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  1. BoE or BoA scenario: vahnatai lands

    Vahnatai scenario designer right here!
  2. Exile Remaster

    Any plans for new releases of OBoE?
  3. That has to be a bug. There are 35 days a year, and that is a fixed setting in game (not editable in scenario editor), as far as I know.
  4. Homeland progress report

    I remember Alcritas said this in an article, back in the old BoE days in 2001.
  5. The Roy G Biv panel is a code. What was in the "_readme" file, pretty sure that's it.
  6. Well I'll have to fix the Windows version not having a readme! Thanks for letting me know. I've actually noticed some similar problems with my copy of BoA recently (I'm on OSX 10.9 and Nobody's Heroes crashes the same way you described. VoDT does though. Perhaps my version is out of date?) I'm not sure,are there any bugs that only apply to Windows and wouldn't happen on a Mac, that I couldn't catch without a Windows tester? EDIT: Where did you download the Windows version of OG&E? I see a readme on Tyran's download site.
  7. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Little off topic, but thought I'd mention that Of Good and Evil, my port of a BoE scenario, is like A Small Rebellion where you pick your path. Noticed you were asking about orders and such earlier in the thread.
  8. Homeland progress report

    Awesome! Look forward to seeing it. I'll have to replay Bahssikava and Exodus sometime. Maybe I should put something out for BoA again, seems this is where the market is.
  9. Exile Remaster

    A crash log is attached to this post. oboecrashlog5_17_2017.txt
  10. Exile Remaster

    Sorry, not sure what a Github is? What I know is - if I try to use "Save As", the game crashes if I load it.
  11. Exile Remaster

    Seems like the 'save' feature isn't working. The one time it did, the boat location reset in Za-Khazi run.
  12. Exile Remaster

    Here's a list of bugs I spotted so far in OBoE, January 2017 Edition - “A Small Rebellion” file corrupted? Entering scenario seems to make save files unreadable. - When saved game is loaded, characters with spell points start at 0 regardless of where they were at when game was last saved. - Add/Remove Mage Lore skill in training window affects the Mage Spells skill, not Mage Lore. - Anama Member trait does not prevent PC from using items with mage spells. - Attempting to add/remove mage lore affects the Mage Spells skill in the training window. - Character editor: “Item 2” menu gives the item two slots below, e.g. selecting “Iron Javelins” gives “Lemonwood Bow” - Character editor: “Item 3” menu gives the item four slots below, e.g. selecting “Scroll: Flame” gives “Scroll: Kill” - Character editor: “Item 4” menu gives the item six slots below, e.g. selecting “Gold Ring” gives “Silver Ring of Weight” - Character editor: “Add Mage Spells” and “Add Priest Spells” have no effect. - Scenario editor: “One Time Display Dialog” node - clicking “edit text” causes the editor to crash if text number at -1. - Scenario editor: In Scenario menu, Advanced section, starting with “Edit Horses”, the menu option two slots below is called. For example, choosing “Edit Horses” calls “Variable Town Entry” - ZA-KHAZI RUN, Town 0: Ghost in Fort Goodling has merchant talking picture. - ZA-KHAZI RUN, Town 0: Boats don’t appear despite being placed. - ZA-KHAZI RUN, Town 0: Message telling player they “can’t enter” docks until they have supplies does not actually block them. Since there are no boats despite showing up the the editor, I'm stuck.
  13. Milu, Tim Farland, & Shyguy

    Just so you know, Shyguy runs a forum called "Shyguy's World", which is about theme parks and rollercoasters. I joined the forum a few years back but never spoken with him since membership.
  14. Exile Remaster

    I can't program wandering or special encounters, they reset even after clicking OK.
  15. Exile Remaster

    Well when getting onto the page, I just downloaded whichever version is the most recent. Anyway, another problem, with the scenario editor: If you write text in a "display message" node, it won't save automatically (you have to preselect a text node to place it in). Additionally, sometimes, when programming a "Display Dialog" node, going into the text boxes somehow causes all the town text to erase, and it's unrecoverable. I've been backing up text in my own text file, but the Text Dump feature doesn't work either.