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  1. Update on Redemption: Getting close to finishing Round 1 of alpha testing - largely ironing out the most obvious bugs and getting it solidified. A couple things will have to be redone entirely. Furthermore, a number of things seem unfixable without restarting the scenario from the beginning (such as switching/placing items), so Round 2 is still going to likely be a bit of work. One of the other things it's possible for the party to approach a number of situations in five different ways or so, so many times, I have to test every possible party situation. Round 2 will obviously be picking up what I couldn't catch in Round 1, and Round 3 will then more heavily focus on making sure the combat is reasonably balanced and challenging (which seems far from the case in initial testing, but maybe that's not bad just yet since it's easier to detect the bugs). One other thing that I hadn't mentioned when talking about using the more advanced features - I've often come to the conclusion that the fact that the BoA engine has capabilities that BoE doesn't does add more responsibility to use them so the scenario makes reasonable sense. Sometimes I've thought the only reason some BoE scenarios didn't get criticized for some elements was that the BoE editor didn't offer the capability to do it any other way, so when BoA does, I feel it has to be used. (For those of you who have played OG & E for example, you probably noticed parts where the presence of a Slith in your party can change outcomes - I kind of think the only reason the BoE scenario didn't get criticized for not doing this was the scenario editor didn't give designers that ability).
  2. Well.. I'm finally getting around to reviewing the scenario. Played it several months ago. For me, AtG was sort of a mixed bag. I wasn't overly impressed with the storyline or towns, and didn't think the scenario has much atmosphere (despite some attempts). The storyline seemed to change after every mission: at first, it's about some evil cultists, and soon enough, it's about a vampire, and so on. Furthermore, towns often felt completely indistinguishable from one another - right down to the characters and services that are provided. The differences only felt a few lines of text away (one is a magic town, the other is a mining town, etc). It's not all bad, though. There was some combat that really frustrated me, but there were also some good fights and puzzles as well (some seem to possibly be an inspiration for AC2?) As frustrating as some of it is, there's definitely stuff worth checking out in AtG, and it would be a shame to miss the good stuff as a result of the not-so-good stuff. And for all my complaining about the towns, there's still more meat to it than many other newbie scenarios. That being said, I recommend it: there's plenty of good parts if you can deal with the bad parts. But I can't imagine AtG being a scenario being one I'll go back to over and over. Maybe part of that is I felt the "epic-sized scenario where you start with a level 1 party and work your way up to a strong party" was done better in AC1, AC3, and even Stareye's own "Spears." Average (for clarification, 7.9/10 on the old scale, so just a point away from "Good").
  3. I actually did find something helpful - apparently Frostbite by Lazarus uses a modified door script for some of it's doors that allow you to set a flag for cells 4 and 5 - just copied that script as a second door script, set the flag there, and that did the trick! Thanks anyway. But yeah, alpha-testing in BoA is going to be quite bit of work. I'm sure Kel can relate. Something else kinda odd though - the "move_party" node isn't recognizing the coordinates of the town I'm moving to - in the new town, the party is placed in the coordinates of where they left the first town through - maybe this has something to do with using teleport_party() earlier?
  4. Just started alpha testing the Redemption port. Does the set_terrain_memory_cell() node work? I had it set to lock a door to impassible status (that was previously passable). But it doesn't seem to have any effect. Am I doing something wrong, or does this node just not work? I had it at set_terrain_memory_cell(4,0,200); (4 for the terrain script, 0 for the memory cell to adjust, and 200 for the new value).
  5. If the the 1% rule is true, maybe that means more people played my scenarios that I thought before Back in the day, there was always Terror's Martyr and everyone always wanting to know what outlandish or crazy thing he would say next.
  6. Well, thank you for your help! Getting very close to the finish line (at least before alpha testing). Obviously, many of those custom icons won't be used in Redemption, but I could definitely see some of them in future Alcritas scenarios, if I end up continuing with ports (if I can get BoE going, I want to see if I can give it some love again, but working on these ports has been fun and if people are enjoying them, I'm certainly happy to continue). But some of those can be used for characters I had trouble finding good ones for (most obviously, I have a pretty obvious one for Zanobi the Troll). I wonder how close Kelandon is to the finish line with Homeland... I imagine if he's ready to roll with beta testing the same time that I am, both scenarios release dates could be delayed quite substantially.
