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  1. Since doing the original review/look at Avernum, I've since figured out what I want my review style to be, and I wanted to take another look at Avernum: Escape from the Pit. My overall opinion hasn't changed, but I made a point of trying to present the game from a standpoint of "is it worth your money?" Let me know what you think, because I'm intending to do Crystal Souls and eventually Ruined World. https://youtu.be/8EXTRV5hvQc
  2. I'm hoping I did the game justice and didn't leave out anything important. I'd like to try and get the word out about this awesome game series.
  3. My bad, then. Any way to get this moved there?
  4. Okay, so, past Spiderweb games were completely unplayable on a netbook because the games had a resolution setting requirement that couldn't be met with a netbook (minimum of 1024x768, apparently). This one, thankfully, has a DX exe file that at least opens the game. Problem is, the bottom half of the game is hidden off the bottom of the screen and there's no way to move the window or adjust the resolution. Now, is there any way to get the DX exe to go fullscreen on start-up, or make the regular exe work with netbook resolutions? (I tried opening the regular one first, it didn't have a resolution selection in the window). Edit: I just tried setting the graphics options in the regular exe to have the game in fullscreen, then opened the DX exe. Total black screen, supposedly it goes to the main menu because I can press ESC and quit, but I can't see anything. Opening the regular exe gives an error saying I didn't specify the resolution and the game doesn't actually open, so I think I'm going to have to reinstall. P.S. I'm on Windows 7, 32-bit.
  5. I tried Intel's program to see if my CPU would support hardware virtualization, and...nope. I'm guessing there's no other way to get Geneforge working on a netbook, which makes me sad.
  6. Any tips on how to set one up? And does the Windows 7 'XP Mode' qualify as a virtual machine? My netbook is running Windows 7 rather than XP.
  7. Neither game will open because of the resolution. Any way to force them to open in the netbook standard resolution?
  8. I may as well abuse them, then. Despite my conformist streak, I want to help bring down the regime.
  9. I skimmed through a FAQ and so far what I'm seeing is you get a few more hostile encounters than not using too many canisters. Does it have a greater effect on the game and the ending if you use too many? I may have used too many already and not realized it, but even if I haven't, I'm probably at the limit and barely 1/3 through the game.
  10. Cash...

    The first question is, does there exist a shift+D style money cheat? I've always been a proponent of not letting cash flow (or lack thereof) get in the way of properly gearing my characters. Alternatively, I'm guessing the standard RPG rules apply (pick up and sell everything)?
  11. Dang, that's impressive as all hell...how do you do that, anyway? And thanks much.
  12. It's the ruined bandit fort one screen west of Fort Duvno, on the second floor, in Havnar's room. Or, from what it says with the location cheat, about X=717, Y=328...
  13. Unlock Doors. Not critical, I realize, but I'm a perfectionist.
  14. Either by some trainer or editor or whatever? Happened to read a book while my mage was dead, and lo and behold, it was a mage spell. Now it won't teach the damn spell again. Tried the editor, but it only gives XP/items/etc., can't learn individual spells. Rather annoyed.
  15. walkthrough

    I'm writing one. Not as much listwork this time, so it won't take as long. I hope.