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  1. Where is the Whitespire Repository? I need to get in there for Alwan's quest. I ran around in the region and couldnt find the entrence.
  2. As in txt file like the previous GF editors.
  3. Does anyone have the G4 editor?
  4. Would be nice if someone can make a Mac version of the trainer, or better yet. A scripted version that could be put into the scrips file.
  5. Power should be gain by "natural" ways. Training, learning and trusting the ways of the shapers are all the things that make us strong! Besides, you could easily upset the balance of power by useing canister, there is no limit on what you can achive with canisters.
  6. Imagine Creations being able to wear equips and Ur-Drakon/Unbound wearing Quicksilvers
  7. More creation, More zones, BIGGER game, like 5 times the map size and way more plots... (i wish)... epic battles, a way to recruit people... like talk to a guy and say something like: 1. Would you like to travel with me? (Pay him/her <Insert Number of Coins here>) you get to choose which side to start up as: rebels (human), rebels (creation), Shapers, Humans, Solari (the humans, or outsiders in GF1).
  8. btw, how do you change your character sprites?
  9. Have a weaker mechanics skills, 50 living tool is too much
  10. Back to the topic please, now, can we make a list of who is willing to help writing the wiki? I am willing to add/edit topic but i have no idea how to start an entirely new wiki. If someone create the basic stuff, I'll do my part.
  11. Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba No joinable creations in G1. If you really wanted to create a script for joinable NPCs, look at the scripts z5crags and z5cragsdlg. There is a thahd that can join you in that zone. Maybe you can figure out how it's done. Dikiyoba. I got it! I can get any of those NPCs into party now, it's a lot more tricky than GF2 tho.
  12. Okay, after reading script for the 12875928756192375619285th time, I finally know how to add NPC characters into my party, it wasn't as hard as I thought, all you have to do is type in the AI code and it will join your part after specific action (eg. talk) I now got Zakary (the Drypeak Warrens shaper), Braz....(you know... the leader of Rising), Tyall... (The shaper who teach you spell in drypeak warrens), a couple of guardings from Drypeak warrens and Rising, some shapers from Loyalist encampment. There is one snag, however. I CAN add an agent into my party, BUT it appears to be bug/glitched, agents does not have character preview images. clicking on it to see it's stats will cause GF 2 to freeze and quit. Does anyone have a solution to that? BTW, if anyone wants the script, feel free to post here and Ill add the link here, too busy to do it right now. (I'll check for replies soon. Say, every 12 Hours )
  13. so no one have that script now?
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