  7. Question: I'm running Parallels Windows 10. I did get it to work, but the game runs very slowly, and the sound and animations seem very messed up in combat. I tried just downloading the original version of the game from Spiderweb's site (so I could at least play), but it says that it "doesn't run on this computer". Any ideas what might be going on?
  8. Update on the Redemption port for anyone who's interested: I'm very close to finishing the scenario itself - the largest task remaining is to program the consequences for making towns angry (unlike OG & E, where stealing would cause your reputation to fall, consequences will vary by town). I haven't been able to find TGM's full graphics file, so I couldn't add a whole lot of new talking pics in the scenario. I will be using the wolf graphic that Ess-Eschas posted for the werewolf (too bad BoA doesn't allow custom graphics to be more largely sized). Also, I would like to know who drew the Nephilim graphics used in "Mad Ambition" so I know who to give proper credit to for their use (my copy of MA seems to be missing a readme). However, after this, I expect alpha-testing will take some time, so the scenario is probably still a ways off from beta and eventual release.
  9. I have fixed a number of bugs that had been pointed out to be (including one that essentially ends the game early after destroying Varnoth - can't believe it was sitting there for five years - sorry). Anyway, a new edition can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xTzqdxT5hauRFF2ePG9lSZY1IpQgXUeE Enjoy!
  10. I just re-played Of Good and Evil myself, and got the bugs fixed (feel kinda embarrassed a bug like that was sitting there for five years) - If I can just find somewhere to upload it, I'll have a new version with the bug fixed available (the size is too large to attach to this post.) And thank you for the graphics! - I will try them out and see how they work aesthetically in the editor.
  11. Well, I downloaded CBoE - I just seem to get a dark screen when I open the game, with no graphics. I thought if I put the windows graphics files in the same folder (i.e. MONST1, MONST2) it would work but it doesn't.
  12. Well, I'll take a look at the code and see what's going on. That should have happened. On another note, the 'Gorgon' graphic.... might work as a werewolf? Thoughts? Also looking for something that might work as a Rokka - very hard though to find something in BoA that would capture what the Rokka are about - the large graphics files of future Alcritas' scenarios could be a big hurdle to possibly adapting future Alcritas' scenarios.
  13. Well, I tried putting all the Windows graphics files in the same folder - doesn't seem to work.
  14. Not sure how you got back to the original towns, I think you were supposed to be greeted by Cmdr. Ralliegh after defeating the Dragon. I'll look into it, but did you use "leave town" through the editor? I think the "teleportation accident" was put into the original BoE scenario to thwart use of the "Word of Recall" spell in BoE, so that was probably left over. But you aren't supposed to be able to get back to the towns after defeating the dragon. Anyway, I've restarted work in earnest now - it's been something at about half-done - and adapting the Murky Mines has been challenging, although I'm almost finished there. With any luck, I could have a beta call ready by December, but no promises - alpha testing is going to take some time, even after the scenario is complete. One other thing - I seem unable to find a graphic I could use as a werewolf (or a tall wolf) - if anyone can point me in the direction of one, would be much appreciated. I'm using a general dark square - In the BoA version, it looks like it will capture the mood of the scene.
  15. I started fairly early on adapting the dream sequences to BoA. I myself thought this might be a hurdle in the adaption, but I'm actually quite pleased with the way it seems to have turned out so far - it obviously won't be exactly the same as BoE, but I think the effects will set a very similar mood. I may have to use certain scripting to give the tiles the same effect, and am still working on that. When porting these scenarios, I essentially think of it as an adaption - I have to make the game playable in a BoA format, and that does require changes from the original version - and if you've played the BoA version of Of Good and Evil, you'll see many new things from the BoE version - if some fans of the BoE version played I wanted to still give them some new things to discover (much like the Avernum Trilogy did with the Exile Trilogy), and wanted to take advantage of some of the scripting abilities to do things that couldn't be done in BoE (for example, Lord Varnoth breathes 3x3 fire, and Daynlae can grow trees on top of you). Of course, film adaptions of these scenarios would be awesome, but given that would be pretty much impossible, porting them to BoA seems like the next best thing to getting to a larger audience.
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