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  1. Originally Posted By: Actaeon I feel like the issues of covers and sampling could be a thread unto themselves. I cannot for the life of me figure out what makes me either like a cover (like Norah Jones doing Tom Waits) or cringe (like most Beatles covers I've ever heard). I think the most important thing for me in terms of liking a cover is how much the covering artist brings to the song. If they don't add anything to it, there's no point for me to listen to that instead of the original (unless there is an improvement in technical skill or I have a preference for one voice over another).
  2. Originally Posted By: Actaeon I would love to expand my horizons. Can anyone suggest tolerable Baroque (besides Bach), solid bluegrass, rap that doesn't sample better artists, or any modern jazz that isn't too avant-garde or just dull? I like , Purcell (Dido and Aeneas is the main work I'm familiar with by him), and I remember learning Lully's Gavotte on cello years ago and liking that. I doubt it was originally for cello and have been too lazy to look up Lully in detail. Originally Posted By: Actaeon Covers that totally change the genre amuse me no end. I went to a concert a mon
  3. Hi Stughalf! I'm not an irritating 12-year-old anymore!
  4. Also, Mother Teresa had some serious issues.
  5. University Music Performance Introduction to Sound Recording Listening to Music History Film and Popular Music: Listening Skills
  6. I'm reading Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks. It's great, though the talk about musicians getting into accidents and becoming tone deaf and the like terrifies me.
  7. Zombies, mainly because you can't really go wrong with them in horror films. I cannot wait to see Eph's reaction to this topic.
  8. Sorry, but I don't understand where you thought I was complaining about it not being set in real life. It was set in real life, the characters an plot just turned out to be dumb. Also, still on my rant the "villain" was the only likeable person in the book, and the whole motivation/this is what happened explanation seemed to be retconned in order to have a twist.
  9. Erm, I was ranting about a book I just finished. Also, the fact that I came up with a better plan of action to take when discovered than the villain did saddens me. There's no way you can explain a dead girl in your bedroom. Let her leave, and call the police telling them that your girlfriend had a nervous breakdown, is delusional, ran out, and you're afraid she might be a danger to others and/or herself. Instantly discredits anything she says, and her evidence amounted to a ring owned by the dead cousin, who had left all her material possessions to her. The book is All Unquiet Things, by
  10. ...the killer/drug lord of the book you're reading turns out to be a guy who hides incriminating evidence in his sock drawer, uses his middle name as his drug alias, and allows his girlfriend to steal his clothes, with full knowledge that she is trying to figure out who killed her cousin? Why did the wrong person get convicted again? Oh, yeah, cause police are dumb and drugged up high school students aren't.
  11. I don't have anything on youtube, but I do have some demo tracks up on my website(http://arianamorrow.com/music.html) and on FB(http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ariana-Morrow/101495866316?ref=ts). And of course, linking to the kickstarter page in my first post is always appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Okay, so I will put up a youtube video with $1000 reward for anyone who backs this, but no one who doesn't donate that much gets it on the album. Unless your "f*** you" happens to share a name with someone I hate. Or TM, just because it's fun to screw with him. Then I might reconsider. EDIT: To clarify, the actual $1000 reward will be on the album. The youtube video will just be me saying "f*** you" to the people the other backers want. The cheaper way to get revenge.
  13. Hi everyone! I'm really trying to make this happen, so I really hope I get your support. Every bit helps. If money is an issue, and you still want to help, then just spreading the word would be great, too. But yeah, you get to support an indie artist, and get more substantial gifts than internet hugs.
  14. Always on Your Day Off! is officially released. I have procrastinated way too long for such a short scenario. Always_on_your_day_off_.zip Thank you Niemand. (title edited for consistency)
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