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  1. Sell anything thats worth money and you don't need it. Then, buy a whole bunch of spells and creation shaping levels.
  2. Obeyers. If you don't want to get the Shaper concil angry at you, you'd better join obeyers. Anyway, they are like the Loyalists, cause they respect shapers and fear them not like mad takers or proud awakened.
  3. Wrong about the dryaks to fyoras comparison. If you created a dryak and kept it, it would be extreamly powerful later in the game.
  4. Is it possible to convince that Mad Beta at one of the Rising briges to join you instead of killing him?
  5. It is possible to rejoin the barzites without cheating. AND the first place you can learn to create a dryak is in the upper reasearch hall, if you are Loyalist or your beliefs reflect the Shapers.
  6. You CHEATERS! I killed experimental clawbug with a lv.25 or so guardian. Then I killed the ghaak with my lv. 29 guardian and a drakon with no extra intelligence. Then I went on to kill the gamma (it took me a few tries) without Sharon and her creations help! YOU CHEATERS! Shapers aren't weaklings. SO go back and kill them all!
  7. I'd suggest you come back at lv. 25, if you have the registered version or you can tone down the difficulty.
  8. By the way, the ring is called infiltrator's ring and your san sell it for 1250 gold. Its a ring that weighs 0.1 lbs and it +2 dexterity and +3 mechanics, leadership and luck! Shoot! My agent stole some crystals and I can't get the perfect crystal anymore~
  9. Me, Myself & I


    Well, you could screw up the storyline but killing Shanti in the second area. I did it with my lv. 1 guardian and succeeded without cheating or using cheat programs. Shanti will be "reincarnated" in Drypeak. PS. where is Shanti's remains? PS. Stansis really offended me with his course language.
  10. If are a shaper, join the barzites for type 4 crations. Agents should join any Loyalists for cheap spells and abandon them to join someone else. Not so sure about guardians. Maybe join Loyalists for their shaped shield (how many other shields have so much defence?) and abandon them for say the Takers. If you want to be rich, be sure to join the awakened cause they have so much gold.
  11. Well, why not creat a mission creator for Geneforge 3? I mean, the make editors for a lot of other spiderweb software games, so why not for geneforge 3?
  12. Ok, but I still don't understand those weird green lines thats not supposed to be there. There weren't any weird green lines before when I played GF2.
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