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  1. I think its easy to treat the addiction if you buy a truckload of skribbane, if your really serious about using it that is.
  2. The one day i felt daring enough to attempt to kill a Doomguard i used wall of blades alot, if my memory is correct it did not split the guards and also dealt alot of damage.
  3. Your suggestion/question is actualy a good idea, in my opinion... Your best bet for now is to email the developers, and continue on from there
  4. *shivers* This should be moved to the general forum,would be nice to hear others opinions.
  5. Well,the way i get my strong weapons is the easy way,i make a scenario and stuff it full of my god items,and i use em..
  6. I for some odd reason like Quickghouls alot.
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