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  1. Would you prefer I use a direct clone, or a fork? (I started with just a clone but Tyler suggested the fork) Branches vs. staying on master? And I expect I'll still need to get the hang of testing changes. I'm used to just refreshing a web page to troubleshoot something and I have a feeling it's a bit more complicated for the game.
  2. Finally got xCode to install, but I still have to figure out how to set up the git environment on my mac... and which folder to clone the repo into etc. So much easier when Tyler automagically does it for me. le sigh
  3. Linky. Because, as said on the page, redundancy doesn't hurt.
  4. Agreed. I am still disappointed that there were no questions regarding music or the *creation* of art. I would much rather go to a concert or paint a picture than go look at paintings in a museum that I may have seen before. Well that didn't work. I'll get an image up later. Kids are whining they have to do homework.
  5. "My dear, one of the things you'll learn is that it's all real. Every word of every novel is real, every frame of every movie, every panel of every comic strip."

  6. Four years and one month after the posting of this thread, mother nature has blessed us again...
  7. Imaginary friends... quite real to the deluded.

  8. Pickles. I want pickles.

  9. wikipedia says - "A heath or heathland is a shrubland habitat found mainly on low quality acidic soils, and is characterized by open, low growing woody vegetation." So your landscape has withered shrubs, I guess. I like your word painting. It fits nicely into the books I've been reading of late.
  10. Was bored one day so I browsed available movies to watch instantly on Netflix and came across this gem. Saw David was in it and gave it a go. I loved it, though I cannot say I would have loved it as much without David. He did a brilliant job (as in my bias he always does) but I think the writing was good enough for other actors to do a brilliant job of it, too. Maybe a little too much awkwardness on the part of the leading lady and the shop owner's interest in her was just plain creepy. All in all I recommend it to anyone who likes a wee love story now and again.
  11. So, I followed this entry but I didn't actually get any notifications when it was commented on. What's up with that?
  12. In the middle of Crazy Love by Francis Chan and Green Rider by... I'll have to look later. The first really is crazy. The second, not bad but not great. Concepts are good but the flow is lacking.
  13. Which image extension were you trying to use? If you were trying to use the links, as is, then the .htm is not a valid image file. .htm is a web page which cannot be embedded in the fora. http://s14.directupl...23/pj7w8g7x.jpg is what you should have used to embed the picture. No ads when you click this link either.
  14. Throwing stones is fun. Especially when into a lake. They drop down to the bottom never to be seen again. Unless you go swimming and fish them out. But then they'd be wet. I don't like wet stones.
  15. I love my friends.

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