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    Beta Call for HLPM v1.1

    Hmmm, I didn't get it... Edit: Got it now, thanks.
  2. Fingers

    Beta Call for HLPM v1.1

    I'm bored. I'll push that baby past it's limits for ya. hahhahahah@aol.com zip, please
  3. Is this Mac only? EDIT: Answered my own question, it is in fact for the Mac.
  4. Fingers

    new scenario?

    Scripting may be basically easy, but it does look very intimidating on the surface. Especially since the scripts that come with Warrior's grove and the four core scenarios are all mushed together and not very easily read.
  5. Fingers


    Point taken, Omlette.
  6. Fingers


    Raise your hand if sarcasm is lost on you.
  7. Fingers


    1. Screw Vahnatai PCs. I say give us goblin PCs! Penalty to all attribute, huge XP Bonus! Or Dragon PCs with decimal level intervals! Go through a dozen scenarios just to reach level 3!
  8. Fingers

    dragons?love em hate em?

    Yeah, they're all a-holes. For all their power and wisdom they're remarkably childlike. Drakes are a lot cooler; at least they're mostly predictable. Oooh, and my favorite song just came on the radio.
  9. Fingers


    ...and if I may ask more generally, is there a source of Empire/Avernum backstory info somewhere? I don't really want to play through all the games and take notes as I go... but I will if I have to!
  10. Fingers

    How do you like the new header graphic?

    Give me the keys to the truck.
  11. Yeah, I'm blind too... I spent about 20 minutes looking for the kegs and crates. They're actually on the main toolbar (with the pencil and paintbrushes and things). Row 5, column 4.
  12. Fingers


    No, no, nio. Biginer iss a reel werd.
  13. Fingers

    A plea to your creative sparks

    Quote: If you ask someone to do something for you, always be ready to do it by yourself, if that person would refuse. Me, A Creator? My Creative Skills Will Blaze Once I Learn This Thing
  14. A Bloodthirsty Slith Hungers For Scenarios Grow Them Quickly Please! -Haiku by Doodoo