Afterwards, they get slightly less fun, though. I think you should go on and read Polgara and Belgarath. Great fun, but a little less than Garion's adventures. Though I think I may be slightly biased; I literally grew up on Eddings (first read PAwn of Prophecy when I was 4 or 5! and reread both series regularly). I was disappointed Eddings' death wasn't more widely known - i only found out in early August. TIME didn't even have an obituary for him, a fact which actually has put me off tha
  6. How could A6 be a copy of E3? That would imply it being a copy also of A3, thus that A4, A5 and A6 are copies of A1, A2 and A3 respectively. How long have you been living in a cave to think that? Or else it could have been a typo ^^.
  7. Just finished L'Élégance du Herisson by Muriel Barbery and Tuf Voyaging by George R.R. Martin (Does he really have two middle names or did he just copy Tolkien?) The latter was a quite amusing collection of short stories, all describing the adventures of Haviland Tuf, perfectly normal stellar merchant with a rigid sense of righteousness and logic and an adoration for cats. That it, until after a lucky encounter with some mercenaries, he becomes the sole owner of the Ark, a thirty meter relic of ancient technology long forgotten, which contains an enormous cell bank of many species of animal
  8. Probably is But since when has that stopped people trying But seeing I have ten days half term, I needn't worry about any of this until the 5th! Happy!
  9. Lol, I feel dumb, but I have only the faintest idea of what a proxy is, let alone how to use one on XP. Is this one?
  10. Blizzard do write the game originally in a basic code then refine it for each platform. I think they write the Mac ver first, though I don't know where I heard that and probably am just imagining it. However, some people tell me that they first make one platform version, then make a direct port, then modify the code of the port to knock out all the bugs. I have another technical question, one of prime importance! I just discovered my school has a nice room full of XP computers upon which you can do whatever you want, including bringing your own games on USB and having LAN parties. But, th
  11. Welcome to Spiderweb! Please deposit your sanity with the fluffy turtles ! (do we still do this? - traditions may have changed during my absence) I like those rhymes Apart from the fact that's a song I quite like in the original, I personally find your description of avernum is perfectly accurate. I like the six legged dogs bit.
  12. I find it it pretty obvious what happens to him ^^ You don't exactly get up and go running about after what happened.
  13. Yes, you definitely can run 10.5 on that system. I had 10.5 running on my old 400mhz iMac, and it seemed OK. Though I did start noticing a difference when I got my new mac. I have two other computer questions, and here seems to be a good place to ask them. First, is it worth upgrading to Snow Leopard from Leopard? I've been told there are no noticeable improvements, but some compatibility problems. Also, who knows of a good video converter (mp4 and wmv to avi, particularly) for Mac? And last, what's the best option for playing Windows games on Leopard? Crossover vs Paral
  14. Just noticed a diabolic coincidence in my iTunes library. We still use a quite old Canon camera, not digital in the least. The photo quality is better than any digital pics I've ever seen on a less than 50( *** ****** *** ***where is the pound sign on this keyboard) (oh there it is, yet when I press it i get a €) ( copy - paste)£ camera.
  15. Some of them don't live their lives after the events. I was about ten pages from the end and I still couldn't guess what the ending would be. I don't think I've ever been so surprised about a book I reread the last chapter immediately just to be sure.
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