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  1. I know, that pisses me off so much! In the ruined school in G1, the stupid servant mind poisoned me even though i wasn't in combat and it kept on going and it killed me!
  2. maybe, but now im playing G2 with a shaper and its going ok, so i'll c if u guys r right...
  3. Agents r the best, cause they have ranged and hand-to-hand combat skills. besides, the shapers r frail and weak. a light breeze could take away half of their HP
  4. i'd say Geneforge 2, but I enjoy both. I probably like 2 better cause i'm a bit farther in it.
  5. sry! i just realized that there is no music! i meant the sounds. i wish that spidy web would make this into an MMORPG.
  6. I just love everything: the quests, creations, places, music, characters, etc. I want to see more character classes in Geneforge 3, maybe: Assassin, Rogue, Wizard, Cleric, etc.
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