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    Exile series, Baldur's Gate I and II, Morrowind, Skyrim, Myst, Riven, Age of Empires II, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Might and Magic VIII
  1. Lowly Exile

    Tomb of Dahris-Bok Help (E2)

    Yeah... I done goofed. I tested and I can reset the gates by leaving and coming back, but all my dead PC's stuff disappears. *sigh* I guess I'll just deal with that. Fear the naked mage!
  2. Lowly Exile

    Tomb of Dahris-Bok Help (E2)

    I think I broke the tomb of Dahris-Bok. I sent my PC in and she made past the chasm, the triple portcullis puzzle and fought a vampire. She defeated the vampire then died of her injuries. So now, my party is at the starting portal, but the very first portcullis to the main room is closed. Is there any way of resetting the dungeon (preferably without losing my dead PC's stuff)? I think I might be screwed on this.
  3. Lowly Exile

    Custom PC Graphics (E2)

    Yes, actually. He can also double as a flotation device in the event of copious underground waterfalls.
  4. Lowly Exile

    Custom PC Graphics (E2)

    Yep, that was it. There's a white outline around the horse now, but I'm choosing to ignore that.
  5. Lowly Exile

    Custom PC Graphics (E2)

    Is it possible to use some custom graphics in Exile II? I wanted to make a party with three characters, but then a fourth PC as a pack mule when I got this idea to actually make a horse. (Sort of.) My idea was to paste the horse graphic from E3 over another PC's graphic in the PCS.bmp file and use it for a character. However, it didn't load correctly in the game. At the graphic selection screen, everything was misaligned and blue. So did I do something wrong or is this just a fever dream?
  6. Lowly Exile

    A3 Tower of Magi Help

    It's kind of depressing all the same. Hypothetical question here: If I managed to kill Linda before the disaster, would it still occur?
  7. During the disaster at the Tower I ran into the ghost of Bernard who asks me to find his fellow student, Carrie and tell her that he loves her. This didn't show up in my quest list nor can I find Carrie. Is this possible to do?
  8. How do I get through that third guardpost on the way to the portal? I've check the walkthrough but it confused me more. EDIT: I don't believe it. Right after I posted this, I figured it out. lol Either way I still think the walkthrough is a little complicated for this area.
  9. Lowly Exile

    Custom Graphics

    Does anyone know of some way of making custom graphics easier? I want to use some, but I have hard time lining them up correctly so that they're not overlapping.
  10. Lowly Exile

    Attn: Thuryl

    The Mooing! Revenge of the Cows!!! Now I have this picture of cows with machine guns in my head.
  11. Lowly Exile

    Nethergate - 9.04 (10.0/8.0)

    It's been a while since I've played this, so my memory would be fuzzy I think my score would be an 8. I agree with Lurker about all the likable things in the game, plus I'm a history nut, so I think about Romans and pee my pants. Anyway.... the only things that bugged me were the (both understandable but annoying nonetheless) lack of good magic and women players on the Roman side.
  12. Lowly Exile

    Blades of Exile - 10.0 (10.0/9.25)

    10. Easily. It's just so easy to use. There's no way I'd rate BoA as high.
  13. Lowly Exile

    Asking help on picking scenarios

    I've not played many of the scenarios but now that I'm back into my Exile kick, I WANT TO PLAY THEM ALL!! *crazed look* One of my favorites (and probably no one elses') is the game "Election." Not sure why, but that one always had a spot in my heart. Also, "Tatterdemallion" is worth a look, though I don't remember the level range. The programming in that game is incredible, especially if you have attempted to do something like it in the editor and have failed miserably. If I remember correctly, it also won a Scenario Design Contest. (The first one, I think. It really has been a long time.)
  14. Lowly Exile

    Character Choices

    Worse choices? How? Where? When? WHY!?