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  1. I know there's more out there, but these are the ones I found on my singleton run:
  2. I'm throwing together a fake overworld screenshot, as bonus material for a fanfic, and I would like to write something in the location/date field. What font does it use and where can I get it?
  3. Pig Catapult

    Crashing Bug

    When I try to run it in compatibility mode, the program won't even start properly.
  4. Pig Catapult

    Crashing Bug

    Specifically, some scenario-start-scene-setting picture montages cause the window to go white and the program to stop responding while eating up to 50% of my CPU. I know this happens with Backwater Calls and Dilecia, but the ones for the four default scenarios work just fine. Is this at all fixable? I've been having other bugs, too, like the game sometimes crashing without going white during cutscenes where the characters talk by floating over their heads if another program is playing audio, occasional severe lag in large battles while the computer is doing the enemies' turns (It stops, my cursor does the "waiting" animation for several seconds, then the game resumes at the start of my turn, the enemies' turns all handled), and, a couple times, parts of the UI just not responding at all. I'm running Windows 7.
  5. Pig Catapult

    Diplomacy with the Dead questions

    Thanks. I was holding out hope that I could do something like use the lamp of lightness to skip her, kill Vahkos, and then have different dialogue options when I met her on the way back up, since the fact you could skip her like that seemed suspicious.
  6. How do I get access to the rebel base, and, once I do, is it actually possible to save the girl? I can't remember how to get to the base, and I remember failing to rescue her before.
  7. Jeff also seems to like putting in shout-outs to Colossal Cave's maze section. I've run into descriptions along the lines of the "twisty passages all alike" line in several places.
  8. A3: Obtain a unicorn horn. Sell it to Levi in Fort Emergence. Buy as many unicorn horns as you can carry for 2 coins a piece. Go to Krizan and give them to the official in city hall for 10 coins a piece. If you wait too long to beat the Slime quest, it will destroy his office and he'll vanish.
  9. When I "Rush in!"to the bandit leader's room, I get unhandled exception c0000005 at address 004399f0. I tried redownloading the scenario, but it didn't help.
  10. Pig Catapult

    A-EftP - Hungry Drake

    Ah, I was wondering about that seventh crystal I had.
  11. See subject line. Edit to clarify: I mean I can melee attack up ledges.
  12. Thanks. It's a load off my mind, now. Gotta wonder how he got there, though. That'd be an interesting story.
  13. But none of my other items had the button missing. I could still use wands and potions and stuff, just not Wisdom Crystals.
  14. Am I supposed to be able to get to that dude? I can't find any buttons that I haven't already pressed. Am I just missing a switch, or do I have to wait until I have the Orb of Thralni or some other item to get back there?
  15. During my previous play session, the little "use" sun button wouldn't appear for Wisdom Crystals. They could still be put in the Quick Use bar, but you couldn't actually use them; clicking them or using the hotkey did nothing. I've since closed and reopened the game, and they're working again, but I didn't see any other threads about this, so I decided to post both in case anyone else has this problem, and to hopefully bring it to the attention of someone who can try figuring out the why of how it happened, maybe?