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  1. @wackypanda: Thank you very much for your attemp in fixing this Remix mod. It's a pity it never was finished. Kudos!!!!
  2. Thanx House of S for your great job on improving this superb game. Are you updating your mod soon??
  3. I've done some testing by myself, here are the results: All tests done with the human race and on normal mode, using the goblin in the beginning cellar as the damage doer. Tests done over many times. The goblin has a chance of 50% to hit. Character has no traits/skills. No armor (0): goblin does 5 - 11 per hit Begginer's armor (19): goblin does 3 - 10 per hit Just my two cents... Note: Begginer armor means all you can find in the first room that provides some armor, it consists of: Leather Armor (10 armor bonus), Wooden Shield (6 armor), Sandals (2 armor) & Poor Leather Helmet (1 armor). Total armor bonus = 19.
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