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  1. Eeeeeee I'm hyped to find out more about this setting. The deep masters and geographically-localized magic like the big haunting really intrigue me.
  2. I've just reached the bottom of Conlin's Pit and the narration is as follows, emphasis mine: I'm pretty sure this is a case of authorial muscle memory from decades of writing for the Avernum setting. (Edit: Unless he's trying to contrast the fact that this creature lives underground?)
  3. *internet fist bump* Thank you for the help!
  4. On a fresh inspection of my save files, it turns out TriRodent was correct and I was mistaken. I'd completely missed the interactable wheel in the top floor of the gatehouse and had only noticed the demoltionists by the north thorn wall. This was my bad. I'm very sorry for troubling you and for getting cross at TriRodent.
  5. You misunderstood my post. I know what I'm supposed to be doing. I know that I know what I'm supposed to be doing, because I managed to do it in the southern battalion camp. There were two demolitionist mages standing near the opening to the dungeon before I talked to the general. When I was done talking to the general, there was a screen-shaking explosion, the demolitionists were gone, and the way into the dungeon was open. I was able to enter the Vol Gates. I am posting in the bug thread because, in the east and west camps, the explosion event shook the screen after I finished talking to the generals, the demolitionist mages are gone, and the ways into the dungeons are still closed. There is nothing to exercise my characters' sword arms on, because there is an impenetrable iron gate and a solid wall of thorns between my characters and the places full of things I want them to put swords in.
  6. I've gotten the explosion events for both the West and East Battalions, but the ways aren't actually cleared and I can't proceed. I'm playing the Steam version, if that matters.
  7. I know there's more out there, but these are the ones I found on my singleton run:
  8. I'm throwing together a fake overworld screenshot, as bonus material for a fanfic, and I would like to write something in the location/date field. What font does it use and where can I get it?
  9. When I try to run it in compatibility mode, the program won't even start properly.
  10. Specifically, some scenario-start-scene-setting picture montages cause the window to go white and the program to stop responding while eating up to 50% of my CPU. I know this happens with Backwater Calls and Dilecia, but the ones for the four default scenarios work just fine. Is this at all fixable? I've been having other bugs, too, like the game sometimes crashing without going white during cutscenes where the characters talk by floating over their heads if another program is playing audio, occasional severe lag in large battles while the computer is doing the enemies' turns (It stops, my cursor does the "waiting" animation for several seconds, then the game resumes at the start of my turn, the enemies' turns all handled), and, a couple times, parts of the UI just not responding at all. I'm running Windows 7.
  11. Thanks. I was holding out hope that I could do something like use the lamp of lightness to skip her, kill Vahkos, and then have different dialogue options when I met her on the way back up, since the fact you could skip her like that seemed suspicious.
  12. How do I get access to the rebel base, and, once I do, is it actually possible to save the girl? I can't remember how to get to the base, and I remember failing to rescue her before.
  13. Jeff also seems to like putting in shout-outs to Colossal Cave's maze section. I've run into descriptions along the lines of the "twisty passages all alike" line in several places.
  14. A3: Obtain a unicorn horn. Sell it to Levi in Fort Emergence. Buy as many unicorn horns as you can carry for 2 coins a piece. Go to Krizan and give them to the official in city hall for 10 coins a piece. If you wait too long to beat the Slime quest, it will destroy his office and he'll vanish.
  15. When I "Rush in!"to the bandit leader's room, I get unhandled exception c0000005 at address 004399f0. I tried redownloading the scenario, but it didn't help.
  16. Ah, I was wondering about that seventh crystal I had.
  17. Thanks. It's a load off my mind, now. Gotta wonder how he got there, though. That'd be an interesting story.
  18. But none of my other items had the button missing. I could still use wands and potions and stuff, just not Wisdom Crystals.
  19. Am I supposed to be able to get to that dude? I can't find any buttons that I haven't already pressed. Am I just missing a switch, or do I have to wait until I have the Orb of Thralni or some other item to get back there?
  20. During my previous play session, the little "use" sun button wouldn't appear for Wisdom Crystals. They could still be put in the Quick Use bar, but you couldn't actually use them; clicking them or using the hotkey did nothing. I've since closed and reopened the game, and they're working again, but I didn't see any other threads about this, so I decided to post both in case anyone else has this problem, and to hopefully bring it to the attention of someone who can try figuring out the why of how it happened, maybe?
  21. Okay, I did some fiddling around, and I've got a bit more details figured out. I haven't been rigourous in it, but this is what I've observed so far: 1. The problem seems to arise for me only when I attempt to play in windowed mode, and then also the session after that if I exit and start it up again in full screen, but opening it up a third time a while later seems to resolve it. 2. What mouse I use does not appear to matter. I got the same results with two different mice from two different companies with radically different models and wear levels. I haven't established what happens if I try it in windowed mode three times consecutively, or what happens if I try opening it a third time only briefly after closing it the second time. I've also only tried starting it up on the highest available resolution. I hope this helps.
  22. I'm having this problem, too, or at least a very similar one. It only seems to recognise my click about a third or fifth of the time. WinXP, simple USB trackball mouse, probably from Logitech but the logo's long since been rubbed off. Not sure what my drivers are, but the mouse works just fine with everything else, including all the Avernum games.
  23. I'm using Windows XP. The only things that seem to be being affected are creatures. The first scenario I encountered it on was that ghost ship one; the monster that attacked you once you and the NPC lady got out of the prison level of the ship did that. That was the only time I've actually killed one of these things, but after that I didn't really want to try. The other one was. . . I don't remember the name of it, but I think it was by TM. It was the one where it required that you have someone in the first PC slot, and it starts with your camp being attacked by a group of nephilim and everyone but you gets oneshotted in a cutscene. All of the attacking nephlim sprites were messed up like that in the cutscene, and I didn't bother playing it further after that (I used the editor to pull my party out of the scenario). The invulnerable creature from Emerald Mountain also was affected. I'd played both Emerald Mountain and Echoes: Renegade before and hadn't had this problem. And, having just reinstalled Emerald Mountain and dashed through to find that immortal monster, it's still broken.
  24. So, at first I thought that this was just an isolated incident from one or two scenarios, since I first ran into it in two scenario I hadn't played before. Then it just kept popping up. Basically, I'm running into monsters that have had their sprites replaced with junk that looks like it's from the editor menus. If one of them dies, Blades throws an unhandled exception and crashes, presumably because it's unable to play a death animation for them. This only started happening recently, after I picked the game back up from a period of not having played in a while. The only change I recall having ever made to the graphics files was creating a file that didn't previously exist to get around a single glitched tile in DwtD's overworld that caused crashes due to being unable to render from a file that wasn't there. Does anyone know what's going on here or how to fix it?
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