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  1. Old MikeS

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    This is a replica of the first Wizardry game. Stairs, like in the original went to L8, second elevator, once you got into it, went to L9. Usually the stairs and elevator levels were separated. Last level was entered through a one-way chute from level 9. I used my old pencil and paper maps to setup each level, so positions of stairs/elevators/other specials match the original game (except spinners, which couldn't think of a good way to replicate for the top-down engine of BoA). Interestingly, I've scanned a couple of your plays and didn't remember it being that difficult.
  2. Old MikeS

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Proving Grounds was designed to play with any level of party. It was my second effort, so the balancing is iffy, but was finished with a level 1 party and was harder (my opinion) with a level 30 party. Generates monsters on the fly after each level is cleared.
  3. Old MikeS

    Changing NPC attitude

    From a quick look at some of the older scenarios, it looks like 'A Perfect Forest' uses several creature scripts with 'get_sdf' calls in the START_STATE. At least both 'necrophil.txt' and 'pspirit.txt' use flags within the start state. They might be good references to setup what is being attempted.
  4. Old MikeS

    Alint: the Script-checking program

    That is the c runtime DLL provided with VS 2012. You can download it from multiple locations or get it from the MS site. I get this when running the new alint with *.txt: D:\Games\Spiderweb\Blades of Avernum\Blades of Avernum Scenarios\The Cave of No Return>\alint -w *.txt Couldn't open file '*.txt': Unknown error But it works fine against just a single file: D:\Games\Spiderweb\Blades of Avernum\Blades of Avernum Scenarios\The Cave of No Return>\alint -w t8undercave.txt Checking file 't8undercave.txt': Warning line 283: Result ignored Warning line 359: Result ignored
  5. Old MikeS


    No glitch with second one, it only shows up at night. From the woodsman dialog: Code: "The woodsman continues _You'll need to get to it at night when it's back in its cave._"
  6. Old MikeS

    Ruby Nose

    Something must've happened to the zip posted. The ruby nose is only worth 5000 with unlimited charges. If it appears to be everywhere, I can get a new zip posted with the right data txt file.
  7. Old MikeS

    Two New Scenarios

    One I finished a year ago that somehow slipped my mind: RubyNose The other was just completed: Bovill Let me know if you have problems downloading.
  8. Old MikeS

    Mystery Manor : wondering what to do

    The basement entrance is Click to reveal.. behind a secret door in the south wall of the corridor leading away from the entrance hall. You should've gotten a message about a breeze from the south. There is essentially no combat, once you have the right things found, so your party should be fine.
  9. Old MikeS

    Delays, delays...

    Compatibility mode allows a program (in later versions of Windows) to pretend they are running in an earlier version of Window. It emulates some of the earlier environment that allows some older programs to run in new Windows versions. Basically, it's a setting in the short-cut properties. Right-click on the icon, select properties, then select the 'compatibility' tab. If you're running Windows 7 or Vista, you'll want to check the top box, and select 'Windows XP (SP 3)' from the drop-down list (that's what I have set to run BOA and the editor under Windows 7). If you're running XP, you may have other problems than compatibility, though you can try setting that to 'Windows 95'. Make sure you're not installed in Program Files if using Windows 7 (or Vista). I typically install all games (especially the older ones) in a 'Games' folder. Hope this helped some.
  10. Old MikeS

    Scripting help

    Not sure if it will do anything different, but have you tried moving the inc_flag line before the begin_talk_mode line? All of the examples I have of beginning talk in the creature start state have the begin_talk_mode call as the last call made. Similar to the following (if check wraps the move/fidget code also). Code: beginstate START_STATE; // if I have a target for some reason, go attack it if (target_ok()) { if (dist_to_char(get_target()) <= 16) set_state(3); else set_target(ME, -1); } // Look for a target, attack it if visible if (select_target(ME, 8, 0)) { do_attack(); set_state(3); } // Have I been hit? Strike back! if (who_hit_me() >= 0) { set_target(ME, who_hit_me()); do_attack(); set_state(3); } if (get_flag(2, 1) > 0) { // Otherwise, just peacefully move around. Go back to start, if I'm too far // from where I started. if ((my_dist_from_start() >= 6) || ((my_dist_from_start() > 0) && (get_memory_cell(0) > 0))) { if (get_ran(1, 1, 100) < 40) return_to_start(ME, 1); } else if (get_memory_cell(0) == 0) { fidget(ME, 25); } } else { begin_talk_mode(get_memory_cell(3)); } // if we're in combat and the above didn't give me anything to do, just // stop now. Otherwise, game will keep running script, and that eats up CPU time. if (am_i_doing_action() == FALSE) end_combat_turn();break;
  11. Old MikeS

    Avadon 2 Wishlist

    Actually, with wiz5, you could import from any of the first three - the M)ove character option. You didn't get to keep anything equipment-wise or money, and reset back to level 1, but could get a Lord or Ninja at the start which you couldn't get otherwise.
  12. Old MikeS

    Aid Shavon quest

    Wondered about that since there were a bunch of lizards right at the trapdoor. I was able to complete it, I got his trophy since he didn't make it back, but the hunt was done. I'll have to try the 'clear the area' before taking the quest next time. Thanks.
  13. Old MikeS

    Aid Shavon quest

    Sorry about bringing back an old topic, playing Windows v1.0, still have a bug with this quest. First, can fight the basilisks multiple times. I believe it's because in z11dhorlawdlg.txt: Missing an additional '(' after 'gf(11,21) == 0 &&' in the line: condition = gf(11,21) == 0 && ((char_ok(19)) && (dist_to_nav_point(19,0) <= 4)) || ((gf(11,26) > 0) && (gf(11,20) == 1) && (char_ok(19) == FALSE)));. Notepad++ shows an unbalanced parenthesis with the final ')'. Second, Shavon disappeared. I did not get the message about him looking in the trapdoor after I beat the lizards at the top. But I did see him running away once I got to the bottom, but haven't seen him since. Wasn't waiting at the gong. I assume I can still complete the task, but haven't gone back yet.
  14. Old MikeS

    Terrain question

    Would the 'BLOCK_MOVE_STATE' work for what you need (like in door scripts)?
  15. Old MikeS

    BoA BUGS v6.0

    I seem to remember that 'char_take_item' had problems also. I have used 'destroy_char_item' to remove items from characters in a character script in the past. Since it is slot based, you'll need to do something like the following to get the slot the item is in (untested): Code: slt = 0; // or 13 if skipping equipped itemsitm = 0;while ((slt < 40) && (itm != 228)) { itm = item_type_in_slot(my_number(), slt); if (itm != 228) { slt = slt + 1; }}if (slt < 40) { destroy_char_item(my_number(), slt); } I don't recall if the destroy_char_item will remove 1 of stacked items or all, so this might not be the best way if you have multiple items you're using one of.