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  1. Originally Posted By: Yelbis Eceer Nalyd Just finished Star Wars: A Dark Rendezvous. Nalyd really liked it, it really gave a lot more depth to Dooku, his fall to the Dark Side, his relation with Sidious and the Confederacy. Dooku really didn't get enough screen time in the movies. Oh, Brock, you stole Nalyd's avatar idea while he was away. My favorite part is when Dooku realizes what would have happened if Yoda turned to the dark side of the force...
  2. Naruto (vols 1 - 19) Dragon Ball (vols 1 - 3)
  3. I'd love to have them. However I'm a bit cautious about having others email me. I'd prefer if they were hosted online so I could download them on my own time. I know Alec has some of the graphics; however, I don't think his set includes terrain. I'd also like the original Exile I graphics...
  4. Do you have the complete set of original Exile II graphics?
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