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  1. HELP! i cant finish the slime plag (Avernum3)!!!. I did every thing i got rid of all the slime pools and i have every milk n granny of the whole thing on auto map and still when i try to go to level 3 of the slime pit it has all those runes that dont let you pass! How do i get rid of those? if you dont know could you post a website that has some info on it? btw . i was talking to Ahonar when i exited talk dialog with him a box appeared DEBUG:_____ ., what exactly would that be?.......... nm i got alien slime in my soul crystal and edned the plague. I currently have . Tryoglidyte lord , drake lord and slime lord now 1 more and ill have 4 lords!!! .. But what is with the DEBUG:_______. thing.
  2. Doom guard all the way!. I tryed hudreds of time to get that thing i my soul crystal but still it never worked even when there was one its health was almost completely depleated, paralized and asleep i still couldnt get it. Although I did get that one mage with the green and dark red robe with the little hat thingy on . It took alot of times to get it.. But it was for sure worth it .
  3. Absouletly sweet ^ ^ . I dont do any of quest ussualy. i just started and almost finished with the slime one because im tryin to get Alien slime (alien lord thing).Ussually i just go around killing towns and summoning foul rats to kill the kittens for me thnx for replying . Fefner 0 Loathed , HP:3088
  4. What monsters are on your list? (Avernum 3) iv got Drake lord , Ur-Balisk , vampire and empire dervish . Im considering making a new game only because im trying to get Doom guard as a summon creature, im also attempting to get slime lord.......
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