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    I believe Godel would have something to say about this 'largest' set, namely that it doesn't exist...
  2. If you've got enough to shell out for a Mac, you could just get a monitor that you could plug your console into. I've got my ps3 on the hd input for my monitor. Although I've got to return it eventually because apparently there's a manufacturing bug in this model...
  3. I just ran into this issue. The problem is caused by defeating the Epiron-Bok too quickly. The shard is not rewarded from killing the crystal, but instead from doing 400 damage to it.
  4. Look what you've done. Oldbies are crawling out from all over the place now...
  5. Originally Posted By: CRISIS on INFINITE SLARTIES 1.2 for members who caused mild controversy at some point Although to your defense, there's probably no one here anymore besides myself who remembers it...
  6. I believe TM, Stareye, and Drakefyre should be above Alorael; although it's difficult to compensate for his ridiculous post count. Factoring service on the previous boards may help, but that information probably isn't readily available.
  7. I seem to be much higher on that chart than I should be. Maybe it's time to see my doctor about my oldbisity...
  8. Best not to dwell on what was, and instead focus on what is... Edit: That's not to say that their presence isn't missed. Things will never be the way they were; but I think the end result would be the same even if they stayed.
  9. You're thinking of Rocksteady.
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    Originally Posted By: waterplant Numbers don't 'exist' - people made them up. When dealing with what is it's good to bear that it mind. Mathematics only deals with what works (computes or whatever). You must not have studied alot of mathematics then
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    I should've perhaps pointed out that my definition of threeve was a number that is equally distant from 3 and 5, but that is not 4. The point being that an infinite set need not contain everything. But I think we're getting off topic. ... I'm not sure including 'X' would be worthwhile; maybe it's time we move on from Exile/Avernum.
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    Originally Posted By: Randomizer Originally Posted By: Student of Trinity ... According to the infinite number of universes theory there is at least one universe where these are correct spellings. The real numbers are uncountably infinite. That doesn't mean that threeve exists.
  13. Originally Posted By: Yelbis Eceer Nalyd Just finished Star Wars: A Dark Rendezvous. Nalyd really liked it, it really gave a lot more depth to Dooku, his fall to the Dark Side, his relation with Sidious and the Confederacy. Dooku really didn't get enough screen time in the movies. Oh, Brock, you stole Nalyd's avatar idea while he was away. My favorite part is when Dooku realizes what would have happened if Yoda turned to the dark side of the force...
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    I'd stay away from acronyms, remember RiB?
  15. Some of us are software engineers afterall. I just don't find working on BoA all that appealing...
  16. I believe it will be fine to keep this in the topic. It would be helpful for others who have an XO. The issues I was having with Exile II, was that I was originally trying to run wine on the installer. This didn't seem to do anything. Instead, I copied the full version from my laptop to the XO. The program now runs correctly when I run it through wine; however, there are still a few graphic oddities. I should also note that you need to run the program as root if you want to be able to save your game. Dealing with Avernum 5, I believe it is a graphical issue relating to the XO.
  17. I don't understand how you could miss it. You don't even need to go onto the tiers..
  18. It if is indeed the super editor, then it gives you the ability to use ridiculously large stats for various fields when editing monsters or items...
  19. The bridge to Dorikas's fortress respawns, but only with about 6-8 units. It was mildly annoying as I had to cross the bridge several times to clear out parts of the fortress and then go back to the pylon to recharge my mp...
  20. I've learned that remote desktop also resolve these issues. Since the XO is less bulky than my PC this is optimal. When I'm too far away to use remote desktop, wine will suffice. Anyone know if any of the Avernums are wine compatible?
  21. Despite not receiving my XO for several months, it has finally arrived. In fact I am using it to post right now. It's much nicer than I expected it to be. Unfortunately my experience with linux is fairly minimal. I've installed wine on the machine and downloaded the .exe intaller. However, when I execute wine on it nothing seems to happen. Should I copy the already installed program from my other computer and run wine on the actual game file? Also, anyone else with an XO? EDIT: I've solved my problem with Exile II, and now I'm able to play it on the XO. Although now I'm
  22. I was under the impression that they didn't stack in A5. In A1-A3, having Unlock Doors at level 3 will unlock almost anything. Tool Use is really only useful for traps, or if you join the Anama. On the side, necromancy is frowned upon...
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