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  1. Originally Posted By: Yelbis Eceer Nalyd Just finished Star Wars: A Dark Rendezvous. Nalyd really liked it, it really gave a lot more depth to Dooku, his fall to the Dark Side, his relation with Sidious and the Confederacy. Dooku really didn't get enough screen time in the movies. Oh, Brock, you stole Nalyd's avatar idea while he was away. My favorite part is when Dooku realizes what would have happened if Yoda turned to the dark side of the force...
  2. I believe it will be fine to keep this in the topic. It would be helpful for others who have an XO. The issues I was having with Exile II, was that I was originally trying to run wine on the installer. This didn't seem to do anything. Instead, I copied the full version from my laptop to the XO. The program now runs correctly when I run it through wine; however, there are still a few graphic oddities. I should also note that you need to run the program as root if you want to be able to save your game. Dealing with Avernum 5, I believe it is a graphical issue relating to the XO.
  3. I've learned that remote desktop also resolve these issues. Since the XO is less bulky than my PC this is optimal. When I'm too far away to use remote desktop, wine will suffice. Anyone know if any of the Avernums are wine compatible?
  4. Despite not receiving my XO for several months, it has finally arrived. In fact I am using it to post right now. It's much nicer than I expected it to be. Unfortunately my experience with linux is fairly minimal. I've installed wine on the machine and downloaded the .exe intaller. However, when I execute wine on it nothing seems to happen. Should I copy the already installed program from my other computer and run wine on the actual game file? Also, anyone else with an XO? EDIT: I've solved my problem with Exile II, and now I'm able to play it on the XO. Although now I'm
  5. Naruto (vols 1 - 19) Dragon Ball (vols 1 - 3)
  6. Sounds like explorer.exe is having issues. Next time just hit CTRL+ALT+DEL and open up the task manager. Under the File menu select New Task. Type explorer.exe and hit OK. That should bring them back without the need to restart...
  7. I'd love to have them. However I'm a bit cautious about having others email me. I'd prefer if they were hosted online so I could download them on my own time. I know Alec has some of the graphics; however, I don't think his set includes terrain. I'd also like the original Exile I graphics...
  8. Do you have the complete set of original Exile II graphics?
  9. Just cast haste and run. It's easier just to avoid the mess. If you're getting killed by the breathing just drop a few antimagic fields down...
  10. In Exile II/Avernum 2 you walk on the roof of the lower portion of Ornotha Ziggurat in order to escape...
  11. If you're loaded on energy potions you could cut a tunnel through the quickfire. Casting antimagic cloud gives a chance of clearing away quickfire. In this case you can cast a fire barrier. Utilizing this technique you can slowly form a tunnel of clear space to walk through. However, I only suggest this method if you are really bored.
  12. No, you just encounter several basilisks on the island. I believe there is also a patch of mandrake on that island.
  13. Quote: Originally written by Chief Spider watching The Simpsons: Heck, I'll let you borrow my CD and even ship it for free if you promise that you bought the game You're likely to get taken advantage of with that kind of attitude. It's best that you keep your CD to yourself...
  14. Pump a few points into assassination and you should be doing enough damage...
  15. I think the dark grey cave floor can be a bit displeasing to the eyes if you have to stare at it for long enough.
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